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Fierece,Brave,Strong,Smart,and Loyal. You have just entered the world of Arastar

Arastar was first created a Starclan cat but her sister wanted the life of the clans, while her sister went to Thunderclan She went to Nightclan, slowly her stages went from forbidden love with Lionfur to having four kits, then to giving them up to Thunderclan so she could become deputy after Leatherpelt the former deputy died then after her apprentice became a warrior, she became the deputy and so after Darkstar(she-cat) had died on her last life because of an adder bite Araheart became Arastar. Welcome to her life.

File:CornyCrowfeather.gif Hmm, how do warriors know about corn???

Thank you Bracken- for making me Arastar! I have asked so many people and only he could do it! Now since I have joined Charart, Bracken- my mentor, will take his wonderful talents and help me become as good as him!

Stuff I own and other things!

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Fire and Ice: I don't know why I like it.

Darkest hour: I like it because Firestar turns into leader! And Bone gets killed by apprentices1 :DBut Whitestorm dies the only thing I don't like.

Firestars quest: Do I have to tell why?


Mistyfoot: She is the bomb!

Firestar: Their would be no warriors without him!

Cinderpelt: Cinderheart must found out soon!

Hollyleaf: She must become evil some day right?

Tawnypelt: Future Shadowclan leader

Lionblaze: He is so cool I just wish him and Heathertail will become mates!

Bluestar: I liked her before she went CRAZY!

Crowfeather: He's so nice to others, well not to his own son Breezepelt!

Brook: Very independent and she needs to have kits already!

Stormfur: Very strong and he is Graystripes son, what could be better!

Stonefur: Dumb Tigerstar making Darkstripe almost kill him! HE WAS MISTYFOOT'S BROTHER FOR STARCLANS SAKE!

Graystripe: No need to say.

Whitewing: I just like her I don't know why.

Birchfall: Same thing as Whitewing

Ivykit: I don't know why.

Dovekit: Same thing as Birchfall Whitewing and Ivykit, maybe I just like families!

Jayfeather: So ready so awesome but not so cool becoming a med cat!

Blackstar: He is AWESOME.

Silverstream: I love her as much as I love Mistyfoot and she gave birth to Feathertail, she fell in love with Graystripe! YAY! And I cried for a week when she died!

Oakheart: Father of Mistyfoot duh!

Crookedstar: Father of Silverstream again duh!

Whitestorm:He helps Bluestar when she become LOCO.

Cinderheart: I love Cinderpelt I was so sad when she died so I am happy she is here!

Spottedleaf: Sweet loving sweet-smelling acording to Fiestar,so sad when she died.

Redtail: Dumb Tigerstar, I REALLY HATE TIGGYSTAR! When blood sheds it reminds me of your tail since you died.

My hates


Forest of secrets Silverstream! Why! :(

Moonrise Feathertail, she really has to die?

Dangerous Path To much death!


Nigthtcloud she's a jerk

Leafpool she left Cinderpelt!

Brambleclaw Graystripe is deputy in my eyes

Tiggystar\Tigerstar What more trouble will come! From killing to trying to take over the forest you deserved every bit of death you got!

Darkstripe You almost killed stinkin Stonefur!

Sandstorm I like Spottedleaf as a mate too Firestar then you.

BlackFoot not Blackstar only Blackfoot because he finished the killing of Stonefur.

Brokenstar: Hate him why was he such a kit murderer?

Sol: Just like Tiggystar, except for all the killing.

Scourge: Murderer! I liked Tiny though.

Socks: Turned Tiny into, ughh just hate saying it!

Ruby: Same thing as Socks

Hawkfrost: You tried to kill Firestar say whaa!

Kinda Ashfur: I love you except when you tried to kill Firestar

Weird stuff

Hey I made up this song it's about Moonpelt (A cat I made up)when she goes to Windclan

Here it is! Hey there Moonpelt whats it like in Windclan, Your a hundred fox-leanghs but gosh you look so pretty, yes you do, Hey there Moonpelt I love you yes I do, Oh what did I do Oh what did I do! What Did I do, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I can't believe I went this far just to see you yes I do, Hey there MoonSTAR whats it like as leader...


Kitty Kat song!

Im a kitty kat im a kitty im a kitty kat oh yeah! Lots of fun just a yarn ball away heaaay! I a kitty kat a special kitty kat im a kitty kat oh yeah! With lots of fun just a claw mark away heaay! Hey kitty kitty kitty kat your lots of trouble but your fun too! Im a kiiiiiiity kat! With lots of fun and we love you!


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Favorite parts of my stories I wrote! Straight out of my stories I write on a computer!

Darkpaw's conflict with Rainpaw

Rainpaw checked the other elders when Darkpaw came in. "Hey Wishpaw, can I talk to Rainpaw for a second?" Darkpaw asked. "Ok." Wishpaw meowed. Rainpaw padded to Darkpaw. Darkpaw lead him to the clearing. "Ok let me get this straight, you leave Wishpaw alone, and I leave you alone!" Darkpaw hissed. "What!" Rainpaw sputtered. "I will hurt you if you get near Wishpaw, she is mine! You just a loner that can't even find someone! You'll probably have to satisfy with a rock! Then you'll die alone and me and Wishpaw will become mates and have a family of our own!" Darkpaw sneered. Rainpaw curled his lip disgusted. "You a sick cat!" Rainpaw snarled he ran to Wishpaw.

The founding of Rain

Back at the camp something padded in wish the scent of not any clan on it. "Who are you?" Tawnystar demanded. "I am Rain." The cat meowed it was about the age of Wishpaw. Appearing to Wishpaw he was her age and was grey blue with a darker grey tail. He also had dark blue eyes. Wishpaw quickly padded over to him. "Hello!" She meowed. Rain turned his head to her his blue gaze staring. "Uh, why are you here Rain?" Tawnystar meowed. "My parents were hit by monsters and I just ran off to terrified to see if they were ok." Rain meowed his head turning away sadly. "Are you ok little guy?" Tawnystar sounded worried for the young cat. "Yeah just a bit scared and sad." He sighed."Do you want to stay here?" Tawnystar asked pity in her voice. Wishpaw just closed her eyes and shook her head annoyed. "Um. Sure." Rain was a little uncertain. "Can you live out the warrior life?" Tawnystar smiled. "Yes I used to be in a clan but before I could get out of the nursery momma took us away." Rain glanced to the ground. "Us?" Tawnystar perked a little. "Yes me and my brother." Rain stopped. "Where is he?" Tawnystar asked. "Fell in the river on the way, I tried to catch his paw but I missed so since we couldn't swim, well, he drowned and I never saw him come back up yelping for help he just left me to his death in the water." Rain sighed he looked at Tawnystar with sad droopy eyes. Wishpaw felt terrible for Rain, he lost his parents then his own brother, what could make is life worse? Tawnystar came up to Rain. "Would you take a spot in Thunderclan?" Tawnystar sounded hopeful. "Yes please!" Rain purred. "Follow me!" Tawnystar mewed Rain following her. Tawnystar leaped up on the Tallstump Rain with her. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey come to the clan meeting!" Tawnystar yowled. Dreampaw sat by Wishpaw. "Who's that?" She whispered. "A cat Tawneystar took pity on and is bringing in the clan." Wishpaw leaned to Dreampaw. "I have found this cat straying onto our land, he came from a family that used to live in a unknown clan. His parents were hit by a monster and his brother drowned in the river. He is alone and I am giving him a place in Thunderclan, Rain I am giving you your life as a clan cat now. Rain from now on you will be Rainpaw, your mentor will be the Flametail." The orange tabby tom with a red tail came up to Rainpaw. Rainpaw smiled awkwardly. Flametail nuzzled Rainpaw and then heard meows of improvement. Rainpaw pounced off the stump then he showed himself to the crowd. They were impressed by the fact that he made it instead of his family.

The Death Of Ravenwing

After the noise had died down Ravenwind came up to Tawnystar. She nodded smiling and Tawnystar led Ravenwind into the elders den. But then there was a shriek by the entrance of the camp. Appletail was guarding but something attacked her! "Shadowclan warriors!" Tawnystar shrieked. "Attack!" Starpatch her deputy called the battle cry. Ravenwind ran out of the elders den. But surprised to be pounced on by a shadowclan warrior. "Ambereye! Get off of her!" Hornnose cried and her pounced on the senior warrior. Ambereye hissed and flung Hornnose to the nearest tree and was fighting Ravenwing. Weedfur ran up to him and bit Ambereye's leg. Ambereye yowled in pain and toppled on Ravenwind. His huge body smashing her elderly bones. Ambereye ran to the other fighting cats. Hornnose got up dodging the battling cats. He and his brother Weedfur, dragged Ravinwing's limp body to the elders den were there were Longtail, Fireheart, Mousefur and Leafpool smooshed in the corner safe from the battle. Hornnose laid her flat and she was lifeless. "She walks with the cats of Starclan now."

The Gathering Fight

"But this is more important!" Snowstar butted in. "Rockeyes our newest medicine cat, since Littlecloud retired, has ran off with Thunderclans old medicine cat apprentice, the filthy rouge Nightclaw! Now we are empty pawed and will have to settle with a very old retired medicine cat till we find her!" Snowstar yowled. "We will send all the search patrols we can." Tawnystar lied. Snowstar squinted her eyes angrily. "I do not think that even though we were best friends when we were warriors that I am your friend now." She meowed broadly. "Ok anything else to say to me with your prey stuffing mouth!" Tawnystar hissed. "Thought you would never ask that!" Snowstar said flinging her paw into a slash into Tawnystars face. Tawnystar flung off the split rock landing on the cold frozen ground. She got up dizzily and skidded up the rock biting Snowstar on the neck. Snowstar slashed Tawnystars leg making her tumble a bit. Mistystar bit Tawnystars tail and Moonstar bit Snowstars tail making them both yowl in pain then they stopped. "What do you think your doing Tawnystar and Snowstar you could of almost lost a life!" Tuskstar hissed. Tawnystar looked ashamed while Snowstar was still battle hungry to hurt Tawnystar. "I think I would say this Gathering is over!" Mistystar hissed. Then the clans went back to camp.

Kits Playing!(Funniest one in my opinions!)

"I am the powerful Darkstar! Feel my fury!" Darkkit laughed and pounced on Shinekit. "I am Shinestar! The most swift leader ever!" Shinekit meowed pinning down her brother. "I am Flowerstar, I am so loyal I will even die for my clan!" Flowerkit mewed as she landed on both. "Then get ready to die, because I am the evil rouge Deathcry!" Wishkit growled playfully. "And I am the evil rouge Crydeath!" Dreamkit laughed. "Crydeath? Isn't that Deathcry backward Dreamkit?" Shinekit laughed. Wishkit laughed and pounced up on Dreamkit and the others joined until they were all in big clump of fur.

The Story Of Wishkit and Dreamkit Before: "Angelwing, you'll have to give them up you know that you were forbidden to have kits when you ran off that day!" Firebird whispered almost hissing. "But to who?" Angelwing whimpered. There had been no queen in the camp for a moon. "Different clan, at the most." Firebird sighed. Angelwing sobbed into his pelt.

Angelwing peeked inside the nursery that night, two bundles of fur hanging from her jaws. One pure silver with white paws and a white tipped tail and light blue eyes, the next was a black with white paws and muzzle. "Good-bye my darlings I will leave you inside the nursery and soon Stonetail will soon find you and will be your new mother." She dropped the kits inside the nursery and kept one eye peeking in to see when Stonetail would hear squealing and come over to the kits. Firebird sat by her. "Did you put them in the nursery?" He whispered. Angelwing sighed sadly. "Yes, I will miss them so." She cried softly. They then padded behind the medicine cats den. A herb sat before them. "Eat it." Firebird ordered. "But, what is it?" Angelwing twitched. "Parsley, it stops your produce of milk." Firebird licked his paw. Angelwing started to chew the herb then she swallowed. "The milk will be gone soon." He promised. Stonetail could here mewing that awoke her. "What is that?" She wondered. She gently pushed her kits off of her and padded to the entrance of the den. "Oh my Starclan!" She cried looking at the kits fur sparkling in the moonlight. "They're beautiful!" She quickly lifted them up with her jaws. She dropped them by the others. "I will take care of you little sweets." She laid by the five kits. "It might be a pawful but I'm ready." She meowed then she laid by the kits. "The black and white one will be Dreamkit, and the silver will be Wishkit, I am naming them this so one day they can wish and dream about their mother." She bowed her head then she finally slept.

Singleear's Story

They were delayed from warriorship because, one day when Fluffpaw, her mentor Creampelt, and Robinpaw and his mentor Brackenfur were walking in the woods for the dawn patrol. Fluffpaw had a light cream colored coat with sky blue eyes, Robinpaw was a black, brownish orange and brown tortoiseshell with a white belly and paws. They were looking around for anything unusual. They then caught a fresh scent of fox and paw prints in the hardening mud. They followed the track until full caught of a fox den. They followed then the dwelling below. It was cold and musty. They could here scuffling and barks ahead. They then saw a red and white furry creature. "Fox!" Fluffpaw yowled. But the fox growled and snatched at the cats. Brackenfur clamped on to the foxes tail. But it gave a big slash at his ear. The cats ran out of the foxes den. The beast speeded after them. Fluffpaw tripped on a branch clamped her paw on Robinpaw's hind leg. He stumbled down. Creampelt and Brackenfur kept running not knowing the two apprentices fell. They screeched but it was drowned by the over coming fox. They prayed closing their eyes with the fast breathing of the fox overhead. Robinpaw could not keep it in and scratched at the foxes muzzle. It growled and bit on Robinpaw's tail. He cried, his eyes full with pain. Fluffpaw struggled to get up but she leaped into the air putting her hind paws first and shook Fluffpaw off. Fluffpaw tumbled into some oak leaves but pushed herself back up. The fox was battling with her brother Robinpaw. A cry of pain split the air. "Robinpaw!" Fluffpaw cried but the her own weight kept her down. Robinpaw's ear had been sliced off by the foxes sharp claws scrapping his head. Blood trickled down from his head. When they got back tot he camp Creampelt and Brackenfur rushed toward them. The saw Robinpaw leaning on Fluffpaw. Lionfur skidded out of his den, he took Robinpaw from Fluffpaw and ran back to his den. Tawnystar renamed him Singleear, for his only ear and half of his hearing lost. Fluffpaw delayed hers so she could take care of Singleear. Arrowshot shook the thought out of his head.

Stoneteller's Sacrifice

"Okay, we have decided to tell you about the sacrifice." Stoneteller meowed. "I am going to jump off the area by the starting of the waterfall then I will have to plunge down into my death." Stoneteller winced his heart breaking. "But the rocks they will tear you and the water you will surely die!" Stormfur cried. "I know, but the clans mustn't not go without doing what Starclan told. Stormfur, you will be the new healer of the Tribe. I will meet you in the Tribe of endless hunting." They all followed him till the bear saw them. He grinned a weird fanging grin as Stoneteller was ready to plunge into death. "Goodbye." They whispered sadly. Stoneteller breathed in and leaped into the waterfall. "No!" Stormfur cried as he saw Stoneteller die into a explosion of water and pointed rocks. He saw blood trail in the water. "Stoneteller!" He cried. They skidded down to the end of the waterfall. Surprisingly the bear kept his promise and left. They found clumps of fur in the water. Blood still stained the river and they saw a wet bloody body by the shore. "Stoneteller, Thank you. You were the best, you have been here for long and you were so brave and so mighty just to do this for the clans. I will make a great healer for the Tribe." Stormfur spoke right by the body of Stoneteller. They buried him right by the shore and headed up the peek.

Rainfur's Big Owwy

Firepaw was fighting beside Angelpaw. Even though Angelpaw was going to become a Warrior before him, they got along very well. Angelpaw slashed at Dawnpaw's muzzle as she cried in pain. Rainfur, a new Shadowclan warrior lunged up at Firepaw. Angelpaw flung her paw at the warriors leg lurching him backward. Firepaw pinned Rainfur down aiming his claws for the young warriors throat. Ivytail ran toward them before Firepaw could slash. Ivytail bit Firepaw's flank making him ooze blood. Firepaw fell to the ground. Firepaw! Anglepaw slashed at Ivytail making her fling over to a pile of bracken. "Don't! I’m beg-" Ivytail's voice was cut off by Angelpaw grabbing Rainfur's throat claws unsheathed. Rainfur was blood splattered and froze as Angelpaw sunk her claws down into his flesh. His eyes showed pain and he struggled to get out of her grip, but Angelpaw yowled in furry and ripped open his throat. Ivytail screamed and she ran over to him.

Lionfur believes Nightsky should of ben Thunderclans Medicine cat apprentice when she was a kit and then after moons this happens!

"No, he just needs time." Nightsky pushed beside Lionfur. "Let me handle this." Nightsky offered. "Ok, but if something go seriously wrong just yell!" Lionfur called out as he padded to his den. "You should leave him some privacy now." She meowed to Firebird and Brambleclaw. They both padded away and Arrowshot was left by Nightsky. "It's alright Arrowshot, your in good paws now." Nightsky purred. Arrowshot slowly opened his yellow green eyes. He could feel Nightsky laid by him her head of his chest. He could feel the warmth of her and he could see her dark purple fur matching purple eyes white tail and white tipped ears. Her eyes met his and they smiled along with a purr. He could feel her head still laying on his powerful chest. She gently stroked his fur with her tongue. It soothed him from the pain in his legs. His paws were warm and his heart beated normally but with a warm feeling. He looked to the stars when Nightsky fell asleep head sideways on his chest. "Starclan, don't blame me for falling in love." He whispered his voice floated into the air

The Amazing thing Darkkit did

"Oh no! I knew I heard yowling in the distance!" She hissed. "I will send a patrol of my best warriors at sunhigh, but remember don't tell anyone, I don't need panic in the camp." She ordered. "Did you hear that guys! A dog in our territory!" Darkkit squealed. "We can kill it and become early apprentices!" Shinekit meowed smiling. "Well what are we waiting for lets go!" Wishkit ordered. The kits sneaked out of the camp and saw the big forest with tall trees and many plants and prey. "I bet those trees can go to Starclan!" Dreamkit was amazed. "I can hear something." Flowerkit sounded scared. "I can see a huge dog in front of us!" Dreamkit cried. "Uh maybe we should run!" Darkkit yowled. But the dog slashed at him. He fell to the ground. In anger he got up and pounced on the dogs arm and sunk his sharp teeth into it. The dog howled and the others hid behind a bramble bush and peeked at Darkkit. Darkkit climbed to the dogs back making the dog keep turning in circles. Darkkit slipped down to it's nose and stuck his claws right into the nose of the beast. It yowled and fell to the ground. Darkkit pounced on it's belly and sunk his claws into it's chest ripping it down all the way to it belly blood gurgling from it. He pounced off and headed for the throat he gave a bite to it revealing blood stained teeth and then the do was killed. Darkkit licked his paws satisfied. "You killed it! And your only a kit!" Dreamkit praised. "Well I am the only tom in this litter, I should protect what I have."He stood up broadly. They each took an arm an started to yank the dog to the camp. "It's heavy!" Flowerkit whined as they reached the bramble entrance. The thorns scraped at their pelts and clung onto the dog as they dragged it. "There they are and their dragging the dog!" Some cat cried out. Tawnystar ran to them. "You killed the dog!" She couldn't believe what she was seeing.


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