"We have three new litters of kits and four new warriors. We thank StarClan for making the prey in ThunderClan run well this season, and we hope we can continue to feed ourselves in leaf-fall and leaf-bare."
— Vinestar in Code of the Clans, page 124

Vinestar is a gray tom with a long, winding tail.[2]

In Code of the Clans, Vinestar is an ancient ThunderClan leader. At a Gathering, he reports that he has four new warriors and three new litters of kits. Darkstar, SkyClan's leader at the time, generously gives up part of SkyClan's territory, so ThunderClan has more fresh-kill to feed their kits.

When Darkstar's deputy, Raincloud, protests angrily against this, Vinestar watches without saying anything, though he clearly wants Darkstar to prevail and give ThunderClan the territory. He enthusiastically supports Darkstar when he suggests a new rule to the warrior code: the word of a Clan leader is the warrior code.



"[Vinestar's] eyes were narrowed and full of questions, but he didn’t challenge the generous offer."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 126

"I support the new law!"
—Vinestar agreeing that a leader's word should be law Code of the Clans, page 127

"As if sensing that several cats in the hollow were about to protest, Vinestar quickly announced that the Gathering was over and leaped down from the Great Rock."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 128

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