aka Winterwhisper

  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
"Wish I was comfortable just with myself / But I need you / But I need you / But I need you..."
— Jessie Reyez in Apple Juice

Hi! Welcome to my page!

Winterwhisper is a fluffy white tom with black blotches, a long, black tail, and a black face spot covering one eye and ear. He has big, dark green eyes, and large feet. He has a pink nose.

Winter is active on the wiki, and it’s respective Discord server. He joined almost two years ago. He is a senior warrior of Project Character Art, a warrior in Project Awards, and edits sometimes. On December 26, 2018, he become a chat moderator.

Winterwhisper is also an active member on Kate Cary's Warriors blog, BlogClan. He is the former Medicine Cat Apprentice there, and is now a Senior Warrior. He is also a contributor (and content, discussions and chat moderator) of the wiki for BlogClan. Besides Warriors and the internet, he loves to read, write, play with his cats, visit his grandparents and family, listen to music, travel, and discuss politics/social issues.

His list of Chararts is here, his list of awards is here, and his list of nominations is here. His signature can be found here. If you ever want to say hi or need support, comment on Winter's message wall or find him on Discord!
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