"Yeah, since when did ShadowClan start hunting in undergrowth and through brambles?"
— Vinetail confronting ShadowClan about stealing their prey in Code of the Clans, page 20

Vinetail is a tom.[2]


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Code of the Clans

Vinetail is an ancient ThunderClan deputy under the leadership of Whitestar. When Brindlestar, the leader of ShadowClan, accuses Whitestar and ThunderClan of stealing prey from ShadowClan territory, Whitestar turns the accusation around on ShadowClan. He says that it's not ThunderClan's fault their raiding patrols are being chased out by ThunderClan. Brindlestar, defensive, says that they are not stealing prey, and asks how they are to eat if they cannot find their own food. This provokes Vinetail, who retorts with a harsh question. The ThunderClan deputy asks ShadowClan when they started hunting in the brambles and undergrowth, and this angers Lakestorm, the ShadowClan deputy. He responds that they started hunting in ThunderClan's land since they are starving in their own.
During the fighting, a branch from one of the giant oak trees falls, and covers the surrounding cats gathered at Fourtrees. As Whitestar attempts to call to Vinetail and his Clan to see if they are unharmed, Vinetail speaks up, saying that they are all okay, and Whitestar watches as his deputy and Clan haul themselves out from the snow and twigs. This incident causes a new rule to be added to the warrior code; Clan cats must not hunt or trespass in another Clan's territory.



"We're fine, too!"
—Vinetail to Whitestar about their Clan Code of the Clans, page 22

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