aka Minnow, Slerky, :3

  • I live in Der Untergang Universe
  • My occupation is eating chocolate all over the place, screaming at my Chemistry tests, punching burgers
  • I am better than Maple at bombing her talk page

Extremely Important Message: Hey, who ever's reading this, don't message me yet. I need Maple to roll around my talk page. So don't message me until I cross this out. I promised Maple she could roll around in it. Seriously, she forced me to. Just don't. You'll awake her inner Maple :3 Also, leave if you don't ship Krebsdorf. You have disappointed me and Icy. MinnowsWelcome toThomas Krestchmann! 16:24, October 9, 2016 (UTC)


That was fun. I think I'll roll around in this still somewhat clean talk page some more. *rolls around talk page more* 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 17:09 Sun Oct 9




your talk page

I believe you should uncross the "leave if you don't ship krebsdorf" because that needs to be uncrossed and visible (am I making sense? I love krebsdorf more than I love anything) I just want to let you know as I watch the movie again spazzing on your talk page is incoming Appledash the light of honor 22:00, October 9, 2016 (UTC)


Thanks so much! I'll totally keep your message, it was really sweet and just what I needed. Good luck with your chemistry test! *whisks away at the speed of light* ;)spooky is that... a furry cat?!? 01:16, 11/04/2016

De-Neglection of Minnowflight

Sorry about that Minnow. Ouch, those types of groups are awful, I've had my share of them too :/ I would say that hopefully they'll stop slacking but since I know that's unlikely, I'll say that hopefully you'll get a good grade in the class! On a different note, have you read Hawkwing's Journey yet? I just finished it and it was probably the most depressing and frustrating Warriors book I've ever read. I'll probably be brooding over it for a few days :P 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 01:32 Mon Nov 7


Everything should be linked once, and only once, to my knowledge. If they're being linked two or three times, then yes, it should be removed. It's repetitive to have it multiple times. Jayce  ( 02:49, 11/27/2016 )


Thank you, my poor talk page was getting lonely, y'know since no one bothered to talk to it for 20 days... :P Anyways have you finished reading Hawkwing's Journey yet? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 17:31 Sun Nov 27


Any time you can get on chat? I'd like to talk to you Appledash the light of honor 17:37, December 7, 2016 (UTC)

Just something about the wiki and okay I guess I'll figure out another way :P Appledash the light of honor 01:59, December 8, 2016 (UTC)

Okay cool. Tell me when you're able to? Appledash the light of honor 04:50, December 8, 2016 (UTC)

PM or AM? I can't do AM but I can do PM. Appledash the light of honor 17:31, December 10, 2016 (UTC)


Aww, that sucks. No worries though. If you come back after a few months will you still be editing full time? Appledash the light of honor 01:21, December 12, 2016 (UTC)

Okay cool. And is there any way I can get into contact with you either now / then? Like would you be able to go on chat during then or what? I need to ask you something that probably shoudn't be on the talk page :P Appledash the light of honor 02:58, December 12, 2016 (UTC)

I'd define it as serious. Appledash the light of honor 11:55, December 13, 2016 (UTC)


Hey just wanted to point out that Songheart left a comment on your nomination and you haven't updated since. I'm guessing you didn't see it. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:22 Fri Dec 16

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