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"You are the first true Clan that I've known. I was raised in ShadowClan when it was falling apart. The cats there turned on one another. When they faced problems, they were no better than rogues. But SkyClan is different. You took me in and welcomed me. You taught me how cats can overcome even the worst times. You lost your home, you lost one another, but you found one another again and kept on going. I'm proud to be a SkyClan cat. I would never want to belong anywhere else."
— Violetshine announcing her loyalty to SkyClan in The Raging Storm, page 234-235

Violetshine is a small[16] white she-cat with black splotches[14] and yellow eyes.[5] She has glossy fur,[17] wide paws,[14] and a long, thick tail.[18]

Violetshine is a SkyClan warrior under Leafstar's leadership in the lake territories. As orphaned kits, she and her sister were taken to the Clans after being found by Alderheart and Needletail, who suspected that they could be the subject of a prophecy. However, the sisters were separated; Violetkit was taken to ShadowClan and Twigkit to ThunderClan. There, Violetkit was nursed by Pinenose and gained four foster siblings: Lionkit, Birchkit, Slatekit, and Puddlekit, but she was soon taken by Needletail to join Darktail's group as Violetpaw.

Though Violetpaw decided to return to ShadowClan and was apprenticed to Dawnpelt, she joined the Kin when Darktail drove out Rowanstar. When she was caught working against the Kin, Needletail sacrificed herself to save her. Thereafter, Violetpaw joined the rediscovered SkyClan to be with her father, Hawkwing, and earned the name Violetshine. She became close with Tree, a former loner, and the two became mates. Together they had two kits: Rootkit and Needlekit. She ventured into Dark Forest to defeat Ashfur and killed Darktail's spirit with Needletail. Violetshine was named a Light in the Mist for her role in saving the Clans.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I don't care! I don't care if you're not happy! What about me? Why am I never allowed to be happy? I'm sorry. I just believed that everything was finally going to be the way I dreamed it would be."
―Violetshine when Twigpaw leaves SkyClan Darkest Night, pages 288-289
She and her sister are found by Alderpaw, ThunderClan's medicine cat apprentice, and Needlepaw, an apprentice of ShadowClan, abandoned in a tunnel beside a Thunderpath. They name the kits Violetkit and Twigkit, and take them to the Clans after finding no trace of their mother. They are believed to be a part of a prophecy, and the Clans quickly take interest in them. They are initially fostered by Lilyheart, a ThunderClan queen, but at a Gathering, it is agreed that Violetkit would go to ShadowClan and Twigkit to ThunderClan. Needlepaw and Alderpaw agree to meet in secret to let Twigkit and Violetkit see each other.
Violetkit is fostered by Pinenose, but finds comfort in Needlepaw. When Needlepaw joins Darktail's group, she takes Violetkit with her. Violetkit is renamed Violetpaw, but realizes she prefers ShadowClan to the rogues and returns. ShadowClan uneasily welcomes her and Dawnpelt becomes her mentor. When Darktail and his Kin take over ShadowClan, Violetpaw chooses to stay with Needletail. However, she realizes how cruel Darktail is, deciding to assist the elders and queens in escaping. When Darktail discovers her betrayal, Needletail sacrifices herself to save her.
When SkyClan returns, Violetpaw joins the Clan with Twigpaw and their newly discovered father, Hawkwing. She enjoys spending time with him and is chosen to go on a mission to find missing SkyClan cats. She earns her warrior name Violetshine in honor of Pebbleshine, her mother. Violetshine becomes close friends with Tree, helping him adjust to Clan life, and in return, he helps with her grief for Needletail's death. When Tree chooses not to follow SkyClan when they leave, she is deeply saddened. However, Twigbranch and other warriors rescue SkyClan from a raging storm, and the SkyClan cats agree to return to the lake. With Tree's help, Violetshine and Twigbranch meet their mother's ghost before she joins StarClan, who reveals that Violetshine is expecting kits.

The Broken Code

"Haven't you brought enough misery to the Clans? I'll never forgive you for what you did to me and Needletail."
―Violetshine confronting Darktail A Light in the Mist (book), page 246
Violetshine has given birth to Tree's kits, Rootkit and Needlekit. As her kits become apprentices, Violetshine is proud of them, and often worries about her two children. After Bramblestar's uncanny revival, Tree suggests that his family leave the Clans, but Violetshine refuses to abandon Hawkwing and Twigbranch. As Bramblestar attempts to punish cats he deems codebreakers, Violetshine worries about Twigbranch and Tree as both are accused of breaking the warrior code. Violetshine is later chosen as one of the Lights in the Mist, and with the help of the Sisters, she and the other Lights travel to the Dark Forest in an attempt to stop the imposter from taking control. She reunites with Needletail, and the two old friends finally are able to overcome and defeat Darktail, taking revenge and getting closure for what happened while Darktail was alive. After Bristlefrost's sacrifice, she is shown to be comforting her son, Rootspring, who is devastated at the loss of his close friend.

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Violetshine's parents are Pebbleshine and Hawkwing, and her sister is Twigbranch. She is the mate of Tree, and Rootspring and Needleclaw are their children. For more of Violetshine's family, click here!



Did you know Violetshine's warrior name was given in honor of her mother, Pebbleshine, and her bright spirit? For more trivia about Violetshine, click here!


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