aka YoungChamp, YC

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

My username was from the nickname my classmates gave me :) I'm not sure if I am a YoungChamp though...

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About me

My nickname was given to me because I was thought to be good at multiple subjects (though I am terrible at stuff like comprehension and science). I love playing sports and my music means a lot to me.

Culture: I am a weird mix – Swiss (Switzerland) and Chinese (China). My father is pure Chinese and my mother is half-Swiss half-Chinese.

Family: I am currently only child. My mother died when I was three days old, but my father is still alive. His twin brother adopted my cousin (techinally, foster cousin: MP15102005) before he died.

Sports I play: Cricket (Play for my local Junior team), Basketball (Currently playing for my local team, Balwyn Blazers), Tennis (I compete in the Australian Open: Juniors), Netball (Just for fun), Volleyball (Against my friends) and Tee-ball (I just play because it's easy :D I don't like pushing myself too far, I ended in hospital for almost half my life due to sports :( maybe I should stop?)

Musical Instruments: Piano (Grade 7 :( Don't want to be, too hard!), Violin (Grade 5 [think I might quit soon, depends on my father]), Guitar (Just for fun), Oboe (Grade 5), Trumpet (Grade 4), Alto Saxophone (Grade 3), Tenor Saxophone (Preliminary :P Just started) and Clarinet (Grade 3) :( too many for me :( but my father won't let me stop [he's a music teacher] I can't even practise all of them, even when I am on holidays!

Favourite Subjects (Australian School Curriculum): Maths (Definitely), French, Japanese (But I'm continually bottom of the class :( don't know why I like it to be honest), Physical Education and Music (The only subjects that I think I am good at is Maths and French [I'm native French speaker anyway])

Charart Requests

I take Charart Requests!

Fill in this form:

Rank: (e.g. Apprentice, Medicine Cat)

Gender: (e.g. She-cat, Tom)

Fur Length: (e.g. Longhaired, Shorthaired)

Pelt Color (Base): (e.g. Gray, White)

Patterns: (e.g. Tabby, Plain)

Injuries?: (e.g. Nicked ear, Scars)

Eye Color: (e.g. Blue, Amber)

Extras: (e.g. Black patches, One white forepaw)

Please be sure to sign off your requests, or I won't know who to give the Charart to! Put it under the heading of Charart Request under my talk page.

You will get it in a matter of 1-7 days. If you don't, please place a reminder under my talk page! Don't hesitate to ask me for any changes or additions to your Charart.
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