This sub-page is about how to create multi-sectioned character articles. It primarily discusses how to dissect a thoroughly developed page into its different subpages, but this can be used to create a character article from scratch. This can also be used as a reference for non-tabbed character pages. Other information includes citations, blog cites, continuity section, and more.

Separating the pages

If no one has already separated the original character into sections yet, then you have to create the new sub-pages and link them. There are are a few circumstances that depend on how many sub-pages there should be.

Every major character requires a main article sub-page.
If a character has many book appearances or a heavily written history section, then they require a detailed history sub-page.
A character does not require a family relations page if they do not have any family.
All major or significant characters require a personality & relationships sub-page.
If a character has eight or more separate trivia bullets, then they get a trivia page. If they have seven or less, they do not get a sub-page.
If the character in question is a main protagonist in a new arc, such as Rootpaw, then they can get a trivia sub-page because there is a high chance they will receive eight bullet points by the end of the arc.
If a character has 15 or more quotes, then they require a quotes sub-page.

Once you have determined the appropriate number of sub-pages, it is time to create them. I usually open several tabs of the character article in question, and then edit the search bar to avoid spelling mistakes. Make sure to include the appropriate end tags, such as Mudclaw (WC) and Tom (ES), to each sub-page. Each of the sub-pages should be named accordingly:

Click enter and you will be prompted to create a new page. Do so in source editor to ensure proper coding. You are then ready to begin!

Main article

Every major character requires a main article sub-page.
Main article sub-pages should go in the main article page category. I recommend making the other sub-pages first to clear up space.

Main quote

A primary quote can be added to the very top of the page, and typically sets the tone for the character. It can be a pivotal line about or from the character that demonstrates who they are. Usually minor or supporting characters have very few speaking lines, and sometimes they are not given a main quote due. They use {{Main Quote}} and can change as the character grows throughout the arcs.

{{Main Quote
|quote = "There is no use in blaming. What is important now is to remember that we came together to drive out the rogues. We would not let them destroy the Clans then, and we must not let them tear us apart now. Together we are strong. If the events of the past moons has taught us anything, they have taught us that."
|speaker = Bramblestar to the [[General Clan information|Clans]] at a [[Gathering]]
|ref = ''[[Darkest Night]]'', page 29}}


Charcat is the giant info box containing a majority of the important information about the character in one easy place. It includes information such as affiliations, names, family, and book appearances. For more detailed information and the full template coding, see {{Charcat}}. Everything in charcat must be cited using {{r}}.


Affiliations are separated into current and past affies. For affiliations, add the appropriate affiliation icons (Logo-thunderclan-textless ThunderClan) next to each separate affiliation included. This is tagged onto the cite, such as:


For multiple past affiliations, separate them using <br>, which will knock it down to the next line.

{{The Kin|{{r|vs3|a}}}}<br>{{ShadowClan|{{r|vs1|293}}}}

Book appearances

Book appearances are separated into living and dead appearances. Living is self-explanatory, but dead appearances are reserved for the character seen in an afterlife. This does not include their dead body, and is only for StarClan, Place of No Stars, and Ghost residence appearances.

Books are listed in canonical order (see Warriors books) and linked and in italics. If a character has appeared in the entire arc, such as Brambleclaw in The New Prophecy, the list can be shorted to the just arc. This also includes manga arcs, such as Leafstar in SkyClan and the Stranger. If a character has appeared in five out of six books within the arc, such as Stonewing in A Vision of Shadows, it can also be shortened to just the arc.

For super editions and novellas, if a character has appeared in three or more, then the list can be shortened to just Super Editions and/or Novellas at the very end. This is excluding characters who primarily exist pre-ITW since the majority of their appearances are going to be Super Editions and Novellas. Examples of these characters include Goosefeather, Pinestar and Swiftbreeze.

|livebooks=''[[Forest of Secrets]]'', ''[[Rising Storm]]'', ''[[A Dangerous Path]]'',
''[[The Darkest Hour]]'', ''[[Heart of a Warrior]]'', ''[[The New Prophecy]]'',
''[[The Lost Warrior]]'', ''[[Power of Three]]'', ''[[Omen of the Stars]]'',
''[[A Vision of Shadows]]'', ''[[Lost Stars]]'', ''[[Super Editions]]'',
''[[Novellas]]'', ''[[Field Guides]]''
|deadbooks=''[[Lost Stars]]'', ''[[The Silent Thaw]]''}}

Basic description

(heading is informal) This includes the simplest description for a certain character with only the important information necessary for someone to get an idea of what the character looks like. This includes pelt color, eye color, and important signature attributes, such as Lionblaze's and Lionheart's manes that relate to their names. A good place to check this would be the allegiances sections of the books. See "Detailed description" for more information.

Their current name should be in bold followed by the description. Pelt color should be described first, followed by their gender, and eye color near the end. Everything must be cited, especially if the information is from separate sources. Check to see if the information can be combined in one source, such as allegiances, to prevent too many cites.

'''Bramblestar''' is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.{{r|fq|a}}

Brief summaries

(heading is informal)

Characters by importance

  • General notes - For a uniform standard across the wiki, several stylistic elements of these summaries should remain the same across character articles.
    • The summary should start with the character's current name in bold, the highest rank they achieved and what their in-life affiliation was. If a character was alive only during the time of the forest territories or something similar, that can be mentioned as well.
    • For deputies and medicine cats also mention who's leadership they served under. "Whitestorm is a former deputy of ThunderClan under Firestar's leadership in the forest territories."
    • It should then move to mention their first rank (often the rank of -kit), while mentioning their family and siblings.
    • Everything else below that should be in chronological order.
    • When a character receives a new name, such as moving from Bluekit to Bluepaw, that name should be put in bold.
    • Character summaries should not include assumptions of any kind, nor bias, as is the same standard in the expanded histories.
  • Main characters - Varies. Would include anything listed below that applies. This category is of those who narrate within the series, and these cats aren't necessarily important.
    • Those who narrate in a field guide only would fall under their respective major, supporting, or minor guidelines for the significance of their appearance. Characters that narrate in a main arc book, novella, or super edition would fall under this.
    • Main characters are our most viewed articles, and hence will definitely have the by arc split for history and the additional history tabber. Thus, it's dually important to make the very top summary a bare bones stub, while the by arc histories hold details. The 'essentials' go into the arc histories, while the top summary is mainly to give a concise answer to: "Who is this cat?"
    • It's especially important to leave out details not directly relating to the character at hand, but rather to others. Individual events need not be mentioned unless they were very major, to the point of qualifying for a PW event article in some cases.
    • These should have everything wrapped up in three paragraphs maximum. Mainly though, the goal is to not have the summary extend past the infobox for several aesthetic reasons.
  • Major characters - same as main characters, and a two-three paragraph maximum.
  • Supporting characters - same as main characters, which should be generally two paragraphs maximum.
  • Minor characters - Varies. Would include anything listed below that applies. Minor characters is a wide category that encompasses a wide scope of articles, and thus this is where their lengths would start to vary. These should not include specific scenes (cat was on a patrol) unless it was a major part of their appearances. These would also note things such as being part of the Great Journey, and one or two other things they've done. These characters should have everything wrapped up in one (two for notable exceptions, such as cats who were supporting under a former name, or are otherwise borderline) paragraph at a maximum, due to their minimal importance to the series.
  • Mentioned characters - Varies. Should include what an allegiance only's character summary would, and also the reason of their mention. For example, cat like Crow Muzzle would have just their name, affiliation, family, and death. However, a mentioned character like Smoke would have as much as a summary as any given minor character. These characters should have everything neatly wrapped up in one paragraph (on occasion, two, with the few such as Smoke) due to minimal content and importance to the series.
  • Allegiance only characters - Barest stub, their names, affiliation, ranks, mentors/apprentices/deputies were, family, how they died and afterlife. For out of Clan characters, this would still be the same, with just different ranks. These characters, due to lack of content, should have everything neatly wrapped up in a concise paragraph.
  • Official tree characters - Won't get one, no appearances to summarize.


  • Main characters - Firestar
  • Major characters - Ashfur
  • Supporting characters - Littlecloud
  • Minor characters - Sparkpelt
  • Cats that don't do anything - Breezeheart
See examples...

Firestar - Main character

Firestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest and the lake territories, and prophesied as the "fire to save ThunderClan." He was born to Jake and Nutmeg, and lived as a kittypet named Rusty. He joined ThunderClan to receive the name of Firepaw, and was mentored by Lionheart and Tigerclaw before being assigned to Bluestar. Fireheart earned his warrior name, and ascended to deputy after Tigerclaw's banishment. He also mentored Cinderpelt before her injury, his nephew, Cloudtail, and Tigerclaw's son, Brambleclaw.
After Bluestar's death, he rose to leader as Firestar appointing Whitestorm as his second-in-command. He later passed the role to Graystripe upon the white deputy's death during the battle against BloodClan, and defeated Scourge. Firestar became mates with Sandstorm, and they went on a journey to rebuild SkyClan. They were successful, and upon their return, had two daughters together: Leafpool and Squirrelflight.
When Twolegs destroyed the forest, he led his Clan on the Great Journey and helped them settle into the lake territories. Firestar appointed Brambleclaw as deputy due to Graystripe's disappearance, and had him keep the role after his friend returned. Firestar, as the fourth cat in the prophecy, fought in the Great Battle and lost his final life due to wounds. He continues to watch over the cats by the lake from StarClan, and guides medicine cats with the prophecies he gives.

Ashfur - Major character

Ashfur was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's leadership in forest and the lake territories. He was born to Brindleface and Whitestorm alongside his littermates, Ferncloud, Elderkit, and Tulipkit. He and his sister were the only surviving kits from their litter, and were soon joined by their foster brother, Cloudkit, when Brindleface offered to nurse him. As an apprentice, Ashpaw was mentored by Dustpelt and his mother was slain by Tigerstar.
After earning his warrior name, Ashfur developed feelings for Squirrelflight, and briefly shared his feelings but discovered that her true place was with Brambleclaw. Heartbroken, Ashfur fueled his grief into anger for moons. He mentored Lionpaw, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's son. During a fire, Ashfur cornered Squirrelflight and threatened to kill her kits. However, Squirrelflight revealed they are not her kits, and Ashfur plotted to reveal the truth at the Gathering. However, Hollyleaf murdered him before he was able to bring to light the events surrounding Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze's parentage. Ashfur later joined StarClan, and when Jayfeather asked why Ashfur was there, Yellowfang claimed that Ashfur's only fault was to love too much.

Littlecloud - Supporting character

Littlecloud was a ShadowClan medicine cat under Blackstar's and Rowanstar's leadership. He was born as Littlekit to Newtspeck alongside Brownkit and Wetkit. Under Brokenstar, Littlepaw and his brothers were made apprentices three moons early, and he was mentored by Clawface. After becoming a warrior, Littlecloud became deathly ill with Carrionplace sickness, seeking help from ThunderClan, where he and Whitethroat were nursed back to health in secret by Cinderpelt. This experience lead Littlecloud to become a medicine cat, and he was apprenticed to Runningnose. He served his Clan for many moons, mentoring one apprentice, Flametail. However, after Flametail's premature death, Littlecloud was left with no successor, and died before a suitable cat could be found.

Sparkpelt - Minor character

Sparkpelt is a ThunderClan warrior under Bramblestar’s leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Sparkkit to Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, along with her siblings Alderkit, Dandelionkit, and Juniperkit, though Dandelionkit and Juniperkit died soon after birth. She received her apprentice name of Sparkpaw and Cherryfall as a mentor. Along with Alderpaw, she went on a quest to find SkyClan, but the mission was ultimately unsuccessful.
Moons after, Sparkpaw earned her warrior name, Sparkpelt. As a warrior, she developed strong feelings against SkyClan returning to the lake, despite Alderheart's opposite opinions. She mentored Twigpaw, who returned to ThunderClan from SkyClan, and rigorously trained her apprentice. She eventually became a queen and took Larksong as her mate. She gave birth to Finchkit, Flamekit, and Flickerkit, but Flickerkit was stillborn and Larksong succumbed to illness just as Sparkpelt finished giving birth. The death of her mate and son, combined with her parents' fighting, sent Sparkpelt into a depression, but she soon got out of it and was able to be a mother to her kits. She later returned to her warrior duties when they became apprentices.

Breezeheart - Cats that don't do anything

Breezeheart is a RiverClan warrior under Mistystar's leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Breezekit to Mintfur and Icewing alongside her sister, Nightsky. Her parents had an earlier litter of kits, Petalfur, Beetlewhisker, Grasspelt and Pricklekit. As an apprentice, Breezepaw was mentored by Minnowtail. She later earned her warrior name, Breezeheart.


This section briefly describes the characters'a appearances by main arc, super editions, novellas, manga, etc. These sections are more in-depth than the basic summaries. Each section should start with ==History== and {{Expanded|NAME/History}} underneath. See "Detailed history" for the order of the books.

Main arcs

These summaries cover the whole arc of a character's appearances, and are not separated by book. They are brief and should not go longer than 4-6 paragraphs, for major cats, and less for others. If something's linked in the top summary, it can be linked here again for accessibility.

What goes into the history section depends on the character. For major characters, such as Hollyleaf and Dovewing, important character moments and major scenes from the books are included, such as Hollyleaf revealing the truth at the Gathering and the Great Battle. The first sentence should introduce the character and their rank:

He is born to Goldenflower and Tigerclaw along with his sister, Tawnykit.
Sandpaw is a ThunderClan apprentice with Whitestorm as her mentor when Rusty is first brought to the Clan as a kittypet.
Bluestar is the leader of ThunderClan.

Sometimes it is easier to separate by book and ask yourself: How is this book/arc significant to blank character? For example, while he was very important in The New Prophecy, Brambleclaw does very little in Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, so usually a sentence or two can compensate for one book. You do not have to mention anything for every single book. Let's face it, some books are filler and nothing important happens. It can be helpful to skim through the history sections, and grasp an idea of what the community believes about the character per said arc. Consult with others if you have concerns, especially for main characters. The goal is to summarize important events in an easy to read method.

Another example is with Dovewing and Ivypool and their importance with the end of Sunrise. At the end of the book, Jayfeather and Lionblaze discover that one of Whitewing's kits is one of the Three. That moment is important for Dovewing because she's the Third cat and not Ivypool.

Other information to include are important family events (Ferncloud's kits dying), name ranks and changes (warrior ceremonies), gained apprentices, and events they took part of (the Great Hunger).

If available, each arc history should have one quote or a piece of dialogue at the top of each section. This quote, similar with the {{Main Quote}}, should portray a significant character moment, reveals something about the character's personality, or highlights a major moment in the series.

Super Editions, Novellas, etc...

Not every appearance should be documented, only the notable ones. Underneath the headers, add the corresponding {{SEs}}, {{Novellas}}, or {{FieldGuides}} followed by the character's name. Each novel should have it's own paragraph, but not be separated by headers by book, only by type, and only include significant appearances. This usually includes if they are the subject of the book, are a main or supporting character within said book, name changes/ceremonies, or important family deaths. Each book should start with its title in bold and italics as such:

In Moth Flight's Vision...
In Mapleshade's Vengeance...
In Battles of the Clans...

Quotes can be added below the corresponding template, but are not required. Typically, a paragraph is all that is needed for main/major characters, but sometimes two or three are fine if it is a book with a lot of important information, such as Hawkwing in Hawkwing's Journey and Bluestar in Bluestar's Prophecy.

===''[[The Prophecies Begin]]''===
|quote = Join you? Join ''you''? After everything you've done? I'd rather die!
|speaker = Bramblepaw to Tigerstar
|source = The Darkest Hour
|page number = 223-224}}
:He is born to [[Goldenflower]] and [[Tigerstar (TPB)|Tigerclaw]] along with his sister, [[Tawnypelt|Tawnykit]]. When a fire rages through the ThunderClan camp, Fireheart rescues Bramblekit, who was stranded on the branch of a tree. Bramblekit is said to look exactly like his father, who was known as a traitor and a murderer. Fireheart often views Bramblekit with distrust and sees his father instead when he looks at him. He is later given his apprentice name, Bramblepaw, and is apprenticed to Fireheart. Bramblepaw completes most of his apprenticeship without Tawnypaw since she runs away after being judged for who her father is, which upsets Bramblepaw. When Tigerstar offers Bramblepaw to join his family in [[TigerClan (modern)|TigerClan]], Bramblepaw refuses and participates with [[LionClan (modern)|LionClan]] in the [[Battle against BloodClan|battle against]] [[BloodClan]]. He tries his hardest to complete his training, and he eventually earns Firestar's trust.


===''[[Super Editions]]''===
{{SEs|Bramblestar|Bramblestar/History#Super Editions}}
|quote = Don't talk to your mother like that! I don't care how upset you are. Hurting cats who love you isn't going to help Larksong. It's just going to make everyone as miserable as you are. I'm sorry Larksong is ill, and we'll do everything to make sure he gets well again, but don't accuse your mother of being a mouse-heart. She's one of the bravest warriors I know. And I'm doing everything I can to keep peace among the Clans. I have to stand up to Tigerstar, or he'll push SkyClan around forever. It's hard standing up for what you believe in, and it's even harder when the cats who are supposed to support you undermine you instead. I'm trying to lead a Clan! How can I expect my warriors to follow me if my own kin challenge me at every turn?
|speaker = Bramblestar to Squirrelflight and Sparkpelt
|source = Squirrelflight's Hope
|page number = 211}}
:In '''''[[Firestar's Quest]]''''', he finishes his warrior training and is named Brambleclaw, his suffix coming from his father's courage and skill in battle. At the following Gathering, Brambleclaw finds that Tawnypelt has also completed hers, and becomes friends with [[Ashfur (TC)|Ashfur]].

Detailed description

This includes the full description with all the little details about the character. Everything must be cited and can be separated into more than one sentence to make it flow better. This section must be indented with ":", and the character's name can be in bold. See "Basic description" for more information.

==Detailed description==
:Bramblestar is a huge,{{r|np5|192}} muscular,{{r|fq|9}} dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.{{r|fq|a}} He has glossy fur,{{r|ds|26}} broad shoulders,{{r|fq|9}} long, curved claws,{{r|po6|14}} and a long scar on his shoulder.{{r|np6|87}}

Character pixels

Character pixels are within {{Charart}} and are added in the order the character received the corresponding rank. Images can only be added by a lead in PCA. See PCA for more information about the character art.

==Character pixels==

Official art

Official art shows artwork typically from the field guides, book covers, manga, and official website. These images should go in the official images category. See the policy for image guidelines for how to name them accordingly.

==Official art==

Killed victims

This list details the cats a character has killed and uses the {{Victims|NAME}} template. This list includes killing directly, such as Scourge killing Tigerstar; killed indirectly, such as Clear Sky with Micah; killed on accident, such as Lionblaze with Russetfur; killed a cat's spirit, such as Firestar killing Tigerstar's dark forest spirit; and others. Everything needs to be cited and further information, such as others involved with the killing, in italics.

==Killed victims==
*[[Bone]]{{r|os6|297}} ''(Along with Ashfur, Tawnypelt, Stormfur and Feathertail)''
*[[Hawkfrost]]{{r|np6|299}}{{r|om6}} ''(Physically and spiritually)''


All ceremonies, with the exception of indirectly mentioned ones, should be included using {{Ceremony}}. They should be in the order as given to the character. Most ceremonies should include:

|title =
|leadername =
|leader1 = (then increases per line)
|appname = the one receiving the ceremony
|app1 = (then increase per line)
|chant = (the chant afterwards)
|reference =

The notable exception is the leadership ceremony, which uses {{Leader Ceremony}} and has a separate line for each line spoken.

|title =
|speaker1 =
|line1 =
|speaker2 =
|line2 =
|speaker3 =
|line3 =
|reference =
|title = Bramblepaw's apprentice ceremony
|leadername = Bluestar
|leader1 = Now that Cloudtail is a warrior, you are free to take on another apprentice. You will be mentor to Bramblepaw.<br>Fireheart, you have shown yourself to be a warrior of rare courage and quick thinking. I'm sure that you will pass on all you know to this young apprentice.
|reference = ''[[A Dangerous Path]]'', pages 235-236}}

|title = Brambleclaw's warrior ceremony
|leadername = Firestar
|appname = Bramblepaw
|leader1 = I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn.
|leader2 = Bramblepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?
|app1 = I do.
|leader3 = Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Bramblepaw, from this moment you will be known as Brambleclaw. StarClan honors your courage and your loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.
|chant = Brambleclaw! Brambleclaw!
|reference = ''[[Firestar's Quest]]'', pages 19-20}}

{{Leader Ceremony
|title = Bramblestar's leader ceremony
|speaker1 = Firestar
|line1 = Welcome to StarClan, Brambleclaw!
|speaker2 = Firestar
|line2 = I give you a life with the courage to make the hardest decisions, not just for ThunderClan but for all the Clans. The lake needs four Clans; with this life, serve them all well.
|speaker15 = Firestar
|line15 = Go well, Bramblestar. I will be with you always.
|ref = ''[[The Ultimate Guide]]'', pages 51-57}}

Leader info

This section is exclusive for leaders and contains three subsections within the {{Leader}} template: {{Nine Lives}}, listing all the nine lives a leader has received and how they loss them; {{Deputies}}, deputies who had served under the leader; and {{Medicine cats}}, medicine cats who had served under the leader. First, the |givers= are listed within nine lives, separated by a <br>, followed by |gifts= in the same order. How they are lost, |lost=, are listen in order of what we know. A "———" is used if we have no information.

Deputies and medicine cats are then listed in order, with |names= and separated by a <br>, followed by the |from= section, listing their respective book they were named deputy or medicine cat (or sometimes "Before Into the Wild" if we are unsure exactly), and |to= with the book they either died or stepped down. If the deputy or medicine cat is the current one, use "—".

{{Leader|content={{Nine Lives|givers=[[Firestar]]<br>[[Goldenflower]]<br>[[Bluestar]]<br>[[Mousefur]]<br>[[Lionheart]]<br>[[Ferncloud]]<br>[[Cinderpelt]]<br>[[Feathertail]]<br>[[Ravenpaw]]|gifts=Courage to make the hardest decisions<br>Understanding the love of a mother<br>Clear judgement of character<br>Listening to elders<br>Greatest pride in ThunderClan<br>Understanding that not only warriors play a role in protecting the Clan<br>Offering second chances<br>Exploring beyond the borders of the Clan<br>Speaking out against injustice, pursuing the truth above all else.
{{Deputies|names=[[Squirrelflight]]|from=''[[The Last Hope]]''|to=''[[Lost Stars]]''}}
{{Medicine cats|names=[[Leafpool]]<br>[[Jayfeather]]<br>[[Alderheart]]|from=''[[The Last Hope]]''<br>''[[The Last Hope]]''<br>''[[Thunder and Shadow]]''|to=''[[Squirrelflight's Hope]]''<br>—<br>—}}


A family section would go here in untabbed articles.

Personality and Relationships

A personality and relationships section would go here in untabbed articles.


This section details a character's specific appearances to nullify the {{Alleg}} template. This section is particularly important when a character has a lot of {{Alleg}} templates that can be consolidated to improve the use of a character's page. The book titles are listed in chronological order (see Warriors books for a chronological listing) with field guides at the end.

There are several templates that can be used. If a cat appears in said book, they do not receive an ending template. {{1st}} should be used if said book is a cat's first appearance. {{Ao}} should be used if a cat only appears in the allegiances. If a cat's first appearance is in the allegiances, then {{1sta}} should be used. If a cat is mentioned only in said book, then {{Mo}} should be used. If a cat's first appearance is mentioned, usually by another cat, then {{1stm}} should be used. If a cat only appears in a vision or dream, then {{Vo}} should be used. If cat only appears in a flashback, such as in the manga, then {{Flash}} should be used. These ending templates are the same ones for the articles (see "External links" for more information).

The appearances section should be {{mclist|1}}, {{mclist|2}} or {{mclist|3}} if necessary. Use {{Scroll}} if necessary. A cross "†" should be used if a cat died during said book.

*''[[Forest of Secrets]]'' {{1st}}
*''[[Rising Storm]]''
*''[[Tigerclaw's Fury]]''
*''[[A Dangerous Path]]''
*''[[The Darkest Hour]]''
*''[[Firestar's Quest]]''
*''[[The Heart of a Warrior]]''
*''[[Midnight (book)|Midnight]]''
*''[[Dawn (book)|Dawn]]''
*''[[The Lost Warrior]]''
*''[[Tallstar's Revenge]]'' <small>(manga)</small>
*''[[Mistystar's Omen]]'' {{Ao}}
*''[[Tigerheart's Shadow]]'' {{Ao}}
*''[[Tawnypelt's Clan]]'' {{Mo}}
*''[[The Raging Storm]]''
*''[[Squirrelflight's Hope]]''
*''[[Lost Stars]]'' †
*''[[The Silent Thaw]]''
*''[[Secrets of the Clans]]''
*''[[Cats of the Clans]]''
*''[[Battles of the Clans]]''
*''[[The Ultimate Guide]]''

See "Allegiances" for more information.


This is only if a character has less than 15 quotes in the quotes section. Quotes use two templates: {{Quote}} with a single speaker and {{Dialogue a-b}} with more than one speaker. They are usually significant quotes that emphasize the article, and should be listed in book canonical order (see Warriors books). For {{Quote}}, the template is:

|quote = A warrior never blames his Clanmates for his own mistakes, Lionpaw.
|speaker = Brambleclaw to Lionpaw
|source = Dark River
|page number = 168}}

{{Dialogue a-b}} follows a similar format, but adds "a" "b" "c"... to the end of each "speaker" and "quote". It is also important to note the source must be linked for dialogue quotes.

{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a = Sandstorm
|quote a = You know, Brambleclaw, you don't need to worry about giving us orders. You're deputy, and that's that.
|speaker b = Brambleclaw
|quote b = Thank you. I'll be loyal to my Clan as long as I have enough breath to fight.
|description =  Brambleclaw to Sandstorm, worrying about giving the senior warriors orders
|source = [[Sunset]]
|page number = 268}}

If there are a lot of quotes, after the third or fourth quote, implement {{Coltex}} to shortened the list. It is important that at the end of the entire list, you add |'''''See more'''''}}.

|quote = Jessy is right. Whatever I have felt for her, whatever might have been, Squirrelflight and I share a bond that cannot be broken.
|speaker = Bramblestar thinking about Jessy and Squirrelflight
|source = Bramblestar's Storm
|page number = 462}}
|'''''See more'''''}}

External links

Includes articles and galleries from the Warrior Cats official website. See articles and galleries pages for full lists. They should be added in chronological order with the exception of profile pages which are to be at the very top.

The following coding should be used for {{Article}}:

{{Article|a-legacy-of-fire|A Legacy of Fire}}

After each article, include {{Mo}} if the said character was just mentioned in the article, {{Imo}} for indirectly mentioned, {{Poll}} if the character appears in a poll, and {{PollWinner}} if the character won the poll. Some examples include:

{{Article|the-leaders-who-made-their-mark|The Leaders Who Made Their Mark}}
for Shadowstar since she's directly included in the list;
{{Article|we-hunt-to-survive|We Hunt to Survive}} {{Mo}}
for Graystripe since he's directly called by name in the article, but is not the main focus of said article;
{{Article|the-journey-so-far-the-raging-storm|The Journey So Far: ''The Raging Storm''}} {{Imo}}
for Hootwhisker since he's indirectly mentioned in the article as part of the patrol sent to bring SkyClan back.

The following coding should be used for {{WGallery}}:

{{WGallery|warrior-of-the-week-gallery-1-sunstrike|Warrior of the Week Gallery #1 - Sunstrike}} {{WotW|1}}

As of now, only galleries for Warrior of the Week are included on the articles. Make sure to include {{WotW|#}} for Warrior of the Week followed by the gallery number on the end such as the example for Sunstrike.

Notes and references

Nothing much to add here except the {{reflist}}. Sometimes if the reference list is too long, changing it tp {{reflist|2}} or {{reflist|3}} will format the list into two or three columns respectively. Adding the {{Scroll}} in front will make the list scrollable. Using the scroll and second reflist tends to be the most common for main and major character pages. {{Authorlist}} provides an additional section for references from Kate's blog. See "Citations" for more information how to cite. See "Social media, BlogClan, emails, etc." for more information about blog cites.

{{reflist}} {{reflist|2}} {{reflist|3}} {{Scroll|reflist|2}}}}

Underneath the {{reflist}} template, add the appropriate tabbers if necessary. These help users see other similar characters by main protagonists, current allegiance, etc. The following templates are in use:

Detailed history

If a character has many book appearances or a heavily written history section, then they require a detailed history sub-page.
History sub-pages should go in the detailed history page category. The page should start with {{Startspoiler}}, followed by {{History|NAME}}. Note, do not include the ending tags, such as for Mudclaw (WC) and Tom (ES), in those templates. Include the ==History== heading, and underneath include {{Shortened|NAME/Main_article}} which will link back to the main page.

From there, detailed histories should be split up by arc, and then further by book. Make sure the arcs and books are linked and in italics. The order of the arcs are as follows:

The books should also be listed in canonical order...

For super editions: Moth Flight's Vision, Tallstar's Revenge, Yellowfang's Secret, Crookedstar's Promise, Bluestar's Prophecy, Firestar's Quest, SkyClan's Destiny, Crowfeather's Trial, Bramblestar's Storm, Hawkwing's Journey, Tigerheart's Shadow, and Squirrelflight's Hope.
For novellas: Thunderstar's Echo, Shadowstar's Life, Mapleshade's Vengeance, Cloudstar's Journey, Pinestar's Choice, Goosefeather's Curse, Spottedleaf's Heart, Redtail's Debt, Tigerclaw's Fury, Leafpool's Wish, Hollyleaf's Story, Mistystar's Omen, Ravenpaw's Farewell, Dovewing's Silence, and Tawnypelt's Clan.

...or listed in order of publication.

For short stories and plays: After Sunset: We Need to Talk, Spottedleaf's Honest Answer, The Clans Decide, Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy, The Elders' Concern, After Sunset: The Right Choice?, and The Death of Bright Stream.
For field guides: Secrets of the Clans, Cats of the Clans, Code of the Clans, Battles of the Clans, Enter the Clans, and The Ultimate Guide

These summaries can be more detailed than the others, though not to the point of including extraneous details. The amount of information included varies upon main, major, supporting etc. characters. Typically, main characters, such as Lionblaze and Clear Sky, will have rough scenes and concepts outlined instead of by speaking line. For supporting and minor characters, however, most conversations and appearances can be listed. Please also link characters, places, and items as they first appear throughout the history sub-page.

Some characters don't have enough of a history to warrant being put on a sub-page. In such case, they should remain on the main page, and be split by arc in the same order.

End the page with an {{Endspoiler}}.

===In the ''[[The Prophecies Begin]]'' arc===
====''[[Forest of Secrets]]''====
:Bramblekit plays with [[Tawnypelt|Tawnykit]] in [[ThunderClan|ThunderClan's]] [[camp]].


===In the ''[[Super Editions]]''===
====''[[Crowfeather's Trial]]''====
:{{Alleg|Crowfeather's Trial|Bramblestar}}




In order to eliminate the {{Alleg}}, especially for characters that have a lot of allegiances appearances, those sections can be removed and replaced with the bare minimum in order to improve the article's user space.[1] There are few important notes to keep in mind:

  • Keep a character's first appearance; even if they only appear in the allegiances, write out a short summary.
Breezekit, and her sister, Nightkit, are RiverClan kits born to Mintfur and Icewing.
  • Mention when a character is promoted to an apprentice, including their mentor's name, and when they are promoted to a warrior. Include new name changes for all of these.
Gorsepaw is now an apprentice, along with his siblings, with Brackenpelt as his mentor.
He is now a warrior named Stemleaf.
  • For she-cats, mention when they move into the nursery, the birth of their kits, or when they leave the nursery and return to their warrior duties.
Icewing returns to the nursery and has given birth to another little of kits, Breezekit and Nightkit.
Her kits are now apprentices, Breezepaw and Nightpaw, and Icewing has returned to her warrior duties.
  • For mentors, list when they receive a new apprentice and when their apprentice becomes a warrior.
Sedgewhisker is now mentor to Flutterpaw.
Leaftail's former apprentice, Oatpaw, has earned his warrior name of Oatclaw.

NOTE: There is a recent trend with Super Editions and Novellas being released in the concurrent main timeline of the main arcs with additional story information. Sometimes, a character's first instance as a warrior, apprentice, or mentor will change as those books are released, such as Squirrelflight's Hope being released after Lost Stars despite the former book taking place before the latter. This effected the first appearance of Stemleaf and his littermates, Gravelnose and his littermates, and Dappletuft and his littermates as warriors, for example. Make sure to double check and switch those instances around if they occur.

See "Appearances" for more information.

Family relations

A character only requires a family relations page if they have family.
Family sub-pages should go in the family page category. Perusal, the beginning of the page should start with {{Startspoiler}}, followed by {{Kin|NAME}}. You can then copy and paste the kin starting with the ==Kin== line.

Typically, family sections begin with mates, followed by children, parents, and siblings (including half, adopted and foster siblings). From there, the order varies, but most family sections list the grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Make sure to also include aunts/uncles, great-aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews and great-nieces/nephews. Cousins should be listed through first and second cousins if applicable. End with distant ancestors if necessary.

Each section should be put in bold. Underneath each section should be the appropriate family member(s) and a colon (:). Next, add the citation, as everything on this page should be cited. See "Citations" for more information how to cite. Next, add the {{Status}} template, {{Status|NAME}}. Please add the appropriate character ending tags, such as Mudclaw (WC) and Tom (ES), into the status templates. Example:

:[[Alderheart]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Alderheart}}
:[[Juniperkit]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Juniperkit}}

Separate close family (parents, siblings, mate, children, etc.) with ''See more'' which can be done using {{Coltex}}. Add family trees, with separate third level headings for genetic and foster, as well. See here for a full list of family tree templates. End the page with an {{Endspoiler}} and notes and references. Use {{reflist|2}} and {{Scroll}} if necessary. Also include a {{authorlist}} if blog citations are used. See "Social media, BlogClan, emails, etc." for more information.

:[[Squirrelflight]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Squirrelflight}}

:[[Sparkpelt]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Sparkpelt}}
:[[Dandelionkit]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Dandelionkit}}

:[[Alderheart]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Alderheart}}
:[[Juniperkit]]:{{r|vs1|9}} {{Status|Juniperkit}}


{{Coltex|'''Distant ancestors:'''
:[[Cloudstar]]:{{r|fq|496-497}} {{Status|Cloudstar}}
:[[Gorseclaw (TC)|Gorseclaw]]:{{r|fq|496-497}} {{Status|Gorseclaw (TC)}}
:[[Birdflight]]:{{r|fq|496-497}} {{Status|Birdflight}}
:[[Spottedpelt]]:{{r|fq|496-497}} {{Status|Spottedpelt}}
|''See more''}}

{{Cloudstar Tree}}

{{Bramblestar Adopted-Foster Tree}}
==Notes and references==

Personality & Relationships

All major or significant characters require a personality & relationships sub-page.
PR sub-pages should go in the personality and relationships page category. Begin the page with {{Cite this}} (reminds people to cite information), {{Startspoiler}} and {{PR|NAME}}. Create two separate secondary headings for personality and relationships with third headings for separate characters or pairs of characters, such as pairing children or siblings. Parents, siblings can usually be paired together if the relationship is the same between them (eg. Bristlefrost towards her parents and littermates). An exception can be when the relationship is drastically differing between them, such as Crookedstar's relationship with his parents, Shellheart and Rainflower, whereas the two will receive different headings. Although not necessary, you can include a quote at the top of each relationship section and be cited by book and specific instances.

All personality sections should be cited by at least a specific book. Specific events should be cited using {{cic}} and all should include a typical 'Notes and references' section with a standard {{reflist}}. Place a {{Endspoiler}} above the references.

Conjecture issues for both should be brought up with PC. It is also important to note if a character does not have a distinguished personality, then they do not receive a sub-page.

{{Cite this}}{{Startspoiler}}{{PR|Bramblestar}}
:Bramblestar is described as resolute, careful, devoted, and moral.<ref>Revealed on {{Profile|Bramblestar}}</ref> Haunted by his father's dark past, he is determined to prove to every cat that he is a good and loyal warrior.{{r|os6}} He has a natural gift for leadership, and a kind and caring heart. Bramblestar is always determined to do the right thing, no matter how difficult it may be. <ref>Revealed on {{Profile|Bramblestar}}</ref>

|quote = Yes, my son, it is. I am so proud of you, my love. And so honored to give you this life. [...] I give you a life for understanding the love of a mother. But then, you have already known what it is to love as a father. Keep that knowledge, feel its power, and use it to keep all your Clanmates safe.
|speaker = Goldenflower as she gives Brambleclaw a life
|source = The Ultimate Guide
|page number = 52}}

:Goldenflower cares for her kits with love and affection and is very protective of them. She does not tell them who their father is, wanting them to grow up without the stain of his legacy.{{r|os4}} She wants the Clan to respect and love her kits as much as she does, especially Bramblekit, as Fireheart’s suspicion of him is obvious.{{r|os4}}
==Notes and references==


A character receives a trivia page if they have eight bullet points of trivia or more.
Trivia sub-pages should go in the trivia page category. Begin the sub-page with {{Startspoiler}} and {{Trivia|NAME}}, and copy and paste the trivia sections, including the ==Trivia== heading. The trivia sections should be separated into three categories: Interesting facts, Author statements, and Mistakes, if applicable.

Each bullet point should be followed by a {{cite}} with a separate bullet point if the issue is addressed elsewhere. End the page with an {{Endspoiler}}, and a {{reflist}} section, using {{reflist|2}} or {{Scroll}} if necessary. Also include a {{authorlist}} if blog citations are used. See "Social media, BlogClan, emails, etc." for more information.

If there is not enough information to constitute a trivia page, then the trivia goes between the detailed description and character pixels.

===Interesting facts===

===Author statements===


==Notes and references==


A continuity section holds all formerly canon information, such as tidbits from Secrets of the Clans, the plays, short stories, and the Warrior Cats website family tree, but is a new subsection of Trivia.[2] All continuity sections begin with {{Continuity}} and then dive into the section, listing each source (whether it be a book, play, short story or website) with a separate bullet point. This section should be cited either by book, chapter or page number.

*In ''[[Secrets of the Clans]]'', a [[2007]] [[Field Guides|field guide]], Firestar is a point of view character. The book gives information about his leadership style and care for his Clan. He is considered one of ThunderClan's significant leaders and described to have an unusually strong connection with StarClan.{{r|secrets}}
*In ''[[The Clans Decide]]'', a play written by [[Victoria Holmes]], Firestar is a principal character. After finding enemy warriors on his territory, he allows Leafpool to care for them in camp. In the Clans' tough leaf bare, he unites the Clans to have one leader to survive.{{r|tcd}}
*On the ''Warriors'' website family tree, Firestar's littermates are listed as [[Filou]], [[Tommy]], [[Luna]], alongside his sister [[Princess]]. His nieces and nephews through Princess include [[Nami]], [[Livy]], [[Zack]], and [[Taylor]].{{r|officialtree}}

See Spookywilloww's continuity page for more information.


If a character has 15 or more quotes, then they require a quotes sub-page.
Quotes pages should go in the quotes page category. Begin with {{Startspoiler}} and {{Quotes|NAME}}, and copy and paste the quotes section, including the ==Quotes== heading. Quotes should be listed in chronological order starting from earliest. Typically quotes from the field guides go at the very end unless the quote is from a specific event in the timeline that can be pinpointed.

Remove the {{coltex}} and "see more" from the quotes sections. End the section with a {{Endspoiler}}.


{{dialogue a-b
|speaker a=Tigerstar
|quote a=No, Bramblepaw. ''You'' come to ''us''. Your sister made the right choice. TigerClan will rule over the whole forest, and you can share our power. What do you say? ThunderClan is finished. There is nothing there for you.
|speaker b=Bramblepaw
|quote b=Join you? Join ''you''? After everything you've done? I'd rather die!
|speaker c=Tigerstar
|quote c=Are you sure? I won't make the offer twice. Join me now, or you ''will'' die.
|speaker d=Bramblepaw
|quote d=Then at least I'll go to StarClan as a loyal ThunderClan cat.
|description=Tigerstar offering Bramblepaw to join TigerClan
|source=[[The Darkest Hour]]
|page number=223-224}}


Main page

Do not forget about the main page! The original article page should be fairly empty now, with the exception of the foreign languages links, the basic and appearance categories, and the following template:

Bramblestar/Main article|Main article
Bramblestar/History|Detailed history
Bramblestar/Family|Family relations
Bramblestar/PR|Personality & Relationships

If you go into preview you should be able to see the tabs appear only after you already published them. If not, check to see if you named one of the sub-pages incorrectly or a misspelling. Publish the page and you are done!


This section will demonstrate the numerous methods to cite information on character articles.


All of the book citations can be done using {{R}} and it follows a simple pattern:

{{r|abbreviation of arc/book followed by the book number|page/chapter number}}

For example, a citation from Shattered Sky, book three of A Vision of Shadows, on page 218 would be:


The finished product will look like this: [3]

The following is a full list of abbreviations for the books and other content for reference:

  • os# - The Prophecies Begin
  • np# - The New Prophecy
  • po# - Power of Three
  • om# - Omen of the Stars
  • dc# - Dawn of the Clans
  • vs# - A Vision of Shadows
  • tbc# - The Broken Code
  • fq - Firestar's Quest
  • bp - Bluestar's Prophecy
  • sd - SkyClan's Destiny
  • cp - Crookedstar's Promise
  • ys - Yellowfang's Secret
  • tr - Tallstar's Revenge
  • bs - Bramblestar's Storm
  • mfv - Moth Flight's Vision
  • hj - Hawkwing's Journey
  • ts - Tigerheart's Shadow
  • ct - Crowfeather's Trial
  • sqh - Squirrelflight's Hope
  • gv - Graystripe's Vow
  • hs - Hollyleaf's Story
  • mo - Mistystar's Omen
  • cj - Cloudstar's Journey
  • tf - Tigerclaw's Fury
  • ds - Dovewing's Silence
  • lw - Leafpool's Wish
  • mv - Mapleshade's Vengeance
  • gc - Goosefeather's Curse
  • rf - Ravenpaw's Farewell
  • sh - Spottedleaf's Heart
  • pc - Pinestar's Choice
  • te - Thunderstar's Echo
  • tc - Tawnypelt's Clan
  • rd - Redtail's Debt
  • sl - Shadowstar's Life
  • pk - Pebbleshine's Kits
  • trr - Tree's Roots
  • ms - Mothwing's Secret
  • dk - Daisy's Kin
  • sr - Spotfur's Rebellion
  • br - Blackfoot's Reckoning
  • untold - The Untold Stories
  • tales - Tales from the Clans
  • shadows - Shadows of the Clans
  • legends - Legends of the Clans
  • path - Path of a Warrior
  • spirit - A Warrior's Spirit
  • choice - A Warrior's Choice
  • manga1 - The Rise of Scourge
  • ts# - Tigerstar and Sasha
  • ga - Graystripe's Adventure
  • lw# - Graystripe's Adventure (individual books)
  • rp - Ravenpaw's Path
  • rp# - Ravenpaw's Path (individual books)
  • ss - SkyClan and the Stranger
  • ss# - SkyClan and the Stranger (individual books)
  • sir - A Shadow in RiverClan
  • secrets - Secrets of the Clans
  • cats - Cats of the Clans
  • code - Code of the Clans
  • battles - Battles of the Clans
  • etc - Enter the Clans
  • twg - The Warriors Guide
  • tug - The Ultimate Guide
  • sha - Spottedleaf's Honest Answer
  • bm - Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy
  • as - After Sunset: We Need to Talk
  • trc - After Sunset: The Right Choice
  • ec - The Elders' Concern
  • tcd - The Clans Decide
  • ehc# - Erin Hunter Chats
  • app - Warriors App

Note: #'s indicate a number to be added afterwards to signify the book in the arc. Add "bs" to end of certain books to include the bonus scenes, and "m" to the end of super editions to include ending manga.

This also applies to the citing the family tree on the Warriors website. Use the {{r|officialtree}} for those citations and double check the information is on the tree.

{{Cic}} should be used to provide further explanation for a reference, and should be used in conjunction with a citation. Such examples include Squirrelflight's leader cite to clarify she did briefly succeed Bramblestar. To use {{Cic}}, type the explanation after the {{cic|, followed by another |. Add the citation as perusal, and end with }}.

{{cic|Squirrelflight was de facto leader while Bramblestar was dead for over a night.|{{r|tbc1|245-254}}}}

The finished product will look like this: [5]

Social media, BlogClan, emails, etc.

Another common method is to link via external links. This can include authors' Facebook pages, blog cites, or information from publishers' websites. These are conducted by:

<ref>Revealed on [link explanation]</ref>

The explanation is publication of the website, such as Facebook or HarperCollins. Make sure to link permanent links and screenshots when citing information from authors' Facebook pages.

<ref>Revealed on [ Vicky's Facebook]</ref>

The finished product will look like this: [6]


BlogClan is Kate Cary's personal blog where fans can interact with her, and this website requires a different type of reference template, {{Blog}}. This allows blog references to have their own ref links in the article and separate the blog cites into an additional subheading (Author references) under ==Notes and references==. See Jay Frost and Leafshine for clarity. There are four components within this template: url, title, backup and screenshot. Each blog reference starts out with <ref group="blog"> and jumps right into {{Blog}}.

<ref group="blog">{{Blog|url= url of the website|title= title of the web page|backup= a backup link of the url from an external webpage archiving website|screenshot= a screenshot of the specific information in reference uploaded to the wiki}}</ref>

To go through each component in order, the url is usually the easiest to find. If you are converting a prior blog citation from the other format into the {{Blog}} format, then make sure to double check the url to see if it is still accurate.

NOTE: If some time has gone past since the link was first used, the information may have moved pages. This is due to moderators removing comments, page layout changes among many other reasons. Personally what I've found, if the link is from the current version of BlogClan, the reference information will be found on earlier pages (so go down in page numbers). If the link is from the older version of BlogClan, the reference information will be found on later pages (so go up in page numbers). Use Ctrl + F to quickly find the information you are looking for.

Once you have found the correct url, copy and paste it into url=[url here]. Separate each component with a "|"

<ref group="blog">{{OldBlog|url=|

Next, copy down the title of the blog page, usually found at the top. Copy and paste is the easiest option, and make sure to italicize titles of books and articles written by other users. Make sure the title is exactly how it appears on the blog page into title=[title here].

<ref group="blog">{{OldBlog|url=
|title=Kate Answers Questions: Junk Food and ''Super Editions''|

Archiving the web page provides a backup link in case the url expires or is not valid anymore due to the page moving or being deleted. There are several free web archiving websites available, but the two that I have found easiest to use are Wayback Machine and Archive Today. Both have their pros and cons, and although I tend to lean more towards Archive Today, I have both readily available. A warning with Wayback Machine; sometimes its "Save Page Now" feature does not work properly and instead kicks back to a prior archive of that page that does not have the reference you need. Make sure to double check that the archive is accurate.

Archiving a web page takes some time, so I usually plug the website url in immediately while I work on the rest of the {{Blog}} template. When the website is done, copy and paste the url given (on Wayback Machine, it's up near the top while Archive Today's url is found under "Share") into backup=[backup link here].

With Wayback Machine

<ref group="blog">{{OldBlog|url=
|title=Kate Answers Questions: Junk Food and ''Super Editions''

With Archive Today

<ref group="blog">{{OldBlog|url=
|title=Kate Answers Questions: Junk Food and ''Super Editions''

Taking a screenshot of the information in question can be done either by taking a standard screenshot of your screen using a hotkey (google how to do this with your specific desktop or labtop model) or by using the Snipping Tool already found on some laptops. I prefer Snipping Tool simply because it is the easiest way to get the reference cropped and saved.

Once you have the screenshot saved, upload it to the wiki. Make sure the title is of pertinence to the reference; users should be able to gain an understanding of what the image is about just by looking at the title. Some suggestions include putting the character in question's name first along with an additional relevant word. Examples include File:Bellaleaf Harrybrook.screenshot.png, File:Emberkit description.screenshot.png, File:Firestar's death.screenshot.png, File:Spikefur StarClan.screenshot.png, and File:Thistleheart Thistlepaw.screenshot.png. If a screenshot has information for multiple characters, add just one character. Be sure to include .screenshot.png as the ending tag and add Blog screenshots as a category as well. Add the file name in screenshot=[file name here].

<ref group="blog">{{OldBlog|url=|title=Kate Answers Questions: Junk Food and ''Super Editions''|backup=|screenshot=Graystripe and Bramblestar deputy 2.screenshot.png}}</ref>

End the citation with </ref>. When you are done, add {{authorlist}} after the usual {{reflist}} under ==Notes and references==.

The finished product will look like this: [blog 1]

If you are using the same blog cite numerous times, include a name="word here" within <ref group="blog>. The name given doesn't have to have some importance, but it is a good idea to do so. Continue on with the blog cite as per usual.

<ref group="blog" name="beechfur">{{OldBlog|url=|title=BlogClan Tavern #10|backup=|screenshot=Beechfur.screenshot.png}}</ref>

For the next time that reference is used, just include the first part as such.

<ref group="blog" name="beechfur"></ref>

The finished product will look like this: [blog 2] [blog 2]

For more information about blog cites and error messages, see Spookywillow's workbench.


Emails with confirmed contacts associated with Warriors, HarperCollins, or Working Partners are allowed to be used as references. They function similarly like {{Blog}} and allow the references to be placed in a separate heading. Emails use the {{Email}} template and there are four main components: author, title, date, and screenshot. Each blog reference starts out with <ref group="blog"> and jumps right into {{Email}}.

<ref group="blog">{{Email|author= name of the person in contact who sent the email|title= title describing the email's content|date= date the email was received formatted (month day, year)|screenshot= a screenshot of the email uploaded to the wiki with personal information blocked out}}</ref>

Author is the name of the person who you (or someone else) is in contact with. Make sure their name is available on the wiki, such as James Noble, or else it will appear as a redlink. End each section with an "|" to separate them.

NOTE: Please do not harass or spam editors and other employees for information for the wiki. If you are found to be guilty of doing so, actions will be taken by the administration. This also includes sharing editor's emails without their permission. Emails should only be used as formal means of communication as the editors are busy people. For more information about email etiquette, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

<ref group="blog">{{Email|author=James Noble|

The date is the date the email was received not the date the receiver read it. If you have received an email from a friend and are unsure of the date, ask them or put down the date you were made aware of the email. Please write the date in a month day, year format.

<ref group="blog">{{Email|author=James Noble
|date=January 7, 2020|

The title describes the important information in the email. Titles can vary from cite to cite if the same email is being used for multiple reasons. In this case on Tree's page, this email is being used to correct an error in his appearances for The Silent Thaw. Make sure to be a clear as possible in the title.

<ref group="blog">{{Email|author=James Noble
|date=January 7, 2020
|title=James confirms ''The Silent Thaw'' is being reprinted|

The screenshot is the image uploaded to the wiki. Similar with blog cites, name the email something pertinent to the information being cited. Examples include File:TST Make sure to include .email.png as an ending tag and save it under Email screenshots.

NOTE: Make sure to block out all personal information that is not publicly available. This includes all emails (including the editor's) and your personal information. You can draw over this information in an art program or crop it out.

<ref group="blog">{{Email|author=James Noble|date=January 7, 2020|title=James confirms ''The Silent Thaw'' is being reprinted|screenshot=TST}}</ref>

End the citation with </ref>. When you are done, add {{authorlist}} after the usual {{reflist}} under ==Notes and references==.

The finished product will look like this: [blog 3]

For more information about email cites and error messages, see Spookywillow's workbench.

List of resources

External resources

Warriors Wiki
Warrior Cats official website
Moonkitti's I spoil... playlist on YouTube
BlogClan (older version) and BlogClan (current version) and/or

Quick reference articles

Does not include all of them, but these can provide a quick overview of the layout for different kinds of characters.


Below is a list of the templates to be included, as needed, on the character pages.

Notes and references

  1. The removal of the {{Alleg}} and condensing of the smaller to mid-sized articles was decided by Project:Characters as of February 27, 2020; see the discussion here for more information.
  2. As of March 21, 2020, Project:Operations and Project:Characters voted to reconsider and eliminate Secrets of the Clans and the website family tree as canon information; see the discussions for SotC here and the family tree here for more information.
  3. Revealed in Shattered Sky, page 218
  4. Revealed in Lost Stars, pages 245-254
  5. Squirrelflight was de facto leader while Bramblestar was dead for over a night.[4]
  6. Revealed on Vicky's Facebook
Author references
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