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I'm Michael

=My Cat


Wildkit was born to Cinderheart and Lionblaze. he had wild fur that stuck out everywhere. he had Golden fur and blue euyes.

He became friends with Cherrypaw and she showed him clan life. he became an apprentice with Icecloud as a mentor. It seemed they were destined to be together-until wildpaw met Moonpaw.

Her fur was the color of the moon and her eyes were the deepest blue. the two immediatedly fell in love.

Wildpaw earned the warrior name Wildfoot after stopping a wolf. Cherrytail had his kits, Dewkit and Grasskit. He confessed that he didn't love her and she said she understood. He also said he would be the kits father.

Moonpaw earned the name Moonshine and the two secretly met.

One day Cherry_____ (She is a real; character who's currently a kit.) caught Wildfoot and Moonshine. She promised to keep their secret. A few moons later Monnshine had his kits: silverkit, Stonekit, and Rockkit. She kept Rockkit and Stonekit and he took the She-kit Silverkit. Wildfoot then got Strongpaw as an apprentice. a moon later Grasskit, now Grassflower died of greencough.

To be continued . . .



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