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The Warrior Cats website, also known as the Warrior Cats Hub, is a website published by Working Partners Ltd[1][2] that provides fans with the latest Warriors news, such as new releases and the film, exclusive articles with some written by the authors, information about certain characters and Clans, fan artwork, and a merchandise store. Fans are able to create an account and react to posts. A mobile application version of the website was published in 2020.[2] The website works closely with the Story Team and HarperCollins to ensure accuracy for its content.[4]


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Background on Warriors books:
Warrior Cats is a series of fantasy adventure novels that follow the adventures and drama of wild cats living in Clans - ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan and SkyClan – in their forest and lake homes.
First published in 2003 for readers aged 8+, over 40 million copies of the books have been sold across the world. The books have been published in over 30 languages and manga adaptations spanning 15 books, from The Rise of Scourge to The Lost Warrior.
A feature film has also been announced with David Heyman, the Harry Potter and Paddington film series producer and any updates on the film will be announced here.

History with the Warriors Wiki

The Warriors Wiki currently accepts the Warrior Cats website as canon as long as it does not contradict the books. The Warriors Wiki also has no control over what is published on the website nor does it have any insider knowledge.
Since some content on the website results from fan posts, this section will also include the wiki's history with those. When a fan began posting the "Missing Kits" content that highlighted unnamed kits and their parents in the series, Vicky confirmed in private messages with the wiki that these were indeed canon. After some discussions and a vote, the wiki began adding the fan's content as canon in January/February 2017. A few months later in April, Vicky declared that the fan's content was never canon, and the wiki went ahead and purged all the content off the wiki. The only thing that remained were the images, which were given the unused character images category to preserve the artwork.
When the Warrior Cats website first released its family tree upon its launch in January 2019, there were several inconsistencies, such as incorrect colors and family lineages.[5] The family tree also reintroduced several characters and lineages that were originally introduced in the "Missing Kits" segments, such as Elderkit, Tulipkit, Lynxkit, and Turtlekit. These characters did not come from the wiki, as the wiki had purged all informational content regarding the "Missing Kits" characters except for the images which were hidden. Despite this, the wiki took the family tree as canon and the content was added. However, there were growing concerns about the tree's validity with lack of sufficient updates and errors, and the wiki community discussed the tree's canonicity in December 2019. Alongside with Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide that was largely retconned by Dawn of the Clans, the wiki decided to remove all SotC and family tree content and place them in the new "continuity" section in characters' trivia sections on March 21, 2020, effectively declaring it not canon.
This sharp decision caught the attention of the Warrior Cats website team, and in May 2020, they asked the wiki staff team to provide a list of questions asking about the canonicity of their website, among others. These questions and subsequent answers resulted in the article, Behind the Scenes at Warriors HQ on the Warriors official website (backup link). The wiki staff team did not preview the answers before the article was published. While our questions were sorta answered, the website did keep its promise to maintain the family tree and has consistently updated it with each new book release, providing there is information to be added. This decision led to another re-evaluation of the family tree, and the wiki voted to re-adopt the family tree as canon on September 28, 2020. Some relevations are discussed on a case-by-case basis, such as Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf being mates and Redtail and Brindleface being mates.
Characters that are unique to the family tree, such as Turtlekit, Rubblekit, and Lavenderkit, have a content warning notice that significant pieces of information result from the family tree and may not be supported by the books. In March 2021, screenshots of the "Missing Kits" segments were uploaded to the wiki and added to the characters' "continuity" sections to preserve its original history and by readers' request.

Council of Elders

The logo for the Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders was established in the Warrior Cats website's early days as a voluntary small panel of fans to provide feedback on the website's content. In March 2022, the website asked for fans to apply to join the Council.[6] SnowedLightning is a current member of the Council. If there are questions or concerns, please ask them.


Although not required, users may create an account to interact with posts. Users must be 13 years of age and must verify their age when registering for an account.[7] Users can then select a profile name that is randomly generated; the website will offer a prefix and a suffix to create a Warriors themed name followed by random numbers.[8] While it is impossible to create your own username, it is possible to obtain the "-kit"[9] and "-paw"[8] suffix.

The account page. Yes it is possible to get Pawpaw#####, I was that dedicated.

Users may then select a randomly generated profile picture or customize their own from a series of backgrounds and foregrounds.[10] After the user provides a valid email address and creates a password, they must verify their email address before the account can be used.[11]
The website allows users to control the amount of spoiler content they view on the website through the spoiler warnings tab, which can be accessed through their profile or at the top of the page.[12] Users can choose to limit spoilers from the latest series they've read: The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, Dawn of the Clans, or A Vision of Shadows.[12] The option to nullify all spoiler warnings is also available.[12]


"Keep up to date with the all latest from the Warrior Cats Hub. Find official and exclusive articles and stories, plus the best in Warriors fan art and videos."

The Latest tab provides a collection of Warriors context, both from the website and from fans, including articles and fan artwork.[13] The content is organized by newest first and can be sorted by the source—official, fan or creators—or by the type of content—articles, images, videos, galleries, polls, quizzes and quotes.[13] Users who have accounts are able to react to the content, and the top three reactions are listed with each item.[14] Content from the website or authors has a yellow "official" tag.[14] Content from various fans has a pink "community" tag while content from verified fan artists has a blue Clan icon and "creator" tag.[15] Content that is currently trending has a pink "trending tag."[16]


An exclusive excerpt of Veil of Shadows, noting the yellow "official" tag and the reactions.

The articles are either written by the website, coined "the editor", or by the authors, and members of the Story Team themselves.[4] The articles range from a variety of topics, including reflecting about a theme presented in the series[17] or revealing the latest information about the books.[16] Sometimes the articles call upon the fans to vote via a poll, such as the next plush[18] or the next subject of a future novella.[19] The articles also post updates about reprinted book covers[20] or updates to the merchandise store.[21] Some articles are exclusive to the mobile app and unavailable on the website.[22]

An excerpt of an anonymous fan opinion piece about Goosefeather.

A full list of official articles can be found here.
The website also invites fans to compose a short 100-200 word opinion essay to be submitted on the Contact Us page (submit fan opinion 100-200 words) to be published on the website. These opinion pieces are anonymous and include a poll to gauge whether or not the audience agrees with the opinion piece. The opinion pieces range from a variety of topics, with the first opinion piece being about Goosefeather.[23] Users must be 13 years of age or gain their guardian's approval before submitting a piece.


Images are selected by the website and posted with the artist's name cited on the image.[15] Galleries may be sorted by a certain character,[24] a scene,[25] a theme,[26] a book's release,[27] or by Warrior of the Week.[28] Warrior of the Week, or WotW, is a collaboration between the website and The Clandom Twitter account to showcase a character from Warriors each week by having artists share artwork of said character.[29] The collaboration began in May 2019 with the first WotW posted to the website being Sunstrike.[29][30]
A full list of galleries can be found here.


The polls are voting mechanisms that can be used to gauge an audience's opinions towards a certain topic. They can be used for measuring fan feedback,[31] upcoming hopes for a new release,[32] opinions relating to themes about the series,[33] or thoughts about certain characters.[34]

The Leopardstar Super Edition poll results.

While most polls are trivial, some polls have everlasting effects on the fandom, such as picking one of the first large plushies for the merchandise store,[18] choosing the next novella character (Blackfoot's Reckoning),[19] and choosing the next Super Edition character (Leopardstar's Honor[blog 1][35] and Riverstar's Home[36]).


The quizzes test the user's knowledge on certain topics, such as specific characters,[37] a specific book,[38] and personality ones.[39][40] Quiz topics can be repeated.[41]


A selection of quotes.

The website also provides a variety of quotes that supplement other content, such as the articles and character profiles.[42] Each quote includes the speaker, the book sourced, and the context if necessary.[43] Page or chapter numbers are not included. Each quote is color coded by the speaker's Clan alliance with the Clan symbol also provided.[43] ThunderClan is represented with green,[43] WindClan is represented with yellow,[44] RiverClan is represented with teal,[45] ShadowClan is represented in blue,[46] SkyClan is represented in duller blue,[47] and StarClan is represented in purple.[48] Cats outside the Clans are represented in light gray with a feather icon.[49] Clicking on the quote will either send the user to the speaker if there is a character profile available or the book sourced.


An example of a character from the Mini Maker

"Unwind and enjoy some games and quizzes."

The Games page provides a hub for the website's various games and quizzes, such as the Cat Maker, allowing users to create their own design modeled after the website's miniature figurines with preset models and patterns.[50] The presets include five different poses, stripe style, ear style, eye style, nose, whisker freckles, scars, accessories, character traits, and a background representing one of the Clans including StarClan. Users are able to select any color for figure's features using the hue and saturation sliders on the bottom.

An example of the Clan quiz

Users can also take a personality test to determine which Warriors cat they are most like. Their selected cat will appear on their profile, and the test can be retaken numerous times. The cats available include Alderheart, Bluestar, Bramblestar, Breezepelt, Crowfeather, Dovewing, Firestar, Graystripe, Hawkfrost, Hollyleaf, Ivypool, Jayfeather, Leafpool, Lionblaze, Squirrelflight, Tigerstar, Twigbranch, and Violetshine.[51]
The personality quizzes include which mythological Clan do you belong to, which power would StarClan grant you, which role would suit you better—moor runner or tunneler, or which Clan do you belong to.[50] The results for the personality quizzes are based upon how many of the same letter the user answers. For example on the Clan quiz, answering mostly A's will result in ThunderClan, B's for RiverClan, C's for SkyClan, D's for WindClan, and E's for ShadowClan.[52] The page also features different categories of quizzes sorted by Clan, character, and book.[50]
Users are also able to consult with the Moonpool to ask StarClan questions with a yes or no answer. The generated responses include:

An example of a question and answer from the Moonpool

  • "StarClan has spoken, it is so."
  • "We have heard your call, and answer in turn. StarClan sees a yes in your destiny."
  • "The stars have revealed it will come to be."
  • "The stars shine brightly in favour of yes."
  • "StarClan guides your question with a yes."
  • "It is our judgment that it simply cannot be."
  • "StarClan sees that it shall not be."
  • "StarClan believes that a "no" lies in your destiny."
  • "The stars have not aligned. It will not be so."
  • "Return to the Moonpool when you have a question for StarClan."
  • "We cannot understand what you ask, young warrior. Try asking more clearly."
  • "You will need to ask StarClan a better question than that!"
  • "Your ancestors frown upon your question. Ask with kindness, and you'll be rewarded with an answer."
  • "It doesn't look like you have a question to ask us at all!"
  • "Put your claws away you rogue!"
  • "Your question is unclear. We are unable to share our wisdom."
  • "StarClan's vision is vast, but even we do not have all the answers."
  • "You show signs of training with the Dark Forest! Leave before you anger Starclan further."
  • "We are afraid the stars do not shine on your question."

However, the answers are randomly generated and the answers do not reflect the opinions of Working Partners or HarperCollins.

Clans & Cats


"Meet some of the Warrior Cats. Find out more about how they survive in the wild, their loves and losses, and the events that have shaped the cats they have become."

The Cats page provides a summary of many different cats who are prominent in the series.[53] Each character page has a main quote, Clan, rank, a brief summary, and a character sheet that includes a basic description, traits, names and family.[42] Related fan artwork, articles, polls and quotes are also provided.[42] The cats included on the page are listed below:

Lionblaze's character sheet

Briarlight's character sheet

Mothwing's character sheet

Dovewing's character sheet

Crowfeather's character sheet

Firestar's character sheet

Leafstar's character sheet

Riverstar's character sheet

Mudclaw's character sheet

Spottedleaf's character sheet

Darktail's character sheet

Sol's character sheet

Rock's character sheet


"The Warrior Cats are divided into Clans, who inhabit their own safely guarded territories. Each have their own set of skills and beliefs, but all follow the Warrior Code. Find out what it means to be a part of these Clans."

The Clans page provides a basic overview of the six Clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan and StarClan.[54] Each Clan includes an overview of leadership, prey, territories, and qualities.[55] The page also includes a brief history, related quotes, fan artwork and articles, and a link for themed merchandise.[55]


ThunderClan's profile page.

"ThunderClan is a peaceful and respectful Clan that generally has all the Clans' best interests at heart. They've been known to take in loners or kittypets who need help, which enables their Clan to grow."


RiverClan's profile page.

"RiverClan cats greatly care for their Clanmates. They take great joy in the beauty of the river and are a Clan of strong swimmers, highly skilled at fishing."


WindClan's profile page.

"WindClan cats are very proud of being closest to both the Moonstone and the Moonpool. They claim they're the closest to their ancestors due to this, and because they sleep directly under Silverpelt."


ShadowClan's profile page.

"ShadowClan is a proud and fierce Clan that tends to keep to itself. They have the smallest territory, which has made it harder for them to compare to the other Clans."


SkyClan's profile page.

"The modern Clans did not know about SkyClan until very recently. They were given part of ShadowClan's territory in an attempt by ShadowClan to have a strong ally beside them. They're learning to be a Clan again."


StarClan's profile page.

"StarClan is seen as all-knowing and sacred to the Clans. It is home to the spirits of the ancestors of the living cats, where borders no longer exist, and the cats of the Clans live in peace."

  • Qualities: Wisdom, wonder, unified and guiding[60]
  • Habitat: Silverpelt

Family Tree

"Take a look at the family tree to learn more about the relationships between our favorite felines. With a new SkyClan tree, improvements to the accuracies of each cat design, and updates to fit the events of Veil of Shadows, our new and improved tree is the perfect introduction to the deeper lore of the Warriors world."

The family tree shows the lineages for major characters in the series.[61] Characters are depicted with their basic description as icons with tan lines connecting lineages.[62] Mates are shown with a heart connecting them, and they may span across the page.[63] Users can look through the family tree and sort characters by their Clan.

An overview of the family tree as of June 9, 2022. This image is a full-sized image of the entirety of the family tree, allowing users who cannot access the website to view its information on this image.

While a majority of the tree's information is from the books, such as Firestar and Sandstorm's kits being Squirrelflight and Leafpool, there is some information that is exclusive to the tree and not shown in the text, such as Dewnose being the father of Sorrelstripe's kits.[64] There are characters that only exist on the tree, such as Turtlekit, Rubblekit and Quietkit,[65] and characters that exist in the books but whose descriptions are exclusive to the tree, such as Willownose's description[66] and Cedarpelt residing in StarClan.[67] As for the canonicity of the family tree, it remains in question.[68]
The family tree was last updated on around June 7th, 2022[69] and the website plans to update it after every new book release, providing there is information to be added.[4]


"Browse all of the Warriors books and other Erin Hunter titles: Seekers, Survivors and Bravelands."

Graystripe's Vow page.

The Books page provides details and links to purchase the Warriors books. The books are listed by the arc, followed by the Super Editions, graphic novels, novellas, field guides, audiobooks, and booksets.[70] Each individual book page provides a summary, a featured quote, and links to purchase the books from outside vendors.[71] Within the United States, the links provided are HarperCollins, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Target.[71] The links provided for Germany and France are their respective Amazons. The links provided for China include Tmall, Dangdang, and JingDong.[71]

Erin Hunter

"Find out more about Erin Hunter, the team of writers behind Warriors, Seekers, Survivors and Bravelands. Get access to exclusive news and articles, straight from your favorite authors."

This tab links various articles about four of the Erin HuntersVictoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Clarissa Hutton—including author profiles and articles written by the Erins.[72] The author profiles include exclusive interviews with the authors, and the articles written by the authors provide insight into the series.[72]


"It was a battle like no other as Graystripe and Jayfeather went head to head in the grand finale over the weekend. With just a few hundred votes between them, it was our grumpy medicine cat Jayfeather who stole the winning trophy to become our first ever official plush!"

The Warriors merchandise store. We made Jayfeather into a plush!

The Warriors store is split into two separate stores: one for the United States and another for the other countries.[73] The store is split into separate sections: home, new-in, clothing, accessories, homeware, and by Clan.[73] The store sells numerous items, including various articles of clothing, pins, cushions, plushies, and jewelry.[73] Several items have been chosen by the fans through voting such as the options for plushies.[74][18]

Other Books


The Survivors books.

"Maybe one day the longpaws would return and things would be different. But for now, there was no one to disturb the Wild dogs. They were free to hunt and rest as they chose; free to live by their own rules. Lucky closed his eyes, feeling the comfort of his Pack, hearing their snuffles and snores as they drifted to sleep. He had a territory of his own now, and his friends were safe around him. It was all he had ever really wanted."

The Survivors page details brief information about the Survivors series, a two arc series about dogs following an earthquake written by Gillian Phillip.[75] The page provides a list of the books with links to purchase them, an article with Gillian Philip, promotional videos, and short bios of the main characters: Lucky, Bella, Martha, Mickey, Bruno, Sunshine, Daisy, Alfie, Sweet, Old Hunter, Alpha, Fiery, Mulch and the Fierce Dogs.[76] While the series currently has two arcs—the first series and The Gathering Darkness—and a few novellas, only the first arc is listed to purchase.[77]


The Bravelands character page.

"Sky stood still, listening to the fading rustle and crackle of leaves until she was sure he'd finally gone. She shook her ears and blew out a breath through her trunk. At least Thorn was safe for now. And it's time for me to leave too,—before Stinger strikes again."

The Bravelands page details brief information about the Bravelands series, the newest and on-going series following the adventures of African animals.[78] The page provides a list of the books with links to purchase them, a map, promotional videos, and short bios of main characters: the Great Mother, the lions, the elephants, the baboons, and the vultures.[78]


The Seekers main page.

"Excitement tingled through Lusa's paws as she padded down the snow-covered beach. Ice stretched ahead of her, flat, sparkly white, unchanging as far as the horizon. She didn't belong here—no black bears did—yet here she was, walking confidently onto the frozen ocean beside a brown bear and two white bears."

The Seekers page details brief information about the Seekers series, a two arc series collaborated by Cherith and Kate about the adventures of four bears to save the wild.[79] The page provides a list of the books with links to purchase them, a map, promotional videos, a personality quiz, and short character bios of the main characters: Lusa, Kallik, Toklo and Ujurak.[79] All of the books—including the complete two arcs, the first series and Return to the Wild, and the two short graphic novels—are listed to purchase.[80]

The first reveal of Darkness Within exclusive to the app.

Mobile app

A mobile application version of the website, also known as the Warrior Cats Hub, was published in 2020 and provides nearly everything from the original website.[2] However, the family tree is exclusive to the website. The mobile app does contain exclusive articles that are not available on the website, such as the first reveals of Darkness Within,[22] Graystripe's Vow,[81] and A Warrior's Choice.[82] These links are not operable on the website and can only be accessed on the app.


Interesting facts

  • In 2020, the website won the Kidscreen Award for Best Website against Youtube Kids and National Geograhic Kids.[83][84]

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