• I live in the middle of nowhere
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is school
  • I am annoying
Wavetail.personal Hello everyone!
I am Wavetail, and I LOVE Warriors books even tho i haven't read every series.
I own the whole The Prophecies Begin series.

I can be fixing tiny mistakes like spelling on the wiki, mostly while I’m just browsing the web. I’m part of Project Charart, an apprentice.

My fave Warriors characters are Hawkfrost, Scourge, Longtail, and Ivypool.
I spend a lot of time drawing/making art for my sigs right now, working on an Easter one.

I don’t have a lot friends on the wiki :P But my very few friends are MilkRipple, my bud Sandy, Potato, and Oceanpelt :)

Just lazin around before school ends. Lol I’m rlly lazy, lying on the couch half the time.

My special OC is Wavetail, a long-furred she-cat with dark blue fur and mackerel tabby stripes. She has icy blue eyes and is the deputy of WindClan.

Just ‘cause, have my sigs:
Normal, Christmas, Easter and Halloween

As for contacts:
I do have an email, but I don’t give it to people I don’t know irl. I can be messaged on Discord. My Discord name is Wavetail#2495.

Have a nice New Year! Btw I am still working on my Easter and Halloween sigs
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