The Warriors App is a downloadable application created by HarperCollins Publishers about the Warriors Series. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,[1] and Android.[2]

The blurb

***Inside information about Warrior cats and Clans found nowhere else - and it's free!***

The Warriors App Home Page

Everything you need to know to become the Ultimate Warriors Fan is here in this OFFICIAL reference guide. This app is a great introduction to the Warriors series for new fans, and is indispensable for those already hooked!
  • Browse over 100 entries chock-full of exclusive facts about the cats and Clans
  • Explore pinch-and-zoom maps that feature historic Warriors territories
  • Read brand-new short stories from Erin Hunter and an excerpt from Warriors #1: Into the Wild
  • Keep track of which Warriors books you've read on your bookshelf, and download the ones you haven't
  • Prove you're the ultimate Warriors Fan with the Warriors Trivia Game-beat your own best time or play against your friends
  • Stay on top of major Warriors Milestones with the interactive timeline
  • Watch Erin Hunter's special message-just for you!

Blurb Reference:[1]

Detailed application description

On the home page of the app, there are six sub-categories that provide different information about the series.[3]

The books

The Warriors books are sorted into six categories by arc.[4] They are listed vertically in order starting with the The Prophecies Begin Arc and ending with the Field Guides and Manga combined into one category.[4] Each arc has its own "shelf".[4] Different arcs can be accessed by swiping a finger or stylus up or down.[4] When The Books is first opened, each arc displays its first three books.[4] Different books in an arc can be accessed by swiping left or right.[4] When a book is tapped, the blurb of the book is

Into the Wild's profile.

provided, along with several purchase options.[5] The e-book can be bought, as well as the print edition from, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and IndieBound.[5] There is also an option that allows the user to mark a book if he or she has read it.[5] The books that have been read are denoted by a red scratch mark in the lower right hand corner of the book's image.[5] These marks are viewable in both the book's profile and the "bookshelf."[4][5]

Cats and Clans

This category provides previously unknown information about Clans, cats, and other information about the Warriors universe.

The cats

Several major characters in the Warriors books are given small profiles.[6] On these profiles, the cats' images from Cats of the Clans are provided.[7] Under the pictures, the cats' Clans and former names are given.[8] This information is in small charts on the left of the screen.[8]

Crookedstar's profile

To the right of the charts, the cat's parents, mates, and kits are listed.[9] For cats that either do not have one or more of these relations, or the relations are unknown, the words "none" and "unknown" are used appropriately.[10] Under the family information, a defining moment is quoted from the books for each profile.[9] If a profile contains more than one cat, a defining moment is quoted for only one cat.[11] The defining moment is a very important milestone in a cat's life. Defining moments include leadership ceremonies,[9] deaths, and epiphanies.
Some cats have exclusive trivia.[8] This is listed below their defining moment.[10] Exclusive trivia contains information that, prior to the release of the app, was unknown to the public.[8][10] Exclusive trivia can include secret fears,[11] unusual physical traits,[10] and information about a cat's past.[12]
The last section for all profiles is a link to a "bookshelf" of books in which the character or characters appeared in.
The succeeding text is a list of character profiles. Cats that share a profile will share the same bullet. Cats with an asterisk (*) next to their name have exclusive trivia.
From ThunderClan
From ShadowClan
From WindClan
From RiverClan
From Other Clans

Warrior Clans

This portion of the application provides information on Clan Hierarchy and the five Clans.
Clan hierarchy
Clan Hierarchy provides a list of ranks. These include kit, apprentice, warrior, medicine cat, deputy, leader, and elder.
When a rank is selected, several pieces of information are provided, including where cats of that rank sleep, what tasks they perform, and an excerpt from an actual Warriors book giving some insight on what life is like living with that rank.
On the page regarding medicine cats, a link is provided to a list of very important medicines and their uses.
ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan are profiled in this section. Each profile includes each Clan's unique hunting territory, camp, and unique battle skill. Also included is each Clan deputy's introduction to the Clan, quoted directly from Battles of the Clans. Exclusive trivia is also provided for each Clan.
The warrior code
Under this section, the fifteen codes of the warrior code are listed.



The timeline on the app is the same timeline shown on the official Warriors website.[17][18] Major events are shown in a timeline navigable by finger strokes. The first four arcs of Warriors have events depicted in the timeline. Manga and Special Edition books are marked by a small, flashing insignia of StarClan placed according to their occurrence in comparison to the other novels.[17] When tapped, the book's picture pops up and a blurb of the book is given. No events are specifically listed in these books, unlike the main series.

Start reading

This feature has the the first five chapters, the allegiances and the prologue of Into the Wild.
Into the wild

Table of Contents in the "Start Reading" portion


The exclusives section is comprised of new material from Erin Hunter. It contains short stories and videos.

Short Stories


  • Welcome video from Erin Hunter
IMG 0142

Trivia Game

Trivia game

In the trivia game, two minutes are given to answer as many trivia questions as possible. The three categories are the first three Warriors arcs. Once the clock starts, players will answer correctly as many multiple choice questions as they can. After two minutes have past, the player's score is equal to the number of questions answered correctly.
This game is compatible with the Game Center.



Warriors App

Warriors App


  • In the trivia game, many errors are made such as "Who killed Spottedleaf ?". The answer is Clawface, but the app says it is Barley

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