aka Sagey

  • I live in a hole.
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is music addict
  • I am so awesome that people faint when they see me.

Willowstar's Profile

Affiliations: Current: FireClan

Past: Kittypet, Loner

Age: 48 Moons (Four Years)

Names: Kit: Willow

Kittypet: Willow

Loner: Willow

Apprentice: Willowpaw

Warrior: Willowfrost

Queen: Willowfrost, Willowstar

Deputy: Willowfrost

Leader: Willowstar

Family: Mother: Aurora

Father: Jerry

Sisters: Aspenflight, Berrywhisker

Brother: Whiskerleaf

Mate: Lightningclaw

Daughters: Thistlewing, Frostpaw, Moonkit, Splashkit

Sons: Lakepaw, Reedkit

Education: Mentors: Oakstar, Thornflower

Apprentices: Maplesplash

Deputy Position: Preceded By: Brambleleaf

Suceeded By: Wolfleap

Leader Position: Preceded By: Oakstar

Suceeded By: n/a


Leader: Willowstar- longhaired white she-cat with black paws, black tail, crystal blue eyes and a pink nose.

Deputy: Wolfleap- huge muscular longhaired white she-cat with yellow eyes, broad, flattened face, and a large scar on forehead.

Medicine Cat: Berrywhisker- small lithe sleek light brown she-cat with amber eyes and white paws.

Medicine Apprentice: Thistlewing- tiny agile longhaired gray she-cat with blue eyes and very long whiskers.

Warriors: Foxflower- dark ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Lightningclaw- pitch black tom with silver streaks and pale yellow eyes.

Featherbreeze- light gray tabby she-cat with enormous blue eyes and giant tail.

Maplesplash- small tortiseshell she-cat with huge white paws, black ears, and golden eyes.

Flamewhisker- solid ginger tom with green eyes powerful haunches.

Tigerwind- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Mistyfrost- sleek, lithe, pale gray dappled she-cat with blue eyes.

Jaydapple- dark gray tabby tom with darker nose, spots, feet, and deep blue eyes.

Whiskerleaf- huge muscular orange tabby tom with pale green eyes.

Apprentices: Lakepaw- dark gray tom with stumpy white tail, and dark blue eyes.

Frostpaw- white she-cat with very pale gray spots and very light blue eyes.

Nettlepaw- pale reddish-brown tom with green eyes and bushy tail.

Bluepaw- large longhaired blue-gray she-cat with blue colored eyes.

Stormpaw- mottled dark gray-brown tom with striped tail and green eyes.

Queens: Willowstar

Lilysun- very pale ginger she-cat with green eyes.

Aspenflight- lithe pale gray speckled tabby she-cat with very bright green eyes.

Emeraldpelt- pure white she-cat with big green eyes. 

Kits: Reedkit- large very dark brown tom with green eyes.

Moonkit- gray tabby she-kit with blue eyes.

Splashkit- tiny longhaired white she-kit streaked with silver and pale blue eyes.

Cherrykit- dark ginger she-kit with bushy tail and amber eyes.

Applekit- cream colored tom with green eyes.

Leafkit- brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Brackenkit- large golden tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Elders: Thornflower- very dark brown she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Brambleleaf- pale ginger tom with black stripes and green eyes.

Pineclaw- black tom with graying muzzle and dark green eyes.

StarClan: Blazing Fire (Firestar)- small ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

Ashtail- dark gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Cloudwing- silver and white tom with green eyes.

Morningclaw- pale brown tabby tom with light green eyes.

Dark Forest: Wormwhisker-  cream tom with shredded pelt and green eyes.

Seedfur- golden she-cat with emerald eyes.

Kittypets: Aurora- gray and cream she-cat with blue eyes.

Jerry- large dark ginger tom with amber eyes.

Ruby- small longhaired dark ginger she-cat with green eyes and brown patches.

Rogues and Loners: Shredder- ragged dark brown tom with one eye.

Bluebell- very pale gray she-cat with icy blue eyes.

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