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it was on missing kits but that isn't canon anymore, and I think any other source we had about lionheart being the father is either missing or gone, idk. so we can't put it in the article. david 🌈 14:05, June 28, 2017 (UTC)

that's still missing kits, it was removed a while ago. david 🌈 18:34, July 7, 2017 (UTC)

pinestars choice is before bluestars proohecy, and it's the erins not keeping track of their characters ages (surprise, surprise) and it should be on both her page and the mistakes page.

(i lurk a lot, its why i usually get back quickly) david 🌈 02:07, July 8, 2017 (UTC)

Pinestar's Choice

That was Star. :P She's amazing, it will probably make her day if you thank her. :D Don't worry, writing summaries isn't for everyone and I'm sure you're awesome at it, it just takes practice and getting used, especially with links within the summary. Happy editing, ShypawDo the trickor treat 04:18, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

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