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Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is an openworld, free-to-play, 3D roleplaying game on Roblox. The game was released on May 7th, 2021, and is published by the Coolabi Group and Aldrich-Callen Studios.[1]


The game was first released on August 15, 2019 for beta testing and was officially released on May 7th, 2021.[2] The game is published by the Coolabi Group, a Working Partners company, and Aldrich-Callen Studios.[1] Pavalineox was responsible for the programming and the UI, Vizavi was responsible for generating the terrain, and BaveIIy created the animations.[3] Vizavi and BaveIIy were also responsible for the 3D modelling.[3]

Naomi Dare, the Digital Director at the Coolabi Group, describes the game as:

"We're excited to be launching a Warriors game on Roblox as we know that so many 9-12 year olds are on the platform, with over half of this age group in the USA playing on Roblox at least once a week. This tends to be the age that people start reading Warriors, so not only does it serve our existing fan base who are desperate to role play in a Warriors world, but it should also attract new fans to the brand too."[1]

Future developments

Alrich-Callen Studios has several plans for future developments, including:


On the main Roblox page and while logged in on their Roblox account, players can choose any public server to join. They can also select any server their friends are in or purchase a private server for 200 Robux. Servers are maxed at 60 players. Selecting a server is not a prerequisite to play the game, as the game will automatically pick an available server when the player joins regularly.[2]

Character customization

The game features an extensive character customization feature, with players being able to select pre-set colors for the primary pelt, secondary pelt, markings, secondary markings, eyes, skin color, bright accessories, and dull accessories. Players are even able to add individual markings with the paintbrush tool, and change individual sections with the advanced tool on the desktop version. Players are also able to customize the ears, eyes, head, muzzle type, ear accessories, fur length on the tail, legs and torso, and scars and neck accessories. Some accessories are exclusive for purchase on their website or beta testing, such as several collar types, extra scars, and fur lengths.[2] The character models come in four different builds: kit, apprentice, young warrior, full sized warrior, and extra large, though the latter option is only available for beta testers.[2] Players are able to create up to seven different characters. Below is a complete list for the accessories, and several of them can be added on top of each other, though others are mutually exclusive:

Loading screen for the character editor

Finalized original character- Tailfur by Vector Sigma

Finalized original character- Magpie by Diablo.

  • Ear
    • Ear tufts
    • Normal ears
    • Small ears
    • Torn ears
    • Folded ears (Extra ear types bundle only)
    • Curled ears (Extra ear types bundle only)
  • Eyes
    • Normal eyes
    • Lashes
    • Heavy eyes
    • Half-blind
    • Blind
  • Head
    • Face mask
    • Dual mask
    • Half mask
    • Brindle mask
    • Pointed nose blaze
    • Square nose blaze
    • Eye markings
    • Under eye markings
    • Face stripes
    • Head stripe
    • Freckles
    • Tired eyes
    • Nostrils
    • Muzzle pads
    • Whisker pads
    • Cheeks
    • Caped mask (Extra markings bundle only)
    • Nose speckles (Extra markings bundle only)
  • Muzzle type
    • Normal muzzle
    • Short muzzle (Extra muzzle types bundle only)
    • Long muzzle (Extra muzzle types bundle only)
  • Ear accessories
    • Single leaf
    • Dual leaf
    • Pointy leaves
    • Smooth flower
    • Spiky flower
    • Monarch wing (VIP bundle only)
    • Holly (Beta testers only)
    • Maple leaf ([LIMITED] Autumn leaf 2020 bundle only)
    • Yellow butterfly wing (Nature accessory pack only)
    • Moth wing (Nature accessory pack only)
  • Fur
    • Downwards head fur
    • Outwards head fur
    • Upwards head fur
    • Chin tuft
    • Top head fur
    • Belly fur
    • Back fur
    • Arm fur
    • Back leg fur
    • Leg fur
    • Wrist fur
    • Downwards neck fur
    • Neck fluff
    • Neck fur
    • Throat fur
    • Mane (VIP bundle only)
  • Tail
    • Tail streak
    • Normal tail
    • Stub
    • Tail fluff
    • Slim plumed tail
    • Plumed tail (VIP bundle only)
  • Legs
    • Soles
    • Vine warps (VIP bundle only)
    • Vine anklet (Nature accessory pack only)
  • Torso
    • Single back stripe
    • Brindle
    • Cape
    • Caped stripes
    • Spangles
    • Stripes
    • Swirls
    • Leg stripes
    • Splotches
    • Striped splotches
    • Rosettes (Extra markings bundle only)
    • Rosetted marble (Extra markings bundle only)
  • Scars
    • Nose scar
    • Back leg scar
    • Back thigh scar
    • Torso scar
    • Shoulder scar
    • Front leg scar
    • Eye scar
    • Dual eye scar (Extra scars bundle only)
    • Chest scar (Extra scars bundle only)
    • Body scar (Extra scars bundle only)
    • Long scar (Extra scars bundle only)
  • Neck accessories
    • Collar
    • Harness
    • Bandanna
    • Chest heart
    • Star scarf (Sage badge only)
    • Big bow (VIP bundle only)
    • Bowtie (Kittypet accessories bundle only)
    • Pearl collar (Kittypet accessories bundle only)
    • Rhinestone collar (Kittypet accessories bundle only)
    • Chain collar (Chain accessories bundle only)
    • Triangle chain collar (Chain accessories bundle only)
    • Heart chain collar (Chain accessories bundle only)
    • Vine necklace (Nature accessories bundle only)
    • Vine and rock necklace (Nature accessories bundle only)
    • Flowering vine necklace (Nature accessories bundle only)
  • Outfits
    • Pirate Hat (Pirate Hat Outfit bundle only)
    • Pirate Soles (Pirate Hat Outfit bundle only)



Warrior Cats- Ultimate Edition (brief gameplay)

Brief video of Tailfur running around RiverClan

After customizing your character, players may choose one of six worlds and allegiances to play in: ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, rogues and loners, and kittypets. The territories are open-world with locations from the forest territories, such as the Clan camps, the Twolegplace, Fourtrees, the Moonstone, and more. The game also includes a day and night cycle that last approximately twenty minutes and a chat system. Players can pick up one item at a time, such as moss, shells, leaves, toys, and various herbs that spawn naturally in the world. Players that have the apprentice build or higher can also pick up kits and carry them around.

The autumn map and Tailfur in RiverClan territory

There is also a world border surrounding the map, and randomly generated weather, such as cloudy skies, rain, and thunderstorms. In October 2021, a fall updated map was released showcasing the forest territories in autumn.[2]
With these resources, fans have the locations and information they need to start their Warriors roleplay. Players may create their own roleplay or join in on events hosted on the official Discord server.


There are ten herb items that players can find spawning in the overworld: borage, chervil, yarrow, dock leaves, poppy seeds, catmint, juniper berries, thyme, moss, and cobwebs. Players can only carry one item at a time in their mouth, and these items can be stored in the medicine cat's den in limited quantities. While the herbs can be found in all the territories, some are only found in certain areas to be book accurate. For example, moss can be found on trees and rocks near sources of water, cobwebs can be found in caves and hidden dens, and catmint tends to be located near Twoleg development. Finding all of the herbs will result in the player earning the Sage badge, which unlocks the star scarf accessory. Herbs can either be eaten or chewed in poultices, the latter can be used to treat wounds. Poultices, such as those crafted from chervil, can be used at least four times.


On mobile, players move the character by pressing forward on the left side of the screen and moving the camera with the right side. How fast the character moves depends on the toggle on the right side: crouch, walk, trot, canter, and sprint. An arrow underneath indicates when the player can jump, though if using canter or sprint, the character will jump automatically. The bottom row contains the menu, from left to right, Clans, poses, editor, character exchange, change information, Starpedia, and options.

Tailfur carrying a kit

On desktop, Q/E is to change the speed, V is to drop held item, M is to toggle the minimap, scrolling on a mouse will zoom in or out, right clicking and dragging will change the camera, and Shift+P is to toggle the overlay. The shortcuts for the poses are: C for loaf sit, R for sit, Y for rest, T for sleep, U for back lay, G for crouch sit, J for side sleep, and K for side rest.
Character models that are apprentice or above can pick up kits and carry them around. To do so, the other player must have their pick-up requests activated. When near a kit, the player's mouse should turn into a cat icon. Click on the kit will bring up a menu to send a pick-up request to the other player. Upon doing so and the other player accepts, the player can carry the kit around. A toggle at the top can have the player drop the kit, but the kit also has an option to drop on their on accord.
Characters can also carry items found in the overworld, such as sticks, flowers, shells, leaves, moss, cobwebs, and herbs. Players can only carry one item at a time, and a pop-up will indicate to the player to carry or drop an item.



The Clans

The Clans tab allows players to teleport to the different Clans' camp as well as change allegiances. There is also a map option, though it is very rudimentary.


There are several poses, or animations, your character can morph into, though the player must click on the pose again if they wish to move. These are loaf sit, sit, rest, sleep, back lay, crouch sit, side sleep, side rest, stretch, front lay, and flat sleep. Players can also sheathe and unsheathe their claws with a toggle. However, having unsheathed claws equipped does not result in harming other players.


The editor tab gives an option to return to the character customization editor.

Change information

Name and descriptions above the player's name

This tab allows players to add a name and description for their character and change their character's size. The character's name is depicted at the top in an allegiance specific color. For example, ShadowClan cats have red names, RiverClan cats have red names, ThunderClan cats have yellow names, and kittypets have pink names. It is important to note that typically-styled Warriors names are blocked by Roblox's filter, so many players instead put a space between their name or an apostrophe. For example, Tail'fur or Tail fur. The character's description goes below the character's name, and the player's game name is below that. Players can also age up their character if they originally chose a younger model. The floating tags can be disabled in settings.
Players are allowed to open a health menu, which allows players to add wounds to their character. Wounds can be toggled on and off, and players can indicate whether they want other players to treat their wounds, have their wounds heal over time, or have their wounds scar.



Starpedia is the name of in-game guide, and includes information about the Clan territories, resources of herbs, and lore. The lore includes information about Clan life, names, StarClan, the Dark Forest, the Moonstone, and Fourtrees. It also includes the warrior code, Clan roles, and Clan terminology. The Clan territories section includes a brief overview of the Clans and key locations, including teleoperations to them.


In the settings option, players can toggle for flashing lights, bright nights, showing players' Roblox names, usernames, bios, and den names, and additional animations. There is also a toggle to decide if players can request to pick you up as a kit, and higher quality rain.


ThunderClan's territory includes its camp, the Sandy Hollow, Sunningrocks, Snakerocks, and the Owl Tree. While a tunnel does lead to ThunderClan's camp, it is possible to fall into it.


RiverClan's territory includes its camp, the river, the gorge, the Twoleg bridge, and the Twoleg nest. Players are able to dive into the river in the gorge, swim in it, and run-jump along the edges. There is an entrance to a tunnel on the WindClan side that leads to Outlook Rock in WindClan. Players are also able to glitch jump into the tree in the middle of camp.


ShadowClan's territory include its camp, the Thunderpath, and the Carrionplace. Players are able to glitch jump onto the tree at the edge of camp.


WindClan's territory includes its camp, Outlook Rock, tunnels, and Fourtrees is listed as well. Similar to the books, WindClan's camp does not contain a designated warriors' or apprentices' den, though there is a spare den in case some players wish to sleep in a den. Its territory leads to the Highstones and the Moonstone. A tunnel leads from Outlook Rock to the gorge below, and players are able to glitch jump onto one of the trees at Fourtrees.


Players decide to live as a kittypet reside in the Twolegplace just outside of ThunderClan's territory. There is one Twoleg nest for players to enter and explore, as well as the Treecutplace. Players can interact with cat toys, cat food and water, and toggle light switches inside the Twoleg nest. A tall stone wall surrounds the Twolegplace, and players can perch upon it and gaze into the forest. Catmint can also be found here.

Barley's farm

As a rogue or loner, players can live on Barley's farm or in any of the unclaimed territories outside of the Clans. Players are able to enter the barn and climb the boxes to the top loft. Players are also able to interact with the barn door and the light switches. Catmint can also be found here.


The Highstones is the location of the Moonstone, located at the bottom right coming from WindClan's territory. You cannot climb to the top of Highstones.

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