Female black symbol This user is female
User-ehazel This user has
hazel eyes
User-hblonde This user has
blond hair
Mousefur.elder This user is grumpy
like Mousefur This user is snappy
like Yellowfang
Dustpelt.warrior This user is loyal
like Dustpelt
Squirrelflight.apprentice This user is stubborn
like Squirrelpaw
Moonflower.warrior This user is loving
like Moonflower
Logo-windclan This user is easily-offended
like WindClan
Brightheart.warrior This user is beautiful
like Brightheart
Squirrelflight.warrior This user is feisty
like Squirrelflight
Cinderpelt.apprentice This user is talkative
like Cinderpaw
Graystripe.warrior This user is indulgent
like Graystripe
Onestar.leader This user is fickle
like Onestar
Tigerstar (TPB).leader This user is ambitious
like Tigerstar
Logo-riverclan This user is smart
like RiverClan
Logo-skyclan This user is forgotten
like SkyClan This user is sarcastic
like Jayfeather
Oakheart.deputy This user is lonely
like Oakheart
Mistystar.leader This user is a good leader
like Mistystar
teen This user is teenager.
Cake This user's birthday falls on
March 30


This user is an Aries.
50px-60px-Gnome-globe.svg.png This user lives in
the United States
en This user is a native speaker of English
60px-Bascula_9.jpg This user is 5'4" tall
Userbox-MemberFor This user has been on
the Warriors Wiki for
3 years, 3 months and 18 days
edit This user has made 112 contributions to the Warriors Wiki.
Friends This user counts themselves as a friend of Spooky
Userbox-ItW This user owns a copy of
Into the Wild.
Userbox-FaI This user owns a copy of
Fire and Ice.
Userbox-FoS This user owns a copy of
Forest of Secrets.
Userbox-RS This user owns a copy of
Rising Storm.
Userbox-ADP This user owns a copy of
A Dangerous Path.
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