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Books I own

Userbox-ItW This user owns a copy of
Into the Wild.
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Fire and Ice.
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Forest of Secrets.
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Rising Storm.
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A Dangerous Path.
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The Darkest Hour.
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The Sight.
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Dark River.
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Long Shadows.
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The Lost Warrior.
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Warrior's Refuge.
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Warrior's Return.
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The Rise of Scourge.
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Into The Woods.
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Escape from the Forest.
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Secrets of the Clans.
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Cats of the Clans.
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Firestar's Quest.


Countdown to Sunrise on April 21.
Countdown to My Birthday on April 25.
Countdown to Great Bear Lake on February 10.

                [[User:Thornclaw|<span style="color:red">Thornclaw</span>]] <small>[[User talk:Thornclaw|<font color="cyan"style="background:blue">talk!</font]]</small> 20:35, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

My thought on cats

Firestar- Liked him at first, but always wanted to settle things peacefully. Sometimes we need to fight! Needs to stay out of Windclans territory

Brambleclaw- Cool, although it seems something is bothering him

Leafpool- I don't believe she had Jay, Holly, or Lion.--- with Crowfeather.

Dustpelt- no comment

Sandstorm- agreed with her when she said to Firestar " Don't you ever fight anymore?"

Brackenfur- One of the coolest cat ever!

Squirrelflight- no comment

Cloudtail- Might go either to Starclan, or endless hills of colored yarn :)

Sorreltail- I find it wierd that everyone of her kits either had death, near death experience, or serious injury. Except Honeyfern

Thornclaw- cool, hopefully he will get a mate before he joins the elders

Brightheart- I hope she gets to be a mentor

Ashfur- ...

Spiderleg- no comment

Whitewing- cool, laidback she-cat. I really want her to mate with Birchfall


Graystripe- Hooray for him

Berrynose- annoying brat

Mousewhisker- no comment

Hazeltail- no comment

Cinderheart- cool

Honeyfern- only one of the original 4 kits that has yet to recieve serious medical attention

Poppyfrost- cool name

Lionblaze- hate him, hes to ambitious

Hollyleaf- depends too much on the warrior code

Jayfeather- better cat now that he doesn't have a bad attitude

Foxpaw- needs to have a better role

Icepaw- How long has it been since Thunderclan had Ice in the prefix?

Ferncloud- gets knocked up to much, maybe she'll stay in the nursery like Goldneflower

Daisy- get off your butt and train

Millie- TGF millie. And another thing do you pronounce it (mill-e) or like the Miley Cyrus???

Longtail- no comment

Mousefur- I believe that she is the sister of Runningwind

Rosekit- no comment

Toadkit- really cool kit, hyper

Blossomkit- sounds like she will be in the nursey like Ferncloud, and Goldenflower

Briarkit- she will be the tom-boy of she-cats :)

Bumblekit- ausome name


Blackstar- don't like him

Russetfur- shes evil

Littlecloud- I think Flamepaw will be his apprentice

Oakfur- don't like

Rownaclaw- i never liked him

Smokefoot- I thought he died

Ivytail- stuck up

Toadfoot- hes, ok

Crowfrost- like the name, kinda

Kinkfur- don't like the name, to much fanfiction

Ratscar- whoever made up that name is wierd, to much fanfiction

Snaketail- his name has been used already

Whitewater- too much fanfiction, blind in one eye description is so stupid

Owlpaw- NC

Olivepaw- do cats know what olives are, if they do, how do they know the twoleg name

Shrewpaw- NC

Scorchpaw- NC

Redpaw- NC

Tawnypelt- The only shadowclan cat i like.

Snowbird- cool name

Cedarheart- never liked him

Tallpoppy- what happend to Applekit and Marshkit? [[User:Thornclaw| "color:gray">T</span>]] "color:black">h</span]] "color:cyan">o</span]] "color:red">r</span]] "color:orange">n</span]] >small<[[User talk: Thornclaw|span style="color:yellow">claw</s 02:07, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

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