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"Would the fake Bramblestar really murder a medicine cat? And if he did, am I in danger too? What would he do if he discovered that I can see the real Bramblestar's spirit?"
Rootpaw's thoughts about the false Bramblestar in Veil of Shadows, page 73

Below contains in-depth information for chapter five of Veil of Shadows. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 5 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 68-77

Chapter description

Rootpaw guesses herbs incorrectly as Fidgetflake attempts to teach him the differences. The apprentice, despite his own frustrations, reminds himself that being a medicine cat is important, and SkyClan needs him. However, a nagging feeling tugs at him as he reflects he'd rather be hunting. Rabbitleap comes to the medicine cat den with a thorn in his paw. Frecklewish guides Rootpaw as she helps teach him to treat his patient, but Rootpaw panics at the sight of blood. The injured warrior comments that the blood belonged to a squirrel he had caught. Frecklewish ends up patching the warrior up as Rootpaw is unable to finish the treatment. She reassures him that he will get used to it as he works with more cats.
As the apprentice returns to the task of memorizing herbs, Puddleshine enters SkyClan camp, escorted by Plumwillow. The ShadowClan tom approaches Rootpaw, wanting to speak with him about a sick ShadowClan cat. Fidgetflake interjects, confused as to why Puddleshine is consulting the unofficial apprentice. Frecklewish ushers the other SkyClan medicine cat away and talks to Rootpaw and Puddleshine. She asks if there has been any news concerning Shadowsight, to which the ShadowClan tom replies that there hasn't been, and that many have grown concerned about his welfare. Rootpaw bluntly asks if there was anything that they hadn't been told about the missing cat. Puddleshine tells the SkyClan cats that Shadowsight had always been a special cat and that he had hoped his former apprentice had just wandered off. However, as more time had passed, that idea had seemed less likely. Rootpaw notes that Puddleshine believes Shadowsight to be dead, and the thought sticks in his mind as he recalls the false Bramblestar and his recent actions. The apprentice wonders if the false Bramblestar had something to do with Shadowsight's disappearance, and the thought fills Rootpaw with dread.
The three cats walk to ShadowClan camp and Rootpaw immediately notices the sheer amount of cats present and tension in the air. He spots Squirrelflight and Cloverfoot both assigning cats to hunting patrols, with Cloverfoot telling the exiled cats to hunt away from the borders to avoid detection. Puddleshine comments on the bickering cats around camp, noting that there isn't enough room for them all. Frecklewish adds that Bramblestar's unpredictable behavior was only making things worse due to his further pushing to punish the codebreakers. The trio head to Tigerstar's den, overhearing the leader make a comment about the ShadowClan camp's population. The leader asks about the news in SkyClan, to which Frecklewish reports that Leafstar has decided to follow along with Bramblestar for the time being due to lack of evidence of the ThunderClan leader hurting any cat. Rootpaw notices a look of fury on Tigerstar's face before it is replaced with frustration and weariness. Squirrelflight, Cloverfoot, and Crowfeather soon pad up to join the four cats.
Crowfeather suggests, after Squirrelflight makes a comment about orders being followed, that the exiled cats could temporarily move into SkyClan's old camp. Rootpaw sees Tigerstar hesitate for a moment before agreeing that it might work and that they'll trial it. Squirrelflight also suggests the former camp as a meeting place for the rebel cats, and they all agree. Crowfeather gathers the exiled cats as Cloverfoot prepares to lead them to the old camp. Squirrelflight remains to guide the non-ShadowClan cats that are out hunting to the old camp when they return. The ginger she-cat approaches Rootpaw and asks him if he could help her see Bramblestar so that she could discuss things with him. The apprentice reluctantly tells her that he hasn't seen the spirit in quite some time, which disheartens the deputy. Rootpaw dwells on this, wondering if the Clans will return to their normal lives if the real Bramblestar has disappeared.





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