These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Veil of Shadows that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.
  • Spiresight wanders the forest. Sensing danger, he looks for a cat that might need his help. He scents catmint, and upon hearing a screech, he recognizes the voice of Shadowsight.
    • He runs to find a powerful tom attacking Shadowsight, slamming the young cat's body against a tree. Spiresight tries to stop the attacker, but he phases right through him as he is a ghost.
    • The attacker drags Shadowsight's body to a ravine bordering ThunderClan and SkyClan, throwing Shadowsight's body into it where Shadowsight's body bounces off a rock and lands at the bottom. Spiresight feels horrible for letting Shadowsight die, and lets out a wail of anguish, knowing that his friend is dead and he cannot do anything.
  • The medicine cats are at the Moonpool, worried for Shadowsight's safety, as it had been quite a while since any of them had seen him.
  • They all look for him, in hopes of finding the young ShadowClan cat.
  • Puddleshine suggests that Shadowsight had returned home, the others agree.
  • Rootpaw hopes that Shadowsight is all right.
  • Bristlefrost goes to make dirt and finds Bramblestar's impostor and Berrynose returning to camp, both smelling strongly of catmint. The impostor has blood on his chest.
  • Bristlefrost tells Stemleaf and Spotfur about Berrynose and Bramblestar's impostor return to camp, smelling like catmint.
  • The impostor decides to exile Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Twigbranch due to their codebreaker status. While Lionblaze and Jayfeather are exiled, Twigbranch is allowed to atone by catching twenty pieces of prey within a half-moon. He makes ThunderClan leave them in the rain.
    • Bristlefrost goes to find the three exiled cats, rounds up the three cats and brings them to ShadowClan, where Tigerstar, still searching for Shadowsight, gives them refuge.
  • Leafstar calls a Clan meeting and makes Needlepaw a warrior.
  • Rootpaw worries about the real Bramblestar's ghost.
  • Dewspring gives Rootpaw an ashamed glance, and Rootpaw assumes that his mentor is like that because Rootpaw doesn't focus on training.
  • Bramblestar's impostor enters camp, wanting to speak to Leafstar.
  • Rootpaw ducks behind a stump and eavesdrops on Leafstar's and the fake Bramblestar's conversation.
    • Bramblestar's impostor calls an emergency Gathering to discuss the disappearance of Shadowsight. Bramblestar's impostor implies that he knows what happened to Shadowsight, and orders Leafstar to address the codebreakers in SkyClan multiple times.
  • Leafstar calls another Clan meeting after Bramblestar's impostor has left to discuss what he had said.
    • The Clan has mixed opinions about what they should do.
    • Frecklewish shares the news about Bramblestar's impostor. Fidgetflake, Tree, and Rootpaw back her up.
    • Leafstar decides that Rootpaw will become a medicine cat apprentice.
  • Bristlefrost thinks about what has been going on around camp as they return from SkyClan's camp.
    • Bramblestar's impostor has been looking for excuses to exile more warriors and spending a lot of time with Bristlefrost, as he seems to trust her with his life.
  • Spotfur, Stemleaf, and Bristlefrost discuss what happened at the SkyClan camp and Shadowsight's disappearance.
  • Bristlefrost gets into an argument with Finleap about Twigbranch's atonement, and Bramblestar's impostor notices. Bristlefrost uses this as an opportunity to check on Bramblestar's impostor.
    • Bristlefrost notes that his den is a mess and that Bramblestar's impostor was being lazy.
  • Bristlefrost and the rest of ThunderClan are heading to the emergency Gathering. Bramblestar's impostor seems to be searching for Squirrelflight.
  • ThunderClan reaches the island and Bramblestar starts by asking where Shadowsight is.
    • Tigerstar accuses someone of attacking Shadowsight.
    • Bristlefrost recalls when Bramblestar's impostor and Berrynose returned to camp smelling of catmint. Bristlefrost wonders if Bramblestar's impostor was the one to attack Shadowsight.
  • Bramblestar's impostor tells Tigerstar that he should stop searching for Shadowsight. Tigerstar argues, and Bramblestar's impostor believes that Shadowsight left because his mother was called out as a codebreaker.
  • Bramblestar's imposter tells the Gathering that they must exile the codebreakers or StarClan would never come back, which is met with mixed opinions from the other Clans.
  • Harestar protests, but then reveals that WindClan is suffering, and Bramblestar's impostor claims that that is StarClan's punishment for not exiling codebreakers. Breezepelt and Nightcloud object to exiling Crowfeather, but Crowfeather leaves willingly.
  • Mistystar also takes initiative and exiles Mothwing. Mothwing protests, but Mistystar gives away that RiverClan is suffering too.
  • The Gathering ends, and Stemleaf follows Crowfeather and Mothwing.
  • Rootpaw is practicing herbs in the SkyClan medicine den.
  • Rabbitleap comes into the medicine den with blood on his chest and muzzle. Rootpaw panics and calls for Fidgetflake and Frecklewish.
  • Rootpaw wonders how he can be a medicine cat if he freezes when he sees blood.
  • Plumwillow and Puddleshine enter the den, and Puddleshine wishes to speak with Rootpaw.
    • Puddleshine says he wants to speak to Rootpaw about a sick ShadowClan cat. Frecklewish brings Puddleshine and Rootpaw away, and Puddleshine asks about Shadowsight. While they talk, Rootpaw wonders whether Shadowsight is dead and if Bramblestar's imposter killed him.
  • Puddleshine, Frecklewish, and Rootpaw travel to the ShadowClan camp. Cats are fighting over space and duties.
  • Tigerstar says that they need to find a solution to the many cats in ShadowClan camp, and asks how Leafstar is. Frecklewish tells him that Leafstar is going along with Bramblestar's imposter's plan.
  • Crowfeather has the idea of moving the exiled cats to the old SkyClan camp. Tigerstar agrees, and Squirrelflight says that the rebels can meet there too.
  • Squirrelflight asks Rootpaw to bring Bramblestar's ghost to her, but he is unable to. Rootpaw wonders how the Clans will return to normal is Bramblestar's ghost has disappeared.
  • Bristlefrost, Spotfur, and Stemleaf arrive at the old SkyClan camp for a rebel meeting.
  • Bristlefrost overhears Lionblaze and Crowfeather arguing over repairing the apprentice's den. Bristlefrost is shocked that Crowfeather thinks the crisis will go on for long enough for kits to become apprentices.
  • When the other rebel cats arrive, Bristlefrost explains the situation with Bramblestar's impostor. Rootpaw shares the encounter with Bramblestar's ghost.
    • Bristlefrost also shares her suspicions with the rebels: that Bramblestar murdered Shadowsight, and that he tried to kill Sparkpelt.
  • The rebels are outraged and almost all of them agree to kill Bramblestar's impostor.
  • The rebel cats debate killing Bramblestar's impostor, if Bramblestar's ghost would return or not, and whether Berrynose would be a good successor.
  • Tigerstar eventually decides that no cat will harm Bramblestar's impostor until they are sure of what they want to do about it.
  • Bristlefrost walks back to the ThunderClan camp and thinks about what would happen if they succeded in killing Bramblestar's impostor.
  • Shadowsight wakes up, only to find Spiresight.
  • Spiresight tells him that he is a spirit, and his body was injured to the point that Spiresight couldn't even find his spirit. Spiresight also tells him that he is between life and death.
  • Shadowsight points out that he thought Spiresight went to StarClan, but Spiresight didn't and stayed as a spirit to watch over Shadowsight.
  • Shadowsight questions Spiresight why he didn't look for a medicine cat to help him. Spiresight notes that the attacker used catmint to mask his scent, so therefore he was probably a Clan cat, and didn't know who to trust.
  • Spiresight suggests to Shadowsight to try to find who attacked him as a ghost. They start off by visiting a rebel meeting.
  • At the meeting, Shadowsight tries to reach out to the rebel cats, including his father, but none of them see him. Even Tree and Rootpaw can't see him, and Spiresight explains that cats with Sisters' blood can't see all ghosts.
  • Tigerstar and Dovewing discuss Shadowsight's whereabouts. Tigerstar believes Shadowsight has already died, as he never returned back, but Dovewing reassures him that they left the Clans without telling anyone as well.
  • In distress, Shadowsight feels uncomfortable, and Spiresight urges him to get back to his body. Shadowsight looks at his own body and is worried that it is breathing more slowly.
  • Rootpaw is doing ticks.
  • Tree asks to talk to Rootpaw.
    • Rootpaw tells Tree that he hasn't seen the ghost for a while.
      • Tree is worried about how the rebels are acting.
      • Tree suggests a summoning ritual that the Sisters do.
  • Leafstar gathers the clan to do the ritual.
    • Rootpaw is self-conscious about doing the ritual in-front of the whole clan
    • The Clan begins to join the ritual.
  • The song ends without a sign of the ghost.
    • Rootpaw is disappointed that he failed.
  • Frecklewish suggests doing the ritual and the Moonpool.
    • Frecklewish, Fidgetflake, Tree, Leafstar, and Rootpaw go to the Moonpool.
    • They do the song but the ghost starts to appear right at the end of the song. 
  • They believe that the ghost must have started to fade.
  • Leafstar tells Rootpaw they will act when the time is right.
  • Rootpaw decides to be a warrior again.
  • Rosepetal and Bristlefrost have a conversation about the doubled guards.
    • They see Bramblestar come into camp. She thinks somethings off about him.
  • Bristlefrost overhears  Flipclaw talking about a strange dream about giant birds.
    • She notices that Bramblestar was paying attention to the conversation.
  • While watching Bramblestar, she hears him complaining about being in pain while Alderheart tells him that there is nothing wrong.
  • The impostor calls a clan meeting.
    • He makes Flipclaw a medicine cat because of his weird dream, claiming it was prothetic.
      • When Flipclaw rejects Bramblestar says since he lost a a life, he was approved by Starclan so he speaks for them.
  • When the meeting ends, he calls Bristlefrost into his den.
    • He informs Bristlefrost that he has been searching for Squirrelflight in the Twolegplace.
      • He orders Bristlefrost to find Squirrelflight.
  • Bristlefrost goes to warn Squirrelflight that the impostor is searching for her.
    • Squirrelflight doesn’t want to come back so they decide to tell the impostor she was dead.
      • To fake her death she asks Jayfeather to injure her.
      • Jayfeather refuses so Mothwing does it.
  • Bristlefrost goes to show Bramblestar the fake fur and blood.
    • He believes it and blames himself.
  • Shadowsight realizes his wounds are infected. 
  • Spiresight attempts to convince Shadowsight that Puddleshine attacked him.
    • Shadowsight objects and Spiresight gives up.
  • Spiresight goes to find Rootpaw.
  • Rootpaw is training with Dewspring. 
    • He manages to creep up on Dewspring feel relived about being a warrior again.
  • Rootpaw is informed that his assessment will be done tomorrow.
    • He goes to inform his kin.
  • Rootpaw sees a mysterious ghost.
    • The ghost leads him into the woods.
      • He follows the ghost to Shadowsight's body.
      • He is very weak but alive.
  • He goes to get help.
  • When he arrives at the camp he runs into Dewspring. 
    • They set off to get Shadowsight. 
  • When they arrive they find Shadowsight even weaker. 
    • Unfortunately, they don’t know of any way to get Shadowsight out of the ravine.
    • They find a path and carry Shadowsight towards the Skyclan camp.
  • Near the end of the path out of the ravine, they have a break in the rock they have to jump.
    • They manage the leap and continue on their way.
  • They arrive at the Skyclan camp getting swarmed by their clanmates.
    • They move out of the way to get Shadowsight to the medicine den.
  • Rootpaw and Violetshine go to fetch Tigerstar and Dovewing.
    • On their way out Rootpaw explains what happened to Leafstar.
  • Bristlefrost is talking with the impostor
    • She urges him to send out the patrols, but the impostor tells her Berrynose will deal with it.
    • He says that it is fault that Squirrelflight died, and Bristlefrost hopes that the impostor has second thoughts on exiling the codebreakers.
  • The impostor goes over to Alderheart, saying that his chest hurts and his fur itches.
    • Alderheart can't find anything wrong and Bramblestar is outraged.
  • Bristlefrost leaves and spots a meeting with the rebels.
    • She tries to ask Spotfur what's happening, but all she says is that she'll see.
    • The rebels agree to not mention Squirrelflight to Bramblestar.
    • Frecklewish announces that they found Shadowsight, alive but unconscious.
    • Rootpaw then announces that he was the one who found him.
    • They all start arguing about killing the impostor
  • Bristlefrost hopes they don't have to fight to protect the fake Bramblestar
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  • At a Gathering, the other Clans are outraged over the fact that Bristlefrost is deputy.
  • The impostor announces the failed attempt on his life. Tigerstar asks about Berrynose, to which the impostor replies that he has been exiled. The Clans are astonished, and Tigerstar remarks that he'll have more cats wandering the forest then in his own Clan.
    • The impostor demands that the Clans exile the surviving attackers. Leafstar asks why the cats would risk so much to kill them, and the impostor says that he's bound to make enemies when one upholds the warrior code as strongly as he does. He continues to announce that Squirrelflight is dead, and although he misses and loves her, they must continue to uphold the code and exile codebreakers.
    • He asks the fellow leaders if he can count on their help in strictly following the code and serving StarClan. Harestar, Mistystar, and Leafstar agree. Tigerstar refuses, enforcing that Bramblestar will not, nor ever will, tell ShadowClan or him what to do.
  • The day after the gathering, Flipclaw struggles to treat an infection in Shellfur's paw. Bristlefrost feels guilty for her brother.
  • Sparkpelt brings up Flipclaw's lack of medicinal knowledge to the impostor, for which the impostor exiles her on account of her "disloyalty".
    • Graystripe intervenes, and tells the impostor that Firestar never led like he did, and neither did Bramblestar before he lost a life. Graystripe continues to criticize the impostor, leading to the impostor physically assaulting him. Graystripe exposes the impostor as a fake, and the impostor exiles Graystripe as well. Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, Cinderheart, Finchpaw, and Thriftear stand with Graystripe and leave ThunderClan as exiles.
    • The impostor goes back to his den, Bristlefrost wishes to speak with him, but leaves upon seeing him muttering to seemingly no cat about making the Clans regret what they've done to him.
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  • Shadowsight treats the impostor's wounds, because Tigerstar told him to keep him alive at any cost.
  • Squirrelflight comes into the den and asks about the impostor's condition.
  • Squirrelflight confesses that she is confused, because she wants to comfort Bramblestar, but knows that he is an impostor.
  • Shadowsight doesn’t know how to reply, because as a medicine cat, he was never allowed to find love, so he tells her that he will keep him alive.
  • As Squirrelflight is leaving the den, the impostor calls her. He tells her that he came back for her, before slipping back into unconsciousness.
  • Squirrelflight tells Shadowsight that she is starting to think that there is something familiar about the impostor, but can’t figure out what it is.
  • They leave the den and Shadowsight watches as the Clans prepare the bodies of the dead for vigil or to be taken home. Puddleshine is checking the cats for wounds.
  • Tigerstar beckons Shadowsight over to where the leaders and deputies were talking, and asks Shadowsight how Bramblestar is doing. Shadowsight says that he was treated, but there was a chance he won't make it.
  • Tigerstar points out that Bramblestar was unfit to lead ThunderClan, and suggests that Squirrelflight acts as temporary leader, as Bristlefrost was young and inexperienced, while Berrynose was dead.
  • Squirrelflight protests against it first, but when Mistystar pleads her, she agrees. Squirrelflight appoints Lionblaze as deputy, apologizing to Bristlefrost for demoting her. She tells Bristlefrost that she has a bright future.
  • Tigerstar suggests they hold a Gathering to figure out what to do next.
  • Shadowsight thinks everything is starting to look clearer, but feels doubt when looking back at the medicine den.
  • The impostor threatens Shadowsight, saying he could still bend cats to his own will. He tells Shadowsight to ask the black cat with yellow eyes, and after a moment, Shadowsight realizes he is referring to Spiresight.
  • The impostor passes out again, and Shadowsight feels uneasy, wondering about the spirit's identity and if the Clans were still in danger.
  • Tigerstar defends the codebreakers before snapping at the Gathering, saying that Shadowsight is explaining how to get the Clans back.
  • Harestar suggests that exiling all the codebreakers might actually get StarClan to come back.
  • Mistystar exiles two of her warriors for fighting against RiverClan.
  • Mothwing defends the exiled cats, while Mistystar apologizes for exiling the medicine cat earlier and invites her to return. However, Mothwing refuses to forgive Mistystar and chooses to remain in exile.
  • Tigerstar invites the exiles into ShadowClan.
  • Harestar asks Squirrelflight if she knows anything about the impostor.
  • Squirrelflight reveals what he said to her, but that she doesn't know who he is yet.
  • The leaders get another argument about getting StarClan back, much to Rootspring's annoyance.
  • The cats decide to end the Gathering and start to leave when Squirrelflight suddenly stops them, saying that she knows something.
  • Jayfeather impatiently asks her to tell them what she knows.
  • Squirrelflight reveals that she knows who the impostor is, and says that if she is right, then everything is worse than she thought.
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