aka Helix

  • I live in City of Blue Skies
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hi all! I am Heliodor (Helix), 18 years old, and presently living in Southern Europe. I was an active contributor for more than one year; I have left in April 2011 due to time and commitment issues, but I still check the wiki now and then and will do my best to help if needed.

My Userboxes

About Me

I started reading Warriors in March 2008, when I turned 15. I read the first six books in French; later I got the books in English too as I wanted to read them in original. In Summer 2009, I read the second series, and I was involved in role playing as well.

I began using extensively this wiki in October 2009, when I began writing canon fanfic and needed reference for cats and events. However, I worked up the courage to join only in February 2010, posting my first article, and it took me another two months or so to start participating in community life and discussions. In the first months of my membership, I used to create and edit mostly pages referring to the Warriors World, then gradually extended my interests, getting involved in more and more projects, and helping out the wiki in general with coding and creating layouts and solutions. I had slight disagreements with some users due to differences in concepts, but we managed to talk them through, and I can say that I met several of my best online friends here.

In May, I was appointed the Leader of the newly restarted Userbox Project, that ceased to be active in August, after completing its proposed goals. I was active mostly in Project Books (my favourite project) and Project World (which I led for some time), and assisted with advanced coding. I'm not active anymore due to lack of free time (last year of high school), and a loss of interest in the series, however I still check the wiki from time to time.

Personal Info

  • Username: WaitingForSpring
  • Real Name: Héliodore / Heliodor
  • Nicknames: Helix, Hélice (means "propeller" in French and it was the name of a cat in a cartoon)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Location: Somewhere in Southern Europe
  • Hobbies: Hiking, roller-skating, gymnastics, athletics, reading / writing (mostly fantasy novels, preferably in the park). I'm an outdoors person and try to spend as much time outside as I can


  • Season: Summer
  • Colour: Violet
  • Music: Ambient Electro (especially Carbon Based Lifeforms and Sundial Aeon)
  • Literary Genre: Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, High Fantasy
  • Animal: Cat, Crow, Seagull
  • School Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Languages, P.E.
  • Cartoon: Clémentine
  • PC Games: Fantasy RPG (such as Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls series)


I have read the Original Series, Firestar's Quest and the New Prophecy. I could not make myself read anything after the New Prophecy - cats having super-powers, reading dreams, fighting spirits, traveling in time, changing religion simply do not appeal to me. I appreciate only the first two series, when cats were still cats and the dangers they faced were plausible - for me, Warriors ends with Sunset.

My favourite cats are Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. I love the Bramble x Squirrel pairing, and I still hope they will make up - remember the vision of the starry pawprints?

Wiki Users

I have met several great friends during my time here as an editor. Most of them have left the wiki a long time ago, but I'm still in contact with several of them.

  • Sandy was the first to welcome me to the wiki, and she is a nice, kind and intelligent person, so no wonder she is one of the editors I most respect. One of the most dedicated contributors; having coordinated two content projects for a long time and moving things forward with great ideas and suggestions. Over the months, we forged an unbreakable bond of friendship, always helping each other out in wiki work and supporting each other in times of insecurity.
  • Bramble is another of my best friends, and another very dedicated member, always there to assist. One of the most mature persons, keeping together not only the wiki, but also the community, trying her best to resolve all kinds of problems. She cares a lot about the members, such as sending me to bed each time when I stay up really late to edit, or convincing me to stay when I once wanted to leave.
  • Insane was one of the most active contributors and a user I always highly respected for the amount of work she does, even if we had our share of disagreements.
  • Lightning is a friendly and polite person who knows a lot about editing and coding, and did a good job in coordinating projects.
  • Kitsu had a major role in setting up and shaping the wiki and its projects back when it was finding its feet. She was inactive when I joined, however the members told me a lot about her role, so I was honoured to meet her when she finally returned in late summer. Kitsu assisted the staff mainly with updating core things, proposing and enforcing policies, and giving invaluable advice.
  • Whitestorm worked hard for the wiki, expanding all projects with valuable data and always participating in the related discussions. As the previous generation of editors slowly faded away, he took up several responsible positions and did a good job in keeping things together.
  • Oblivion is a user I've known from well before joining the wiki. A kind, conscientious and very active contributor.
  • Icestorm has been a great help to all Projects and did a good job watching over World while the leaders were away. A good friend to talk to on the IRC.
  • Frostheart is a nice and sweet person; very dedicated to the wiki, being online regularly to shape up articles.
  • Echostar was my first apprentice in the Adopt-a-User system, and she was the best apprentice a mentor could wish for: smart, curious, and always trying to improve.
  • Nightfall is a helpful person who worked a lot for the wiki and gave a lot of input.
  • Moonflight is a kind, mature, and very active person. After many contributors left, she took up lots of responsibilities as admin and project leader, and does her best to keep the wiki together.

Useful Links

A couple of pages you might want to visit to get information and help:

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Contact Me

You are welcome to contact me by leaving a message on my talk page, and I will reply as soon as possible. You can also send me a private mail, contact me via Skype, or find me on the IRC channel.

Other Sites

  • My deviantART profile, hosting mostly photos (no Warriors art though - I am not a good artist)
  • My profile, hosting a lengthy Bramble x Squirrel fanfic that I started writing in Autumn 2009, after reading the New Prophecy (unfortunately it is unfinished and will likely stay so as I lost the interest in writing fanfic)
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