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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate imagines Violetshine as a "black-and-white cat", but not a "white cat with black splotches", and her vision for her changes each time. Kate says this changes because she views Violetshine as a personality or mood instead of a pelt style.[blog 1]
  • Kate prefers Violetshine over Twigbranch, because she is "slightly more vulnerable and touching" than her sister.[blog 2]
  • Kate thinks that Violetshine tastes like liquorice.[blog 3]
  • Kate believes that Hawkwing does not favor Violetshine over Twigbranch, but instead just has more of an affinity with her.[blog 4]


  • She was mistakenly called by her apprentice name before she had gotten it,[5] and her kit name after she had gotten her apprentice name.[6]
  • She has mistakenly been described with amber eyes.[7]
  • Violetshine is depicted twice as black with a white muzzle instead of white with black splotches.[8]

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Author references

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