Hi, I am The Legendary Lion! I am a huge fan of warriors. I am also a huge fan of SU. Please join my Adventures in El dorado hills wiki if you like fandom (Note: that wiki I deleted).

Cats I really like:

Firestar: of course I like him!

Squirrelflight: She is one of my faves! I love her feisty attitude.

Leafpool: Yes, she may have broken the code, but I still love her!

Jayfeather: He's awesome, and very adorable!

Dovewing: awwwwww!

Sandstorm: she's cool.

Graystripe: who dosen't love Graystripe?

Crowfeather: He saved Leafpool! They were so cute as a couple! If only Crowfeather hadn't mated with Nightcloud...

Featherwhisker: Sooooo Fluffy! Very cool too, not like grumpy old goosefeather.

Fernsong: I can already tell he'll be one of my favorites in The apprentice's quest!

Sorrelstripe: see Fernsong.

Hollytuft: I just like her!

Sparkpaw: The image of Firestar! She's my favorite TAQ character.

Ivypool: Go ivypool!

Littlecloud: He's so adorable!!! He must have had such a cruel life under the leadership of Brokenstar  :(

Runningnose: Littlecloud's mentor. Why wouldn't I like him?

Flametail: He was the apprentice of Littlecloud! Why did he have to die?  :(

Puddlepaw: I know, he's called Puddlekit, but that's obviously who he becomes, The apprentice of Littlecloud. Sooo cute!

Mothwing: I just adore her!

Willowshine: Same with Mothwing.

Snowbush: He has kits now? How adorable!

Ambermoon: Really lovely name!

Dewnose: I just like him.

Molewhisker: cool!

Mapleshade: I used to hate her, since she destroyed Crookedstar's life and all of that, but when I figured out how she turned evil, I felt so bad for her! Appledusk is the real traitor!

Needlepaw: I predict, that in the future, he will be Needlestar!

Alderpaw: Like Sparkpaw, I know I'll really like him!

Bluestar: Another adorable character!

Crookedstar: So cool!

Bumblestripe: He's very funny!

Dawnpelt: You're pretty cool.

Berrynose: An annoying furball who is very funny!

Hollyleaf: I didn't like how she betrayed Leafpool, but when she tried to prove she was still loyal, I liked her again.

And the winner...

Ravenpaw: Awesome and adorable, you never give up, and will always lend a hand (or should I say paw)!

Cats I hate:

Blossomfall: Stop being so annoying!

Millie: I just wish she wasn't a whiner so much.

Purdy: How's he still alive?!

Rock: super creepy!

Sol: stop torturing the clans!

Lionblaze: used to be cool, until he killed Russetfur!

Hal: Not friendly at all.

Nightcloud: She stole Crowfeather from Leafpool! And then she gave birth to dumb Breezepelt!

Brokenstar: He killed way too many kits, and then cast out the elders!

And the winner...

Appledusk: Why did you take Mapleshade as your mate, then just abandon her? And it's your fault Mapleshade's evil. If none of this ever happened, then Crookedstar wouldn't have had such a terrible life!

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