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Hey there, Ivy! Are you still working on your reservations? I noticed that you still have quite a few left to do, and since we're finally getting towards the end , I'd like to make sure they're all done. =O Sorry if this seems rushy, I'm just being formal and trying to see where we stand when it comes to our warrior and kit images. Jayce  ( 16:19, 10/17/2019 )

Ahaha, thank goodness! Anyways, given our current track record, we'll be looking at about early December (good lord, the year's gone fast) to finally start to finish everything up.. so I'd say you have at least until then to do yours? After that, I can't promise that yours won't be done by someone else after that. I think this is far enough in advance to poke, since I know you've got ones like Rocky, that to my knowledge you still own the entire set..and would probably like to keep that way. =P Jayce  ( 02:22, 10/19/2019 )

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