"Does it mean Stormfur and Brook? Are they the two pebbles we have to get rid of?"
— Voletooth trying to interpret Mothwing's prophecy at a Gathering in Sunset, page 153

Voletooth is a small brown[7] tabby tom.[8]

Voletooth was a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar's leadership in the lake territories. As an apprentice, Volepaw was mentored by Blackclaw and partook in the Great Journey. He soon earned his warrior name, Voletooth. After training an apprentice, Minnowtail, Voletooth retired to the elders' den. He died from starvation and thirst during a drought, joining StarClan.


In the The New Prophecy arc


Volepaw is an apprentice assigned to Blackclaw. He travels with most of RiverClan on the Great Journey. Volepaw and his Clan shelter with the Tribe of Rushing Water on the way to their new home.


Leopardstar announces at the Gathering that Volepaw had been made a warrior with the name of Voletooth, and is sitting vigil in the RiverClan camp. Later, he is one of the cats who becomes ill from the tainted water that Mothwing gave him and other cats throughout the four Clans.


Voletooth is present at a Gathering, and speaks up after Mothwing has spoken about her dream. He wonders if Brook and Stormfur are the two strange pebbles featured in Mothwing's dream, and if they must get rid of them.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Voletooth takes on an apprentice by the name of Minnowpaw.

Dark River

Voletooth is seen by Hollypaw and Willowpaw improving the defenses of the RiverClan camp. He is later part of a patrol that confronted some WindClan cats after being chased by a dog into WindClan territory. Voletooth is seen asking Hollypaw if she was spying on RiverClan, and he tells her that she can't cross WindClan territory now that the patrol had seen them. That same patrol brings Hollypaw to the RiverClan camp.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Voletooth has now retired to the elders' den.

Fading Echoes

When Mistystar and Mothwing travel to ThunderClan's camp, Mistystar tells Firestar that Blackclaw, Voletooth and Dawnflower have all died from hunger and thirst as a result of the drought, and Mothwing comments to Jayfeather that combining poppy seeds, marigold, and comfrey used to work on Voletooth's shoulder.

In the Novellas

Mistystar's Omen

Mistyfoot is speaking with Leopardstar and says that it had been a hard greenleaf, but RiverClan had survived. Leopardstar snaps at Mistyfoot that Blackclaw, Voletooth, and Dawnflower had not survived and she had had to watch her Clanmates starve because there were no fish to catch.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Voletooth is seen by the lake beside Swallowtail. Later, he is seen fighting Rowanclaw in the RiverClan camp, and he tells Blackstar that maybe the ShadowClan patrols should learn to hunt better.

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"Perhaps your patrols should learn to hunt better, or do you teach your apprentices to sit with their mouths open until a piece of fresh-kill hops inside?"
—Voletooth to Blackstar Battles of the Clans, page 34

"Are you spying on us?"
—Voletooth to Hollypaw Dark River, page 198

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