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Dear Eualia,

One of my friends who really adore this wiki is having a birthday really soon. I'm writing this message to ask you if you would make a page about a fictional Warriors character, Icebird for her birthday present. Me and my friends were going to make a wiki about Warriors and have Icebird in one of the pages, but our parents won't let us. If you do decide to make a page about Icebird, she is a white she-cat, a queen (her kit is named Eaglekit), her mate is named Oatpelt, her father is named Crowheart, and her mother is named Darkwhisker. And if you do make icebird a wiki page, you wouldn't know how much this would mean to me and my friends.

Vulpix556409 (talk) 20:22, April 15, 2020 (UTC) Love, Vulpix556409

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