An edit summary only has so many characters to use. Anyways, I did not say it was copy-pasted. It does seem like it's almost word-for-word from the books, though. We don't use direct quotes, and that's certainly how it read to myself and Jaysnow. We have all been taught different ways of writing, btw. I've seen "wouldn't" instead of "won't" used plenty of times in present tense. Jayce  ( 08:24, 2/26/2018 ) ( 08:24, 2/26/2018 )

Actually you said 'we are not to directly copy from the books' which is very similar to copy-pasting. And i wasn't copying directing from the book, i was changing 'wouldn't' to 'won't', the present tense.


Hey Sparrow. Just so you know, while we do use present tense throughout our articles, when we reiterate/paraphrase what a character has said we typically use the same tense they do. Also, if an event from the past is referenced past tense is used.

And I say this because I've seen that you have strong writing skills and we appreciate your contributions: have you maybe considered checking out Project:Books or Project:Characters? Both have lists of articles if you click around that need to be written or completed and if you do so you can nominate them for silver (aka well-written) status.

Finally, to keep things more organized when responding to messages on your talk page, we typically go to the other person's talk page, create a new heading, and leave the message there and sign with four ~'s so they know who it is. That way they receive a notification for your message. Also, to prevent edit warring in the future (users redoing and undoing edits) you might go to the article talk page and write out your reasoning there (make sure to sign with four ~'s). That way we have a more easily accessible record of the discussion as it won't be in the edit history, which gets buried easily.

And if you need any help or have any questions please feel free to message me on my talk page (which the superscript part of my signature links to) or go to the help desk. I hope this helps as we'd really like you to stick around! -Rustle it takes a leap of faith16:18 Mon Feb 26 2018


Hey, sorry for undoing those. I talked with Jayce and realized they were contributive. My bad, and I hope you continue to help the Wiki. :) JayI hope they remember you....ϟ 06:38, 2/28/2018

Thank you. I accept your apology. Of coarse i will continue to help the wiki.


I'm so sorry for commercializing, but I just wanted to say that there is a Cats Wiki , that needs many editors as it is in very poor quality right now! The current admin, Da Kat Queen, is trying to simplify articles, get more people to join, and fix plagiarism, but we really need more editors! If you could consider joining, that would be great!  :-)

Staff Announcement onCats Wiki


I just really wanted to say thanks for writing stuff and whatnot on various things I've been editing. It honestly improves it a whole lot and I really do appreciate it. (I'm poor with wording if it's not obvious enough). —Danny GVivaLaVida 05:26, December 7, 2018 (UTC)

Character summaries

Thank you so much for going in and proof reading my summaries! I'm trying to do a few tonight so I appreciate you looking over Scourge for me. You do a lot of good work! —Echobelle you're such a dream to me. (05:03, 12/08/2018)

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