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Hi friends! Welcome to my talk page.

Before you comment, here are few rules that you should read:

Do not spam, delete, or vandalize this page, or I will undo your edit. I also do not tolerate rude behavior. When you leave a message, make a new heading and put a title. I will put a placeholder heading if a message pops up without a heading. Be sure to leave your signature! I don't mind having invitations to chat, but don't repeatedly ask. One or two times is enough.

Yes, I do take charart requests! Make sure to fill out the following form below:
What blank do you want? Pick one from the PCA page.
What fur length?
What pelt color?
What eye color?
What herb color? (For med. cats/med. cat apprentices only)
Would you like texture?
If you want a tabby, which one? I do Mackerel, Broken Mackerel, Classic, Marbled, Ticked, Pointed, and Spotted tabbies.
Are there any special features, or things I need to do to tweak the lineart?

Please let me know below!
You may only ask for a maximum of three requests from me.

Burlsberry Lane, Cracklog Manor, Dani's Cabana, Dani's House, Fleckenshire Residence, Geiger Heights, Hollow Tree Court, Jennifer's House, Malamute Drive, Mya's House

Have a nice day!