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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

In a shadowy tunnel, Alderpaw thinks that he can see a nest of moss, with something moving in it. He ventures forward and is shocked to discover that there are two kits. One is black-and-white, and the other is gray, although their pelt colors are barely visible in the dim light of the tunnel. The kits notice that other cats are around, and struggle to move towards them.
Needlepaw inquires why their mother isn't there feeding them, and Alderpaw notes that they look very thin. Needlepaw volunteers to go look for their mother, while Alderpaw inspects the kits, and he calls Needlepaw back to forget about their mother and find the kits some prey. Needlepaw quickly catches the kits some food, and she and Alderpaw chew the prey into small bits so the kits can swallow it. Alderpaw tries to feed the gray kit the pulp, only to fail when the kit chokes. After a moment he tries again, and the kit chokes again but swallows successfully. They feed it to the black-and-white kit, and it goes down more easily with her than it did with the gray kit. Both kits suck up the morsels quickly, eager to fill their bellies, and cuddle up to Alderpaw and Needlepaw with distended stomachs, warmed with the heat of their bodies.
Needlepaw licks the black-and-white kit, as Alderpaw does for the gray kit, warming them up to get their blood flowing regularly. Alderpaw and Needlepaw speculate about what could have happened to their mother, and Alderpaw says that he should bring the kits back to the Clans. They decide to name the kits. Alderpaw names the gray kit Twigkit because he thinks she is as small as a twig and, Needlepaw names the black-and-white kit Violetkit because she smells of violets that probably came from their nest.
As they pick up the kits by their scruffs, Needlepaw mentions to Alderpaw that she thinks these kits are what they find in the shadows, referring to the prophecy that the medicine cats received from Firestar. They are on a ridge that leads to the lake. Needlepaw stands beside him, setting Violetkit down next to Twigkit. Alderpaw awkwardly says good-bye to Needlepaw, and asks her to help him set Violetkit onto his back. Needlepaw is shocked, and says that she won't be leaving the kits with Alderpaw. She makes the argument that she helped find them, and that no cat agreed they would go to ThunderClan. Alderpaw can’t believe that she thinks this, and retorts that Sandstorm was the one who told him to go on this quest. Needlepaw snaps back that it was her idea to go into the tunnel, and that he had nothing to do with that. They bicker back and forth about who should keep the kits. However, they come to no solution.
The kits start to mewl, which brings the conversation to a pause. Alderpaw realizes that he cares more for the safety of the kits then which kit goes to which Clan. He sees that Needlepaw feels the same way. Needlepaw comes to the conclusion that the only fair solution is to give one kit to ThunderClan and one kit to ShadowClan. Alderpaw doesn't like it, but the conversation comes to a close as a patrol consisting of Molewhisker, Birchfall, Poppyfrost, and Berrynose appears. Molewhisker and the rest of the patrol are surprised to see that Alderpaw and Needlepaw brought two kits back with them.
The group of cats ask Alderpaw and Needlepaw who the kits were, and where they were found. Alderpaw replies that that doesn't matter for now, and what really matters is getting the kits to the ThunderClan camp. Needlepaw starts to argue, but Birchfall agrees with Alderpaw and says that Alderpaw should watch over them because he's a medicine cat. Needlepaw objects and says that they both found them. She says that they are a part of the prophecy. The patrol is surprised, and Birchfall asks Alderpaw if he thinks the same. Alderpaw thinks it's possible, but he's not really sure. The patrol and Needlepaw come to an agreement that the fate of Violetkit and Twigkit will be decided at the Gathering, which is in a few days.
Soon after, Alderpaw visits the nursery. He sees Lilyheart watching over her three kits Leafkit, Larkkit, and Honeykit play fighting. Violetkit and Twigkit are watching them, with their eyes having finally opened. Alderpaw asks them how the kits are, and Violetkit informs him that she and Twigkit are doing well. Alderpaw notices with relief that she is right: the kits are no longer skinny. They had begun to grow plump, and their fur was glossy and shining with health.
Violetkit says that it's nice to be with their mother, until Leafkit and the others shout that Lilyheart is not their mother, saying that they came from far past the lake. Twigkit and Violetkit share confused and hurt glances. Lilyheart comforts them, saying that she will still love them just as much as if she was their real mother. Alderpaw agrees and adds that they are very special, and the two kits purr contentedly after being reassured. Lilyheart decides to personally raise them with her real kits. Alderpaw is happy, but he realizes that he can't be sure about anything until after the Gathering that night.
Bramblestar meets with Alderpaw, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, and Jayfeather about Violetkit and Twigkit. Alderpaw explains how he came across the kits, and mentions that it was Needlepaw's idea to enter the tunnel where the kits were found, adding that she was very gentle with them. Bramblestar asks the medicine cats if they think the two kits are a part of the prophecy. Jayfeather is uncertain, yet Leafpool thinks that it's possible. Squirrelflight asks Alderpaw his opinion, and he isn't sure either. Bramblestar says they shouldn't give the kits up, and Jayfeather responds that it's ridiculous, saying ShadowClan won't let them have both of the kits.
Later that night, the cats of ThunderClan travel to the Gathering at the lake. Violetkit rides on Alderpaw's back, and beside him, Sparkpaw is carrying Twigkit. WindClan cats pass by them, and Violetkit timidly asks about them. Alderpaw responds that they're the cats of WindClan. Sparkpaw explains to the two kits what the Clans are. Twigkit and Violetkit hang on tightly to Alderpaw and Sparkpaw as they reach the tree-bridge and pretty soon cross it.
The four cats finally reach the clearing with the Great Oak, along with the rest of their Clan. Violetkit is amazed at the number of cats as she and Twigkit gaze around with curious eyes. As the Gathering begins, Rowanstar interrupts Mistystar and asks Bramblestar about the kits. Bramblestar does admit that Alderpaw went on a quest, and that he found the two kits just outside of the Clan territories. Rowanstar interjects, saying that actually Alderpaw and Needlepaw found the kits together. Mistystar and Onestar ask for more information about the quest, and Bramblestar gives an account of the quest. He mentions that they could be a part of the prophecy, which causes the cats in the clearing to start giving their own theories.
Meanwhile, Alderpaw checks on the kits, and notices that they are not troubled by the conversation going on. The Clan leaders continue to bicker about the kits, and Mistystar says that the prophecy was for all four Clans, not just ThunderClan. She says that's why he doesn't have a right to keep the kits. Bramblestar reluctantly agrees, saying that ShadowClan deserves one kit. Alderpaw looks down at the kits with horror. Violetkit asks him why everyone is angry, as Twigkit asks what is going on. Alderpaw reassures the kits with empty words, saying that the Clan leaders are always arguing. The kits are reassured, but Onestar protests that all the Clans should raise the kits, and the other leaders are dumbfounded. Onestar retreats farther back on his branch.
The cats in the clearing look at the two kits, and Twigkit and Violetkit shrink closer together as they crowd around them. Sparkpaw snaps at them to back away. Rowanstar approaches the kits after the Gathering is called to a close. Bramblestar tells him to choose a kit, and Rowanstar picks up Violetkit, promising that Violetkit will be well taken care of in ShadowClan. As he picks her up by her scruff, Violetkit begins to wail loudly. Twigkit attacks Rowanstar's leg, to no avail. Bramblestar snaps at Rowanstar to take her away quickly, as Alderpaw curls his tail protectively around Twigkit. Violetkit twists around, calling out her littermate's name miserably as she is carried out of sight.
Not long after, Alderpaw spots her on Needlepaw's back, before finally they are lost in the swarm of ShadowClan cats.

Thunder and Shadow

When Needlepaw takes Alderpaw to the ShadowClan nursery to visit Violetkit, she is pawing a tendril sticking out of the wall of the den. It is noted she looks very lonely, playing by herself. Alderpaw tells her he brought a present from her sister. Violetkit is confused, and asks if he meant Lionkit. Pinenose corrects her, saying that she wasn't her sister.
Alderpaw gives her a feather, saying it was from Twigkit. Violetkit then remembers finding a red one just like it when she was living in ThunderClan. She asks if it was the same one. It was not, but Alderpaw, not wanting to hurt her feelings, said the old one had gotten dirty, instead of accidentally thrown away, and Twigkit had found her a new one. Violetkit becomes very happy and pounces on it and washes it until it was soggy. After, she floods Alderpaw with questions about her sister. After he answers a few of her questions, Pinenose calls Violetkit over for her nap. Violetkit objects, saying that she isn't tired, but Pinenose tells her that Grassheart is tired and doesn't want to listen to her chatter. Alderpaw tells her she should get some rest, and that he has to go home. Violetkit is disappointed, then asks if he will visit her soon. Alderpaw tells her he'll try, though she doesn't look like she believes him. She climbs into her nest, tail drooping. Alderpaw sets the feather down beside her, and Violetkit wants him to tell Twigkit that she is going to be the best warrior ever. Alderpaw promises he will, and he and Needlepaw leave the den.
Violetkit is uncomfortable in her nest as she thinks of Ratscar talking about her. She knows she's supposed to be sad about Littlecloud, but she can't. She prods Pinenose awake and asks her if she really belongs in ShadowClan. Violetkit longs for Pinenose to pull her close as Lilyheart used to do.
Violetkit watches Grassheart's kits sleep wondering whether they think she didn't belong, too. She tries not to remember when she was taken by Rowanstar away from her sister, Twigkit, hoping it's all a dream but realizing that it is a reality. To comfort herself, she pulls out the red feather her sister had given her and breathes in her sister's scent while drifting to sleep.
Violetkit wakes when Pinenose orders Puddlekit to fetch Leafpool. Grassheart is kitting. Violetkit sinks deeper into her nest and flattens her ears to block out Grassheart's wailing. Violetkit watches Leafpool work until Leafpool sends her to the apprentices' den to sleep. As Violetkit starts towards the apprentice den, she worries about what Sleekpaw and the other apprentices will say to her when she tries to enter.
Before she can go any further, she hears Needlepaw's voice behind her. Needlepaw says that she wanted to find her and that they had to go somewhere. Tawnypelt notices Violetkit with Needlepaw and walks up, asking why she was out of the nursery because it was so late. Before Violetkit can speak, Needlepaw lies that she is supposed to be taking care of her. Violetkit is surprised at the lie and is impressed with how sure of herself Needlepaw is. She wishes she was more like Needlepaw.
Needlepaw asks if Violetkit is ready to go, and she nods, tongue-tied. She asks Needlepaw why they can't be seen, and Needlepaw says they're going on an adventure outside of camp. When Violetkit hesitates, Needlepaw thrusts her muzzle close and asks if she's scared. Violetkit lies and says that she isn't, afraid that Needlepaw will think of her as a scaredy-mouse, but says that she might get into trouble if she leaves camp. Needlepaw says she won't get in trouble if she's with her, and Violetkit is confused. She guesses it might be a special mission that has to do with Littlecloud or Grassheart, and that it might be okay to leave camp because the day was so strange. Needlepaw runs her tail along her back, saying that she will be safe, and it soothes Violetkit. Violetkit follows Needlepaw out of camp.
As she follows Needlepaw through the forest, Violetkit trips over a root and lands on her chin. Needlepaw tells her to be careful, and Violetkit admits that she wasn't watching where she was going. Needlepaw says that she should start because the forest is dangerous at night, and that there could be foxes anywhere. Violetkit turns fearful at the comment, even though she doesn't know what a fox looks like, and pads closer to Needlepaw, brushing her flank. Needlepaw snaps at her to give her some space and nudges her aside. Violetkit asks where they're going, and Needlepaw says it's a surprise.
Violetkit tries to clear a ditch and almost doesn't make it, struggling to haul herself up. Needlepaw grabs her by the scruff and drops her on the ground. An owl screeches, and Violetkit ducks down, asking what it was. Needlepaw snorts and says that it's an owl. Violetkit didn't know that they could fly and remembers Lionkit and Birchkit talking about how owls stole kits in the night. Needlepaw tells her not to worry and that she can fight off an owl. Violetkit climbs onto Needlepaw's back. Needlepaw teases Violetkit about her size and weight, saying that a mouse would be heavier and asking if Pinenose fed her enough. Violetkit says she feeds her plenty, but starts worrying that she's too small and that she'll never grow as big as the other Clan cats. As Needlepaw runs, Violetkit grips onto her back and starts to get dizzy.
When they stop, Violetkit asks where they were. She slides off of Needlepaw and takes a deep breath and realizes that they're on ThunderClan land. She asks Needlepaw a flurry of questions, but Needlepaw cuffs her gently around the ear and says that nobody is going to see them. Violetkit asks why they were there, and Needlepaw tells her to hush, then to hide. Violetkit recognizes Alderpaw's voice and asks Needlepaw why he was there. She tells her that he's brought someone to see her.
Violetkit scrambles up beside Needlepaw and asks who Alderpaw brought with him. Violetkit guesses that the scent with Alderpaw is Twigkit's, and Twigkit darts forward and tackles Violetkit, purring. Violetkit is overwhelmed, but she reassures Twigkit that she's happy to see her. Violetkit remarks that Twigkit smelled like cobwebs, and Twigkit tells her that she smelled like pine needles. When Twigkit asks if Needlepaw is Violetkit's friend, Violetkit is nervous and unsure, not wanting her to think that she hadn't made any friends in ShadowClan. Violetkit wonders if Needlepaw and Alderpaw are friends.
Twigkit paws at her flank, wanting to play; Violetkit is confused, and Needlepaw calls her a toad-brain, telling her that it was a game and that she's supposed to chase her. Now excited, Violetkit plays with her sister, forgetting all about owls. She feels like she might burst with joy as she's playing with Twigkit.
Out of breath, Violetkit turns her attention to Alderpaw and Needlepaw. She interrupts them and asks why they don't play, too, and Alderpaw says that he had been training all day and was too tired. Needlepaw then steps away and tells Violetkit that they need to go home. Violetkit is confused, thinking that she and Twigkit were supposed to be together now, and that that was the reason they had come here. She asks if Twigkit is coming with them. When Needlepaw says that she can't, Violetkit asks why they came there in the first place, and Needlepaw says it was just to visit Twigkit. Violetkit feels like she might fall over with sorrow. When Needlepaw tells Violetkit to follow her back to camp, she stares at her numbly, struggling to understand why she would bring her there and then take her away. Violetkit asks Twigkit if she knew they were just visiting, and Twigkit says that Alderpaw had explained that he and Needlepaw wanted to cheer them up, and that this meeting was the way to do it. Twigkit says that they'll see each other soon, but Violetkit isn't convinced.
When Alderpaw and Twigkit disappear, she wails before she can swallow it back, feeling sadness press around her like freezing water. She doesn't want to go back to ShadowClan because no one wanted to play with her, and because she would be alone again without Twigkit. She is surprised when Needlepaw touches her muzzle to her head and tells her not to worry. Violetkit angrily exclaims that nobody liked her in ShadowClan, that she belonged with Twigkit, and that she was so lonely. Needlepaw runs her tail softly along her spine, then says that she's going to look out for her. Violetkit gets a flicker of hope, wondering if she finally had a friend.
When Alderpaw visits ShadowClan to bring news of the rogues, he asks Needlepaw if he can speak to Violetkit. Violetkit is happy to see Alderpaw and asks if Twigkit was with him. When he replies that Twigkit isn't allowed to leave camp, Violetkit is confused, saying that she had just seen her - but before she can finish, Needlepaw nudges her playfully and reminds her that it's a secret. Violetkit apologizes, then nudges Needlepaw back and calls her a toad-brain, reminding Needlepaw about how it took her an entire day to find the pinecone she had hid under Kinkfur's nest.
Violetkit asks how Twigkit is doing. Violetkit says that she really likes ShadowClan now, that Needlepaw was teaching her how to hunt, and that she had caught a moth. She says she still misses Twigkit. Pinenose then calls from the nursery, telling Violetkit to come out of the rain. Violetkit tells Alderpaw that she has to go, and asks him to tell Twigkit that she's kept her feather safe, and that she sleeps with it every night.
In the nursery, Violetkit gazes over Grassheart's kits - Snakekit, Flowerkit, and Whorlkit - who are snuggled together underneath the moonlight. Violetkit sighs, thinking about how she and Twigkit used to sleep like that. She's laying beside Pinenose. She wonders if she's the only one awake, and then wonders if the night patrol had found any signs of the rogues. Violetkit hopes that Dawnpelt was right about the rogues getting bored and leaving because the thought of them made her nervous. Violetkit longs to curl up beside Grassheart's kits, but she doesn't want to upset Pinenose.
Violetkit wants to move into the apprentices' den to be with Needlepaw, but she knows that she wouldn't be allowed to because she was barely three moons old. She imagines playing and eating with Needlepaw while everyone else is asleep.
Violetkit lifts her head sharply when she sees Needlepaw through the nursery entrance, then wriggles out of the nest. Suspecting another adventure, she follows Needlepaw and asks if they're going out of camp. Needlepaw says that they are. Violetkit notices Sleekpaw standing in the shadows.
When Sleekpaw spitefully stares at Violetkit, she fights the urge to back away. Confused, Violetkit asks if Sleekpaw was coming to see Twigkit, too. Sleekpaw asks Needlepaw if that's what they usually do. Violetkit shivers with unease when Sleekpaw speaks. Sleekpaw asks Needlepaw if she can trust Violetkit, and Violetkit indignantly says that of course she could, because she was her friend. Sleekpaw thrusts her muzzle close to Violetkit's and tells her to keep quiet unless she wanted to wake the whole camp.
Violetkit scampers after Needlepaw, wanting to ask why Sleekpaw was coming with them, but doesn't because Sleekpaw was right behind her. Violetkit reasons that Needlepaw knows best, and that Sleekpaw was there to protect them from rogues. When they take the same route as last time, Violetkit starts to get excited, thinking about meeting Twigkit again.
When Needlepaw continues straight, Violetkit uneasily asks if they're going the right way. Sleekpaw mocks her, repeating her question with a squeaky voice, causing Violetkit to feel very embarrassed. She begins to get worried, wondering if this was a safer route to ThunderClan. Her paws start to grow tired, and Violetkit briefly hopes that Needlepaw would put her on her back again; however, she's afraid of Sleekpaw mocking her, so she says nothing.
When Needlepaw catches a mouse and offers the first bite to Sleekpaw, Violetkit is surprised, saying that she thought apprentices were only meant to hunt for the Clan. Sleekpaw tells her not to be a cleanpaw. Needlepaw says that the Clan is asleep and wouldn't want to be woken up for a morsel of fresh-kill.
Sleekpaw bats the mouse towards Violetkit, suggesting that she pretend that Needlepaw caught it for her. Then, she hooks back the mouse, saying she forgot that Violetkit wasn't born there and that she should eat it after all. Needlepaw tugs the mouse from Sleekpaw, telling her not to be mean, then asks Violetkit if she was hungry. Violetkit says no, her throat tight, just wanting to get to Twigkit and Alderpaw. Sleekpaw made her nervous. Violetkit asks if they're nearly there, and Needlepaw says yes, nearly.
Violetkit says that she can't smell Alderpaw or Twigkit, but Sleekpaw says that she can. The bracken in front of them rustles, and a gray tom jumps out, causing Violetkit to back away in fear. She hears paw steps behind them and looks around to see two she-cats and thinks that they're under attack.
She freezes with panic and glances at Sleekpaw, wondering if there was going to be a fight. She wonders how Rain knows Needlepaw's name, and she's shocked when Needlepaw starts acting shy around him. Violetkit looks up and sees Darktail move along a branch and slither down the trunk onto the ground.
Upon seeing Darktail, Violetkit began to tremble. Before she could stop herself, she asks if they're the rogues who attacked WindClan. Darktail growls, saying that WindClan had attacked them. Violetkit fights off terror as she looks at Darktail, unable to move to Needlepaw's side like she wants to. Seeing that Needlepaw is treating the rogues like friends, Violetkit realizes with disappointment that they were the ones they were meeting, not Alderpaw and Twigkit.
The rogues all stare at her, and she wonders if they expect her to say something bad about the Clans like Needlepaw and Sleekpaw had. Roach asks Needlepaw if she was the kit she had told them about, and Needlepaw strides past him to stand beside Violetkit proudly, affirming that she is. Roach sniffs her and says that she smelled like a Clan cat and that he thought she wasn't one of them. Violetkit stares at Needlepaw in disbelief, wondering if she had actually said that. Needlepaw says that Violetkit was living with them.
Needlepaw introduces Violetkit to Roach, Rain, Darktail, Silt, and Raven. Violetkit asks why they were there, and Darktail replies that they had to live somewhere. Violetkit says that Pinenose said the rogues didn't belong by the lake. Darktail suggests that Pinenose is greedy and wants all the prey to herself, and Violetkit defensively mews that she wasn't.
Violetkit asks if the rogues were going to stay there. Roach narrows her eyes, asking if there was a reason why they shouldn't. Prickling with fear, and with Roach looking at her like prey, Violetkit whispers that the lake was Clan territory. She looks at the rogues' dark eyes, thinking that they were nothing like Clan cats.
Sleekpaw nudges Violetkit, asking if she thought it was weird to have so many rules because she wasn't born in a Clan. Before Violetkit can answer, Silt leans forward and asks why the Clan cats let her live with them if she wasn't born in a Clan. Violetkit states that she didn't know. Darktail stares at her and asks what it was like to live with Clan cats while knowing that she was an outsider. Unease tugs at Violetkit's belly, wanting to be loyal to ShadowClan. She thinks about Tawnypelt and Puddlepaw, and also thinks about how she wants to earn Rowanstar's respect. Violetkit says that she's okay, but she can't help thinking about how lonely she felt in the Clan, how Pinenose's kits ignored her, and how she wasn't allowed near Grassheart's kits. She tells Darktail that they try to make her feel welcome, and her breath catches in her throat. She backs away when Darktail guesses that she doesn't feel welcome regardless of the Clan cats' attempts, wondering how he knew.
Violetkit's thoughts whirl because Needlepaw sounded so certain, and she wonders if the Clans were wrong after all. Ratscar's words flash through her mind, chilling her to the bone. She stares at the rogues and wonders if ShadowClan views her like they viewed the rogues.
Violetkit is mentioned by Alderpaw when he asks Leafpool if Needlepaw was still looking after Violetkit. Leafpool says Violetkit is always trailing after Needlepaw, and that Needlepaw takes Violetkit out of camp consistently to who knows where. Later, Alderpaw worries how Violetkit will learn to be a true warrior given ShadowClan's current state.
Violetkit narrows her eyes against the setting sun as she and Needlepaw walk back from the rogues' camp. Regardless of getting used to the walk, her paws still ache, and she's relieved when she spots the bramble wall of camp. She stumbles when Tawnypelt's mew catches her by surprise.
Needlepaw says that she was showing Violetkit the best spot for squirrel hunting, and Tawnypelt glares, saying that Violetkit was too young to hunt or be out of camp. When Tawnypelt suggests that Violetkit should be playing with Grassheart's kits, Violetkit says that Pinenose wouldn't allow her because the kits were too young to play with. Tawnypelt says that was nonsense and that she played with her denmates the moment they were born; Violetkit swallows resentment about not being Clanborn, but doesn't want to appear ungrateful. She thinks that Pinenose and Grassheart were kind to her, but they were just overprotective. Violetkit defensively mews that she would play with the kits if she were allowed to.
She stiffens when she worries about Tawnypelt tracking her and Needlepaw's scents back to the rogue camp. Tawnypelt says that Needlepaw was teaching Violetkit how to break rules and asks her to follow her to Rowanstar's den. Violetkit's heart pounds because she was going to be reported to him for breaking Clan rules. She remembers Rowanstar occasionally saying hello to her and asking how she was settling into Clan life, but she could never manage a reply. She presses back the panic rising in her chest, forces her pelt to smooth, and pretends to be calm as she follows Needlepaw and Tawnypelt.
Violetkit glances at the fresh-kill pile and notices that it is almost empty. She sees Beepaw rooting through it; her belly churns, as she feels too sick to be hungry.
She halts after Tawnypelt makes Needlepaw face Rowanstar. Her paws felt shaky when the other cats around the fresh-kill pile fix their eyes on her. She glances nervously at Needlepaw and wonders if they were going to be punished.
When Needlepaw says that kits being unable to leave camp is a dumb rule, shock fizzes through Violetkit's fur. She wonders about the sly glance Needlepaw shoots Beepaw and wonders if they had been planning to challenge Rowanstar like this.
Violetkit stares at Strikepaw with her mouth open when he threatens his father, Crowfrost. As the apprentices gather closer to Needlepaw, she wonders again if this rebellion was planned or if Needlepaw's boldness had sparked already-held resentments. When the fighting between the Clan turns to angry yowls, she shrinks against Needlepaw's flank and wonders if the warrior code really was too restrictive. However, she still isn't sure if it was worth fighting about, because without the warrior code, they would be loners or rogues. After Needlepaw is given her punishment, Violetkit stares after her and wonders how she could act so cool.
Her heart leaps in her throat when Rowanstar turns his attention to her. He tells her that she shouldn't have left camp. He tells Pinenose to keep a closer eye on her. Pinenose stops beside Violetkit and asks if Grassheart could take care of her instead. Violetkit tries to ignore the hurt that jabs at her heart from this - she knew Pinenose wasn't fond of her, and she guessed she'd rather be hunting than watching her because she wasn't her kit.
Violetkit defiantly tells Rowanstar that she can take care of herself, and Rowanstar retorts that if she could, she wouldn't have left camp. He tells Pinenose to look after her because he doesn't want her to turn out like the other apprentices. Her heart is heavy as stone because Needlepaw is her only friend, so the order makes her angry because she has no one to talk to. Violetkit pads to the nursery and squeezes inside, scowling at Grassheart's kits, thinking about how they would never know what it was like to lose a mother and a sister. She slinks into the shadows at the edge of the den, curls up, and buries her nose beneath her paw.
Violetkit plays with Grassheart's kits and teaches them the rules of moss-ball and cat and mouse. She felt less alone for awhile. Needlepaw calls her name across the clearing when the kits fall asleep. Violetkit glances at Pinenose, who was picking through the fresh-kill pile, and scrambles to her paws to run to Needlepaw.
She offers to help when Needlepaw complains about the elders asking her to do things. Needlepaw says she can, and Violetkit leans closer, expecting to help find moss or fetch prey. Instead, Needlepaw whispers in her ear that she needs her to travel to the rogues' camp at night. Surprised, Violetkit asks if Needlepaw is coming with her, and she responds that she can't leave camp. Violetkit asks why she needs to go if Needlepaw isn't going, and Needlepaw says that she needs to send a message to Rain telling him that she can't make their meeting. Violetkit feels a prickle of guilt in her belly when Needlepaw mentions that she can't go because she was caught with her.
Needlepaw asks her again if she's going to go, and Violetkit shifts her paws, saying that she can't go either because Pinenose and Grassheart are watching her. Needlepaw says they'll be asleep by the time the moon is up; Violetkit glances at the nursery, thinking that she could probably slip out of the nursery without anyone noticing because the queens and kits did sleep heavily, like Needlepaw said. However, fear sparks beneath her pelt when she thinks about being in the forest at night alone. She fears meeting a fox or getting caught and incurring Rowanstar's anger.
Needlepaw seems to read Violetkit's mind and says that she'll be fine. She mentions checking the canopy for owls, and Violetkit shivers, not wanting to see an owl again. She feels a flood of sympathy when Needlepaw desperately tells her that she has to go because Rain might not like her anymore if she doesn't meet up with him. Violetkit thinks about how Needlepaw is her only friend, and how she had been the only one to take her to Twigkit. Finally, Violetkit agrees to meet with Rain that night.
After managing to creep out of the nursery without being spotted, Violetkit treks towards the rogues' camp. She glances nervously at the dark canopy when an owl screeches, and she's sure that the owl had been following her since she crossed the last ditch. As she reaches the rogues' camp, an owl screeches and swoops down on her, digging its talons into her fur. However, before she can be carried off, Rain appears and knocks it away, loosening the grip around Violetkit.
Rain screeches at Violetkit to run, but she's frozen in fear. She shrinks away from Rain, trembling, when he shouts at her that he had told her to run. Raven bounds from between the rowan bushes and halts beside Violetkit, telling Rain to be gentle to the kit. Raven curls her tail around Violetkit and asks where Needlepaw is. Stammering, Violetkit says that Needlepaw couldn't come, and that's why she was here. Raven is shocked that she came through the woods alone, but Rain isn't impressed. Noting that Violetkit is barely three moons old, Raven crouches close to her and presses her warm flank to Violetkit, who notices that she's trembling like trapped prey.
When Rain teases Rain that Needlepaw had something better to do than come, Violetkit quickly says that she didn't, and that Needlepaw had gotten in trouble and had to stay in camp to take care of the elders. Violetkit says that Needlepaw will come as soon as she can. Raven touches her muzzle to Violetkit's head, and Violetkit feels a wave of gratitude for her kindness, feeling safe for the first time in awhile.
Glancing at the sky, Violetkit says that she guesses she should go home. However, Darktail pads up from behind her, eyes wide with concern, saying that it was too dangerous for her to travel alone. Violetkit says she needs to be in the nursery by dawn, and Darktail tells her not to worry, and that he'll get her there by then. He tells her that they'll share their prey with her, and that she can sleep. He stops close to Violetkit, and she notes that his muzzle smells of blood. Uneasy, she asks if he can just take her home now, but Raven purrs softly and says that she must be exhausted, so she should eat and rest for awhile before they take her home.
Violetkit wakes up and panics when she notices that it's dawn. She leaps across the hollow and nudges Raven awake. Violetkit says she thought Darktail was going to take her home the night before, and Darktail attributes his sleepiness to the prey they had eaten. Violetkit gets more panicked when the rogues move slowly and yawn.
Darktail only takes Rain and Roach to escort Violetkit to ShadowClan camp, and Violetkit glances at Raven, wishing she were coming, instead. She doesn't argue with Darktail because she notices a darkness that never leaves his gaze, which scares her.
The sun is up by the time they make it to ShadowClan's bramble wall. Violetkit strains to hear if anyone is looking for her, hoping that Pinenose and Grassheart hadn't noticed she was missing. She thanks Darktail as she heads to the dirtplace tunnel. However, Darktail says he wants to make sure she didn't get in trouble, and he starts walking through the entrance tunnel. Rain nudges Violetkit to follow Darktail. Violetkit wants to run and hide, fearful of what Rowanstar would say because she brought rogues into camp.
Violetkit stands in between Rain and Darktail as Darktail says he found Violetkit wandering the forest and wanted to take her back home. Pinenose bursts out of the nursery, asking Violetkit if she was okay and if the rogues harmed her. Violetkit hoarsely responds that they looked after her. Pinenose asks her why she was out in the forest just as Needlepaw leaves the elders' den. Violetkit is confused when Needlepaw asks her if she got lost trying to find the dirtplace. She assumes that Needlepaw is somehow covering for her, just in a different way.
Rowanstar asks why the rogues are in his camp, and Darktail responds again that he brought their kit home. Violetkit shrinks underneath Rowanstar's gaze, belly hollow with dread. She sees Needlepaw's eyes flash with anger when Rowanstar doesn't allow her to go with Tawnypelt, Spikefur, and Dawnpelt. She notices Needlepaw and Rain exchange a glance before the rogues leave.
Alderpaw and Twigkit go to visit Needlepaw and Violetkit. Twigkit is excited to tell Violetkit about nearly drowning and to ask her if she had any memories about their mother. Instead of encountering Needlepaw and Violetkit, however, they instead encounter a ShadowClan patrol consisting of Tigerheart, Cloverfoot, and Rippletail. Alderpaw asks them how Violetkit is doing, and Tigerheart soon mentions how she has been sneaking out of camp with Needlepaw. When Alderpaw and Twigkit leave, Twigkit is sad and wonders how long it'll be until she gets to see Violetkit again.

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Shattered Sky

Violetpaw is first seen by Twigpaw during the first battle against Darktail and his rogues. The two sisters stare at each other, and it is noted that she's thinner and taller then before, with blood trickling from a scratch on one of her ears. Her eyes widen when Twigpaw asks if she's okay, but doesn't reply, and stays still for a few heartbeats. As she opens her jaws to answer, Rain and Needletail appear, and begin to convince her that Twigpaw is the enemy. Rain rests his tail on Violetpaw's shoulders and growls that the rogues are her kin now. She glances desperately at Needletail, then Rain, and jumps at Twigpaw. She outstretches her claws to slash at her sister's shoulder, and eventually pins her down, her teeth bared. When Lionblaze attacks ferociously, she retreats, and Twigpaw stares after her, her heart broken as she thinks of how Violetpaw attacked her.
Violetpaw helps remove the ticks off of Oakfur. She wrinkles her nose against the smell of the mouse bile, and when Oakfur says young cats don't know about loyalty, she responds grimly that Darktail says they aren't ShadowClan anymore, but Kin. She glances around in alarm after the elder states he's always been ShadowClan, and wonders if anybody heard him. Ratscar mentions Snowbird's kits, and Violetpaw flinches, and thinks how she should be worrying about those kits, but instead her mind is constantly distracted by the look Twigpaw gave her when she attacked her. Violetpaw explains how Dawnpelt told her to help the elders when Needletail asks what she's doing, and she drops the twig with the mouse-bile. She apologizes to Oakfur and Ratscar, and follows Needletail from the den and over to the prey pile. Violetpaw takes a plump vole, and Thistle bounds up to her and tells her to give it over, and she is about to, when Needletail tells him off angrily. She worries about Twigpaw, and Needletail asks what's wrong, and Violetpaw quietly asks if she crippled her sister.
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Darkest Night

Twigpaw scans SkyClan for her sister, along with Hawkwing and Blossomheart; Rowanstar let Violetpaw stay behind after ShadowClan has left for its own territory. Leafstar catches the gray she-cat's eyes and says Alderheart is checking up on the SkyClan deputy, and his daughter followed. After her talk with Ivypool her mentor points her towards the black-and-white she-cat, thinking the two siblings would like to talk. She hurries towards Violetpaw, asking if anything's wrong. Jayfeather says there's nothing wrong; Alderheart has decided that SkyClan needs twice as much attention. Violetpaw invites her sister inside the SkyClan camp. Twigpaw thinks that her sister wasn't comfortable in ThunderClan, but also wasn't comfortable with ShadowClan or the rogues.
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River of Fire

Violetshine is seen clamping fern stems and dragging bundles of fronds into SkyClan camp through the tunnels. She says how it is a apprentice task but the new apprentices are so young.
Later, Violetshine spots Tree lounging on a flat rock beside a stream and hisses at him that anytime he wants to get off his hindquarters and pitch in, he would be more than welcomed. She then feels guilty afterwards and realizes that he still doesn't know what to do.
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The Raging Storm

Violetshine defends Tree against Mintfur, who wishes he would do more in the Clan while on a border patrol with Mintfur and Sandynose. Frecklewish came as well, to gather herbs. They find ShadowClan scents and report to Leafstar. The Clan argues about whether or not it was a mistake, and Violetshine argues that it could have been an apprentice, because they have new cats in their Clan. Leafstar decides not to do anything about it yet. Leafstar gives Tree and Violetshine permission to leisurely pry some information out of ShadowClan. They find out that the new cats are settling in well, making ShadowClan strong.
On the way to the Gathering, Violetshine asks Tree if he's nervous to mediate. He says no. The Clans argue, and Tree arranges a private meeting.
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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Violetshine is present for her kits' apprentice ceremony. She asks Rootkit if he knows what day it is, which he positively affirms. She fusses over the state of her son's fur, noting that it looks as if he had been pushed backwards through thorns. After the ceremony, Turtlepaw notes that Violetshine looks proud of her kits.
When Rootpaw is fished out of the lake by Bristlepaw, Rosepetal asks Rootpaw if he is Violetshine's kit.
After Rootpaw catches a large crow, Violetshine looks lovingly at her son with praise in her eyes.
Violetshine, Tree, Needlepaw, and Rootpaw, join the Clans in traveling to the Moonpool in an attempt to break the ice and contact StarClan. Needlepaw questions why the warriors needed to be there, and her mother explains that the medicine cats may need their help, and believe reaching StarClan is of the utmost importance. Rootpaw asks why no ShadowClan cats are present, and Needlepaw responds that she heard Violetshine saying that the other Clans suspect their medicine cat apprentice, Shadowpaw, may be the cause of StarClan's silence. Violetshine resolves to continue towards the Moonpool, while her mate and daughter turn back.
Needlepaw later informs her brother that their parents want to talk with them outside of camp. When Tree expresses his unease about the previous night's gathering, Violetshine questions him. He reminds her of Bramblestar's insistence in punishing codebreakers, and Violetshine asks why that worried him, questioning if he had broken the code. Tree is shocked, and elaborates that a cat manipulating the rules to punish cats they disliked was how she had described Darktail, mentioning Needletail. Violetshine is struck by hearing of her old friend. She defends that what happened with the Kin had nothing to do with the Clans, but Tree disagrees, further suggesting they leave the Clans to become rogues while comforting his mate. Violetshine proclaims that she couldn't do it, not after struggling so hard to find her family. Tree asks if she would follow SkyClan to the gorge, but Violetshine states that she couldn't leave behind Twigbranch. As the conversation concludes, she agrees that if things got bad, they would decide as a family what to do.

The Silent Thaw

Rootpaw spots his mother at the Gathering talking with her sister, Twigbranch. She later sits with Tree, Sandynose, and Plumwillow, and hushes her children when the leaders begin to speak. When Rootpaw is distracted by Bramblestar's ghost, Violetshine hisses at her son to pay attention, and after he runs out of the Gathering and falls into the lake, Violetshine fearfully asks what had happened. Dewspring scolds his apprentice, but Violetshine tells his mentor to leave him alone, as he could have drowned. She tells her son that walking home will warm him up, and they head back to SkyClan territory, Rootpaw pressed against her.
Tree again mentions to Rootpaw that their family should flee the Clans if Bramblestar's aggressive dogma on punishing codebreakers progresses. Rootpaw thinks that while his father was different from other Clan cats, he never hid his love for his family.
She later relaxes in the sunshine, watching Pigeonfoot demonstrate how she had caught a bat. When Rootpaw asks his father for help, Tree asks if he should fetch Violetshine too, but Rootpaw explains that his mother would not be able to help him.
Violetshine confronts her son before the emergency Gathering, urging him not to see Bristlefrost again with Bramblestar intent on punishing codebreakers, and further worries for her sister, Twigbranch. Rootpaw says that Frecklewish didn't mention Twigbranch as one of the named codebreakers, and promises his mother that he will not see Bristlefrost again. As the gathering commences, Rootpaw settles between Violetshine and Tree. When Twigbranch is named as a codebreaker, Violetshine stares warily at her sister.
At the full moon Gathering, Violetshine and Tree pad towards the island center. When Bramblestar questions if Rootpaw is a codebreaker for arguing against the enforcement of the warrior code, Tree defends his son and backs up his claim of spirit cats by recalling the time he summoned Pebbleshine's spirit to speak to her daughters, which Violetshine affirms she had seen, and further recounts how she had seen Needletail's ghost. Bramblestar declares Tree a codebreaker for disagreeing with him, and Violetshine's eyes flash with alarm, her tail curling across her mate's spine protectively. After Harrybrook doubts Tree's loyalty, as he never takes from the fresh-kill pile, Violetshine defends that her mate adds to it even so. She begs that he and the other cats leave him alone, and Bramblestar accuses her of breaking the code, which Tree vehemently denies. Afterwards, Tree ponders leaving the Clans, but Violetshine tells him that they cannot just abandon cats they care about.

Veil of Shadows

Violetshine sits next to Tree and Rootpaw during Needlepaw's warrior ceremony, and purrs loudly when she is named Needleclaw. She and Tree appear from the warriors' den when Leafstar calls a Clan meeting not long after. She quietly agrees that if Bramblestar is hurting his cats, then he must be stopped, and reflects to her experiences with Darktail. While visiting SkyClan's old camp with the rebels, Violetshine is surprised to see her sister, Twigbranch, there exiled but rushes to greet her. When Tree attempts to summon Bramblestar's ghost using a Sister ritual, Violetshine joins in with a howl. She congratulates Rootpaw when he announces he'll be named a warrior soon. When Rootpaw and Dewspring arrive with Shadowsight's injured body, Violetshine rushes to her son's side and admits she worried about his sudden disappearance. She agrees to join Rootpaw to go inform Dovewing and Tigerstar about Shadowsight's condition, and warmly purrs at her son's warrior ceremony.

In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

She has now joined SkyClan. When Tigerheart tells Shadowkit that he will decide which Clan he wants to live in, the young tom asks if all Clan kits do that. Tigerheart thinks of Violetpaw and Twigpaw and tells his son that it occasionally happens, but not always.

Squirrelflight's Hope

She has recently given birth to Rootkit and Needlekit. During a Gathering of the leaders and deputies, Leafstar reports that Violetshine has kits. While speaking with Squirrelflight, Tree reports that his kits are doing well and Violetshine can't wait to show them off to Twigbranch when they're old enough to attend Gatherings.
In SkyClan's camp, Violetshine shares prey with Reedclaw while watching their kits play in the puddles. When Hawkwing stands up for Tree against Breezepelt at a Gathering, Violetshine's eyes shine with admiration for her father. Squirrelflight's spirit visits SkyClan's camp and she overhears Fidgetflake speak about Violetshine who was nursing Moonlight's kits. Hers and Moonlight's kits play as Violetshine cleans their bedding. The Sisters take Moonlight's kits back when they're ready to travel, and Hawkwing remarks Violetshine is missing them.

In the Novellas

Pebbleshine's Kits

After Pebbleshine is kidnapped by a Twoleg monster and is separated from her Clanmates, Pebbleshine wishes to return to her Clan before her kits arrive. She frequently reflects about her unborn kits, and wishes she had Echosong or Frecklewish with her. Her kits arrive, and Pebbleshine seeks shelter in a tunnel to give birth. A yellow StarClan tom guides Pebbleshine through the process, and she gives birth to two she-kits, one black-and-white and the other gray. Pebbleshine wishes Hawkwing was with her, but promises her kits that their father already loves them.
Pebbleshine leaves her kits to hunt, but notices a badger near the entrance of the tunnel. One of the kit's tiny wails alerts the badger, and Pebbleshine viciously fights it. While attempting to lead it to the Thunderpath, Pebbleshine is killed by a monster. While initially glad to be reunited with her Clanmates, Pebbleshine worries for her kits. Micah shows Pebbleshine a pool which shows two Clan apprentices, and he tells her they will find her kits. He adds they will be raised in the Clans and one day see their father. While comforted momentarily, Pebbleshine still insists she must be with her daughters. Micah tells her there's a way to return as an observer, and Pebbleshine agrees. Now a ghost, Pebbleshine watches the apprentices discover her kits and she promises her daughters that she'll watch over them.
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