"The kittypet who lives behind this fence is called Victor, I think. He comes into the woods with Ziggy and Riga. If any cats are going to cause trouble, it'll be those three."
Jessy about the kittypets harassing ShadowClan in Bramblestar's Storm, page 318

Victor is a pale brown tabby tom.[2]


In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Victor is one of the kittypets harassing ShadowClan and giving them trouble. He is initially mentioned by Jessy, who explains that she knows the kittypets, saying that if any cat were to cause trouble, it would be Victor and his two friends, Ziggy and Riga. They soon run into a black and white kittypet, and Bramblestar asks if this kittypet happens to be Victor. The kittypet says no, and introduces himself as Webster, a friend of Victor.
As Jessy suggests taking the upcoming skirmish to the ground, a voice from behind them speaks up, and they soon find themselves face to face with Victor, a pale brown tabby. Flanking him on both sides are a ginger she-cat and a silver tabby, named Scarlet and O'Hara, respectively. As they approach, tensions rise, and Bramblestar leaps into battle, finding himself face with Victor and Scarlet.
Bramblestar's claws rake across Victor's muzzle, stalling his movements for a brief moment. He yelps in pain, and quickly dashes outside of Bramblestar's range, leaving the ThunderClan leader to deal with Scarlet. This doesn't last long, however, as Victor soon regains clarity and rejoins the fray. After ganging up on Bramblestar, Cinderheart soon appears and begins to chase Victor away into the bushes.
Victor reappears from the bushes moments later, and lunges at Blossomfall, who buckles under the weight of the tom. Bramblestar, upon seeing this, pulls Victor off of Blossomfall and sinks his teeth into Victor's tail, causing the tabby tom to shriek in pain.
Bramblestar pins Victor down, asking if he gives up. Victor snarls in defiance, saying that Bramblestar can kill him if he wants to. When Bramblestar hears this, he gets off of Victor, asking again if the kittypet has given in. Confused and not sure what he is still doing alive, waits for Bramblestar to explain why he hasn't killed him yet. The leader says that warriors do not kill, and Victor reluctantly agrees to leave ShadowClan alone, with a hint of anger in his voice at being defeated.
The battle is later recapped by Jessy to various ThunderClan cats, along with Frankie, and Bramblestar notes that Jessy is extremely proud and pleased that she and the others had defeated the kittypets. Another kittypet, Minty, also listens in on the conversation with interest.



Bramblestar: "Do you give in?"
Victor: "Kill me if you want, flea-pelt!"
—Bramblestar when he has Victor pinned down Bramblestar's Storm, page 323

"All right, we'll leave the squirrel munchers alone."
—Victor after being defeated Bramblestar's Storm, page 324

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