About Me

I am the boygurl of Froon, Nool, and Splook. Icy is my creepy uncle, and Mossy is my aunt. (THEY AREN'T MARRIED. DON'T FORGET IT.) I am part human, cat, dragon, sheep, and kangaroo. My current love interest is my iPod. That is all.

Personal Info

Username: Rainwhisper

Real Name: Rachael

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birthday: April 21st, 1997

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing


Season: Winter

Colour: Turquoise, iris, coral

Music: Music ._.

Animal: Wolf, ferret, meerkat, cheetah, red panda <3

School Subjects: Art

Movie: Humorous ones

TV Show: I don't watch TV that much... :3

Thoughts On Other Users

Midnite- She was my best friend on this wiki. I was very sad when she left. :( But we had awesome times on the IRC. :{D <--- Mustache smiley. ^_^

Nighty- Cheesecake... good times... yummeh... wizard...bad times. *hides her dragon-form* LOVE YA NIGHTY!

Frostheart- The awesome leader of PCA and a fellow IRC buddy. :D Her favorite word is floccinaucinihilipilification. I got it from her dA because I can never remember it.. dunno what it means either. Good 'ole Froon.

Mossy- She has killed me many times.. too many to count. XD Yet I'm still alive. But anyways.... she's an epic person who makes me feel so dumb :3. (Which I am.... at times.)

Splashy- SPLOOK! :D She's an awesome user who likes to observe things. Also, she seems to send me to the corner a lot. o3o The corner is.... filled with orange spider monkies... they taunt you. (But taste good)

Misteh-MISTEH! One of my other great friends :D. Her, Midnite, and I were great buds on the IRC and still are! >:D

Icy/Roadkill- I love her. With all my heart. XD She is epicly epic and we talk on ze IRC a lot. :3

Moonflight- The awesome leader of PC and my former mentor. :D She is really nice and helpful, and I was very grateful (but shocked xD) when she chose me to be her deputy. :3


For PCA:

Tweaked: - Added white paws.

File:Feathertail.apprentice.png - Added shading.

File:Reedwhisker.warrior.png - Redid shading and highlights

For PC:

Echosong- Silver

Sedgewhisker- Silver

Finchstar- Silver

Briarlight- Silver

Rubblepaw- Silver

Robinwing- Silver

Molewhisker- Silver

Rowanstar- Silver

Rockshade - Silver

Sparrowkit - Silver

Willowkit (CP) - Silver

Mudpuddle- Silver

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