aka Freedom, Free or Elizabeth

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Student/Cat foster
  • I am Female
"You brought death here."
— River Ripple in The First Battle, page 275

About Me

My name is Freedom or Free for short. You're welcome to call me by either. I've been on/off this wiki for several years now (I first recall using it in 2009, when Sunrise came out.) but am finally taking in interest in expanding and fixing articles. As for in real life I live in Georgia, USA. I am a student and a full-time cat/kitten foster for my local humane society. I currently am fostering a mother cat and her five babies. To contact me, leave a message on my talk page or message me in the wiki's chat (I try to frequent there as much as I can.)

Current Projects

NOTE: I am currently having computer troubles so this project is on hold!

I'm current attempting to add to and redo the Events timeline page. I'm starting with Tallstar's Revenge and will hopefully go on to The Last Hope. I'll likely add The Ancients and Dawn of the Clans years whenever it can be agreed on how or what to label those years. I have not been assigned this project, it's just something I've wanted to work on for myself.

Warriors Theories

This list is mostly for me to keep up with. I have a lot of theories on the parentage of different cats but I have too many to list so I'll keep those in my head for a while.

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