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Hey, you use firealpaca, right? To answer your question on the charart talk page, I usually use the magic wand tool to erase the white from the blanks. First, open the blank on firealpaca. When clicking on the magic wand tool, make sure you un-check anti-aliasing at the top!! Then, using the magic wand tool, select the white part you want to erase. When it is selected, it should look like this. Hit 'Delete' on your keyboard and it should be gone! Save the file, and you're good to go.

Hope this helps! If you want more technical help using firealpaca to create chararts, I'm available as a mentor so just put a request for a firealpaca mentor on the mentor program if you want. If not, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! :) Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 13:20, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

Heyo! I'll accept your request on the mentor page in a few. To answer your question, it appears that you're not saving the "correct" file version for the blanks. You need to save it so you get a higher resolution aka the lineart is crisp and sharp and not blurry.

When you scroll down to the blanks on the charart page, click on the blank you want. A pop-up should appear. Click on the file link at the top or File:Hunter.short.png. It'll take you to the file page. Click on the image again. Next, right click, save as, save it where you want to and you should be good to go. When you open the file in Firealpaca, the lineart should be sharp. When you use the magic tool, it includes the small area around the blurred lineart as a part of the lineart, hence why it didn't delete it.

Hope this helps. If not, I can just email you the files if you want. Make sure to accept me as a mentor on the mentor page after I edit it! :D That is...if you want me to be your mentor. You don't have to lol. Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 05:30, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

You're welcome! Sometimes I do know what I'm doing at times lol. I have a few tutorials already made. Do you have an email I can send them to? If you don't want to use your personal email, like it has your name or such, you can always make a gmail for free or anything else. It'll make it easier for me to send you stuff. Mostly powerpoints with a few lessons I already have, including one that goes over the basic tools!

The blur tool can be found in your brush window. If you don't have that, click on Window, then Brush. There should be a blur tool in there. here Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 05:45, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

Man, you are very eager. AWESOME! :D For now, I recommend the apprentice tutorials. They have some basic information that can help you. Do you have an email I can use to reach you? If not, I can work around it...through the power of Google docs!!! Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 05:51, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

Okay, I sent you an email from with a few lessons and some files for you to look at. Do. Not. Copy. And. Paste. My. Layers. They are for you to look at; kinda like a hands-on approach to see my techniques. I'm going to go to bed (it's past 2 am and I'm exhausted), so I'll talk to you in the morning. Go through those lessons and don't hesitate to ask any questions! Happy chararting :D Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 06:07, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

If you're practicing with Moss Tail's hunter image, the earpink needs to match his other images. Colorpicking from his other images should work just fine. I'm working on a shading lesson right now. I'll do earpink next. Make sure to accept my offer to be your mentor. You did it before I could offer lol Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 17:34, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

Very good! :D If it were on the approval page, I'd ask you to define the light on all the legs and the ear pink. Overall, it's good! Do you want to continue practicing with that piece or did you want to try out a charart for the approval page? Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 04:46, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Ah, sorry, I probably should've "defined" that for ya. Ha...bad joke I know. My bad. Anyway, defining means to make it more visible/clear. In the case of the lighting, it's not visible because there's too much shading. The simple solution is to erase some of the shading there (in this case, erase the shading on the right side of the limbs to match the light source). Then blur a bit so it's not so rough. ^^ Hope this helps. Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 05:12, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Here's my comments! The red represents where you should erase the shading; the blue shows where to add a bit more shading. Green means extra comments - which is you need to define the ear pink. Try choosing a bit lighter tint to use. ^^ Make sure to blur/smudge the shading after you add/erase it. You're almost there! :D Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 02:14, August 13, 2018 (UTC)

You're ear pink is looking much better now! However, the legs still do not have the appropriate amount of light on them. Maybe after you erase, try using a small blur brush so it doesn't revert it? Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 17:17, August 13, 2018 (UTC)

Checking In

Hey, how are things? How's the hunter image? Think you're ready to do a charart or do you still want practice? Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 13:06, August 17, 2018 (UTC)

Ah, shoot! My bad! I didn’t see that!! I thought that link was part of an earlier upload. Maybe I also got another message at the same time and looked at the bottom of my talk page and didn’t see yours. >.< So sorry yet again!! And yes, it looks good! It’s an improvement from your first submission; your light source is clearly defined now. Seems like you’re ready to roll! :D Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 04:17, August 18, 2018 (UTC)

Swift Minnow possibly. Or Snail Shell. It’s really your choice but those seem like the basic ones imo. Just make sure no one else has claimed it. Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 12:42, August 18, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, Moss Tail is coming along nicely! ^^ Any concerns or problems you're having and want me to assist? Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 13:10, August 24, 2018 (UTC)


please don't add spoilers for ct until the book is actually released. david 🌈 11:31, August 28, 2018 (UTC)


Hey, congrats on getting your first image approved! :D And congrats on becoming an apprentice in PCA! :D So, so, proud of you!!! How are you feeling? Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 16:32, August 28, 2018 (UTC)

That's good! :D I think there are still a few hunter images that haven't been reserved yet. But if I recall, those patterns can be a bit complicated. You can try one if you want. If not, Crowfeather's Trial comes out soon and usually with every new release, there's a wave of new chararts to make. So you can wait until then if you want. If you do choose to do the latter, make sure to claim the image you want asap as they tend to go out quickly. ^^ Vec I am Iron Man! 👾 19:16, August 29, 2018 (UTC)


Just wanted to drop a little reminder by - we love all interest in our subpages, but we do try to prevent creating them en'masse unless you've plans to fill them out shortly after, per consensus. Making a few is nice, but just leaving a bunch blank isn't the best thing. Please remember to add the categories and chapter images as well, and per recent PB decision, we no longer include the Lionpaw's PoV thing under 'Chapter description. Since you've made about a book total's worth, I'd advise slowing/going back to fill in the ones you've made.spooky is that... a furry cat?!?  12:20, September 19, 2018 (UTC)



Please do not tell me to do something I can't or don't know how to do. If you know how to do it (and from how you stated it, you do know how to rename it) then gladly tell me. Don't expect me to know everything. Please think before commenting. For now, your message will be deleted. Have a nice day. LogdotEpoch (talk) 16:13, October 19, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, just FYI, only admins can change the names of files. Please do not ask regular users to do this. SPOOKYFIRE 16:37, October 19, 2018 (UTC)


Seeing as The Raging Storm has yet to be releaswd, pages should not be renamed or edited for that. As I believe it goes against WWs spoiler policy. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 09:24, October 21, 2018 (UTC)


Please do not move pages from the The Raging Storm preview. It is way too early for that and is a major spoiler. Jayce  ( 10:08, 10/21/2018 )

As per talking to the admin known as SnowedLightning they even stated that since TRS isn't even being released a little over two weeks none of that would happen. I have no idea about what happen when RoF was released as I wasn't active during most of that due to life. I do kniw we don't rename the pages until around the time the book is to be released. Minkclaw Winter is coming. 09:05, October 22, 2018 (UTC)

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