aka Silver <333

  • I live in Kentucky, USA
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Well, I'm a student, but I often babysit, volunteer for work opportunities, and help out at several nursing homes.
  • I am Female

Edits: 463 | Current Goals: Be more contributive to the Wiki overall, get one approved image on PCA

Greetings, Fellow Earthlings

Hai. So I see you stopped by my user page. 8D

I'm Silverflower (call me Silver, Silva, or even Sil.) I used to be Chinapro2000 but I renamed myself. >:D Actually my name comes from a cat I roleplay on another wiki. Anyways, yeah. I don't have much of a rep on this wiki (yet....:3) but my plan is to contribute more to this wiki and become more active on projects like PC and PCA. I'm getting to know the Wikians on here better and better. x) Luvya'll.


If you want to reach me, contact me:

  • Via my talk page (fastest way to get to me)
  • Via the other wiki I participate very actively in: WCCRP Wiki
  • Via email:
    • NOTE: This is my "work/business" email. This is not my personal email, therefore, I do not check this email but about once a week or if I'm expecting an email. This is probably the slowest way to contact me. I do not prefer you contacting me via this address, unless I have to or it has something to do with PCA. Thanks.

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