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"I won't be thwarted […] You saved my life, and because of that, you have ensured my success. Because once I'm back to full health, I'll be able to bend any cat to my will... "
Bramblestar's impostor to Shadowsight in Veil of Shadows, page 279

Below contains in-depth information for chapter twenty two of Veil of Shadows. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 22 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 274-279

Chapter description

Shadowsight treats Bramblestar's wounds from the battle as Tigerstar ordered him to keep the impostor alive at any cost. The medicine cat reflects that at times he had thought the leader had slipped away due to his injuries, only to continue to hang on. Squirrelflight slips into the den and asks about the tabby tom, reflecting that her feelings are confused as she wants nothing more than to comfort her mate, but knows that it isn't him. Shadowsight promises to keep Bramblestar alive and as Squirrelflight leaves the den, the impostor calls out to her in a wheezing breath. He tells her that he had come back for her before slipping back into unconsciousness. The ginger she-cat pauses for a moment and feels that there is something familiar about the impostor, but, she can't place what makes her feel so.
The two cats leave the den and Shadowsight takes in the devastation around the camp. He watches as cats from each Clan gather their dead and begin preparing them either for vigil or to be taken back to their respective territory. The tom sees Puddleshine passing between cats checking on their wounds. Shadowsight turns away unable to watch the scene before him, blaming the evil inside of Bramblestar for the many deaths and injuries that had resulted. He glances over to where his father had gathered with the other leaders and deputies. Tigerstar beckons him over so he bounds over and is asked about Bramblestar's condition immediately by his father. Shadowsight replies that the tom's wounds have been treated but there was a slim chance he might not make it. Tigerstar states to the gathered cats that a decision needs to be made about ThunderClan's future, pointing out an unfit leader and a young, inexperienced deputy. He points to Squirrelflight to take over leadership, but, the she-cat notes that she was sent into exile and that Berrynose had succeeded her position. Tigerstar interrupts her, stating that Berrynose is dead and that the impostor held no authority to exile cats. Mistystar agrees with the ShadowClan leader, pleading Squirrelflight to take up leadership as the Clan's true deputy.
Squirrelflight humbly accepts the role temporarily until they can get the real Bramblestar back. She demotes Bristlefrost and names Lionblaze as deputy in her place, telling the young she-cat that she has a bright future in ThunderClan. Tigerstar then suggests that they should hold a Gathering to figure out their next step forward having now gotten the impostor under control. Shadowsight reflects that it seemed as though everything had begun to clear, but, looking back at the medicine cat den, he feels some doubt. The young medicine cat returns to his den and looks over Bramblestar when suddenly the tom's eyes snap open. The impostor speaks with his own voice and threatens Shadowsight, stating that his plans can continue and he can still bend cats to his will, including a black tom. Shadowsight is unsure what the spirit means, but then realizes he means Spiresight and goes to question him. However, the impostor goes limp and closes his eyes again, leaving the young medicine cat unsure of who the spirit's identity is and that the Clans were still in danger.





Important events


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