The Warriors Wiki was established on 21 June 2006 by Oglog. Oglog vanished from the scene shortly thereafter, and the wiki lay (mostly) dormant until its discovery by Kitsufox on 29 November 2006. Then, due to real life obligations of Kitsufox's, she was dormant for a period of time. During this stretch, on September 27, 2007, Eu stumbled onto it, and kept it going, along with Hobbes, until Kitsufox's return. Soon after, Kitsu had to take a break again, and Eu oversaw the wiki as the active admin until he got a position as a Vandalism Task Force member for Wikia, which kept him busy. After a short time, Bramble became an admin in August 2009. With an active admin once again, the wiki continued its activity. In March 2010, Insaneular also became an admin. After a period of time in which all four admins were inactive, Bramble and Insaneular stepped down and Moonflight and Mistystar took their place. Mistystar later stepped down and Atelda took her place. SnowedLightning and Ducksplash earned rights after. Appledash took Ducksplash's place. Atelda stepped down afterwards, and Appledash adopted the wiki. Spookycat27 joined the admin team.

This resurrection of our Wiki has led to the addition of many of our active contributors and the great deal of growth the site has undergone in the time to follow.


Vision Statement

To become the foremost source of quality information about the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter that is available on the web.

Mission Statement

To build a database of detailed information about the books, characters and world of the Warrior Cats portrayed in the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter.


  • To provide detailed and a very accurate listings of every characters' appearances in each book.
  • To compile information and summaries for each Warriors book.
  • To explain the workings of the Clans and everything else in the Warriors world with clarity.