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Greetings, SuSusann, and welcome to Warriors Wiki!
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May StarClan light your path,
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Well, there isn't really much to discuss, honestly. We only accept answers from Vicky herself. It's nothing against you (which being chosen by Vicky to answer so many questions is a great honor), but that's just how we do things. You're just like any one of us- a fan of the series. Since Vicky is an author, we take her answers, and just like we wouldn't take any other fan's answers, we can't make exceptions for you. It wouldn't be very fair at all, as there are many other fans on Vicky's Facebook page that have also answered questions.

If you want to change this, you'll need to start a forum discussion, because I can't just change things because a couple people have asked. These are our rules, and they've been in place for many years now. To change them without having any proper discussion involving the entire wiki would be an abuse of my administrator rights. Jayce  ( 11:40, 8/12/2016 )

Then Vicky herself needs to come to myself (or perhaps another admin, such as Icy) and say this. It's not that I don't believe you, we just need Word of God confirmation of this. I'm sure Vicky understands where we're coming from and the necessity to have that final confirmation that you are in fact who you say you are. The announcement that I remember reading didn't say much of anything about you other than that you're helping answer questions on her behalf. If you want us to start using you as a legitimate reference, it needs to be talked about as a whole on a forum discussion first.

If we can all be on the same page, then that's another story entirely and I would be willing to accept that. But until then, I honestly cannot take what you say as canonical information. Also, people who ask "for the wiki" are not sent by us. We've said time and time again that we do not permit people constantly asking on behalf of us. It's actually extremely annoying and I can tell you that none of the people that I've talked to have ever badgered the authors for information. (asking for someone's kit name is tedious and unimportant to the wiki imo) I know a few that have, but for the most part... I usually only ask if it's something I can't find out on my own, such as the Ziggy and Riga question I asked around the time Bramblestar's Storm was released.

We gotta cover our own butts here and taking information like that would greatly damage the reputation of the wiki and its credibility as a reliable source for information about the Warriors series. I would be more than willing to talk this out, because it'll be nice to see answers to some of the questions that have been floating around for years now. I can't express enough how this is honestly nothing against you or Vicky. We just operate on a strict citing guideline that we need to adhere by. Jayce  ( 12:27, 8/12/2016 )

She doesn't have to make a public post on the matter if she doesn't want to, nor are we asking her to come to the wiki. She's more than welcome to message myself personally, or something along those lines. I sometimes flutter about on Vicky's Facebook page, so finding me isn't all that hard, honestly. I also think I've messaged Vicky in private before thanking her for being such a big influence and all of that sappy stuff. We just need her word that you are who you say you are. =D If she says that, then we'll definitely see what we can do on the citing of the information you reveal. Jayce  ( 13:29, 8/12/2016 )

May I friend request you on there? For safety reasons, I don't link my Wikia and Facebook accounts, as that would out myself to my friends and family. You're more than welcome to remove me afterwards, if you don't feel comfortable with it ^^ Jayce  ( 14:39, 8/12/2016 )

Request sent! If you want to continue this discussion on there, I'll be awake for a while. =P Jayce  ( 14:45, 8/12/2016 )

PW Timeline

Hi SuSusann,

Cloudy mentioned that you were interested in helping out with the timeline: I'd suggest that you join Project:World first, since that is the project on the wiki that focused on things that happen in the Warriors World (including the timeline). The timeline on our wiki has many missing sections, so Icy is currently drafting a new timeline. I'm sure she would really appreciate your help, so you might want to message her and work together with her so you can share what you know so far about the timeline. I hope this helped, and feel free to message me if you have any questions :) 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 19:29 Fri Aug 12


Sorry I took so long to answer. My computer broke and it's back. Go ahead and add what you want. I truly need the help. Appledash the light of honor 01:02, August 16, 2016 (UTC)


I haven't Facebook and can't register in Facebook, and I wan't that you tell me please in Wiki and in Facebook (for others):

1. What happened by the Palebird and Meadowslip's kits?

2. What happened by Mistystar's kits?

3. What happened by Sunfish's kits?

4. What happened by the Heronwing, Rabbitleap, Brownpaw, Rockfall, and Tawnyfur?

5. What many moons at death have Nettlebreeze, Flashnose, Harepounce, Stagleap and Hollypelt?

6. The Nettlebreeze are Pinestar's father? And Nettlebreeze and Flowerpaw are siblings?

7. Deerpaw, Doestar's sister, are real cat? I think it are dark brown with light brown chest and belly, yellow eyes and light brown paws. I think she is died of unknown sick or greencough.

8. Who is Flashnose, Dawnfeather and Fallowsong's mates?

9. Who are Ivytail's kits?

10. What are Weaselkit's father? I think it's Owlclaw. What are Weaselkit look like?

11. Who is Scorchfur's parents? I think it's Whitewater and Smokefoot.

12. The Scorchwind, Brownpaw, Nutwhisker, Rowanberry, Stumpytail, Tangleburr, Deerfoot, Flintfang, Wolfstep, Darkflower, Dawncloud and Fernshade are died of sickness in Rising Storm?

Please, with you make the new Missing Kits, you say for the Palebird and Meadowslip's kits. I wan't their warrior names are Pigeonwing, Sorrelbreeze, Bristletail, Flynose and Rabbitleap.

What happened by this cats. It's my thinks. Sorry with many questions.

Rockfall, Heronwing, Rabbitleap

I think they’re all still alive in “Bluestar’s Prophecy”. It's true?

In 'Tallstar's Revenge" two ThunderClan cats with scars on muzzles. It's Heronwing and Rabbitleap?

Heronwing and Larksong become a mate (Flamenose go into the ShadowClan and died in Yellowfang’s Secret, it's can be true?) and their kits – Sparrowkit (Sparrowpelt, Halftail) and Robinkit (Robinwing). It's true?

(I likes Heronwing and I wan't to he has a descendants, and You can make him another mate).

Past one moon Rockfall become Rainfur’s mate and they has a kits – Fuzzykit (Fuzzypelt) and Stonekit (Stonepelt).

(I likes Rockfall and I wan't to he has a descendants and You can make him another mate).

Rockfall be Thrushpelt’s mentor, Rabbitleap – Speckletail and Heronwing – Tawnyspots. It's true?

Rockfall retired shortly before Snowkit and Bluekit born, in the same day that his apprentice Thrushpaw becomes a warrior. Heronwing and Rabbitleap retired shortly after Poppydawn retired. It's true?

Rockfall died shortly after Stormtail of starvation. Rabbitleap died shortly before Poppydawn’s death, and shortly after Poppydawn’s death. All they died of greencough. It's true?


The Flashnose died of botulism?

I HAVE NOT Facebook, but my friend Coco Suyu have and post my questions. Can you see the Coco Suyu question on Facebook? You can make the answer on Facebook?

(Hello Su
The Flashnose died of sickness?
Who was Hazelwings mate and father of Webrkit and Hatchkit?
Rockfall, Heronwing and Rabbitleap have got mates and kits? Who are they?
Who was Thushtail, Speckletai, Sunstar and Tawnyspots mentors?)

The Flashnose's "sickness" is botulism, right? And Thushtail is Thrushpelt. Please, make Heronwing mate!


Hi, Su. Sorry to bother you but do you know how Nutwhisker from Yellowfang's Scret died? He is possibly my favorite character and I just wanted to know. Also why was Blizzardwing sent to the Dark Forest? Stonetire55 (talk) 01:34, August 17, 2017 (UTC)

are you the real su susann?—Broken_Foot⭐StarClan's Prophet⭐ 01:39, 8/17/2017

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