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This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
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This policy in a Nutshell
  • Provides a brief history of the Warriors Wiki
  • Establishes goals and standards

The Warriors Wiki was established on June 21, 2006 by Oglog. Oglog vanished from the scene shortly thereafter, and the wiki lay mostly dormant until its discovery by Kitsufox on November 29, 2006. Then, due to real life obligations of Kitsufox's, she was dormant for a period of time. During this stretch, on September 27, 2007, Eulalia stumbled onto it and kept it going, along with Hobbes, until Kitsufox's return. Soon after, Kitsu had to take a break again, and Eu oversaw the wiki as the active admin until he got a position as a Vandalism Task Force member for Wikia which kept him busy.

After a short time, Bramble became an admin in August 2009. With an active admin once again, the wiki continued its activity. In March 2010, Insaneular also became an admin. After a period of time in which all four admins were inactive in 2011, Bramble and Insaneular stepped down and Moonflight and Mistystar took their places. In 2012, Moonflight and Mistystar later stepped down and Atelda took their place. In May 2014, SnowedLightning and Ducksplash earned their rights, and in November 2015, Appledash took Ducksplash's place when he resigned. Atelda stepped down afterwards, and Appledash and SnowedLightning adopted the wiki in 2017. Wikia was also rebranded into Fandom in 2016, which later included moving the domain name from wikia.com to fandom.com.

In 2018, Spookywilloww joined the admin team and later became a bureaucrat, and in 2019, Appledash resigned following conflict with the fandom, resulting in turmoil on the wiki for a time. Public opinion of the wiki was low as a result, but Spookywilloww worked hard to improve it through the wiki's Twitter account and public surveys. The wiki continued to move forward and in November 2020, Vector Sigma was brought on as a temporary admin before gaining full rights to help with the workload with Fandom's move to the Unified Community Platform (UCP) and FandomDesktop. In 2021, the Warriors Wiki hit its fifteen anniversary with over 4,000 pages and over 2 million pageviews, and the series continues to stride on with strength with the release of its eighth arc.

This resurrection of our wiki has led to the addition of many of our active contributors and the great deal of growth the site has undergone in the time to follow.


Vision Statement

To become the foremost source of quality information about the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter that is available on the web.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Warriors Wiki is to create a verifiable, thorough, and useful encyclopedia of the Warriors series for readers of all ages, backgrounds, and skills that even the Erin Hunter team can use. It shall achieve its purpose through the use of articles written to the standards of the manual of style for the characters, the universe, the books, and the surrounding meta created by the collaborative effort of editors on the Wiki.


Warriors Wiki is a group project, and therefore it needs a set of goals for its editors to work toward for the sake of stability and consistency.

General Goals

The following are goals that the Wiki will strive for to achieve its purpose:

  • Warriors Wiki will provide comprehensive articles on all aspects of the Warriors universe and surrounding online phenomena.
  • Warriors Wiki will provide content that can be verified by anyone through the use of citations and references.
  • Warriors Wiki will abide by copyright laws, Fandom policy, and other legal guidelines.
  • Warriors Wiki will provide a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment for editors and fans of the Warriors series.
  • Warriors Wiki will maintain a detached and unbiased point of view toward all events in the Warriors series and not favor any group or character.

Project Missions

To aid Warriors Wiki in achieving its goals, it has set up projects to break the aspects of the Warriors series into small categories. Each project has its own goals and missions:

  • Project:Characters will bring all character articles on the Warriors Wiki up to full completion and accuracy.
  • Project:Charart will provide accurate and well-made images for all character articles according to the descriptions of the characters.
  • Project:Books will bring all book articles on the Warriors Wiki up to full completion and accuracy.
  • Project:World will bring all articles related to the universe and to the real life aspects of the Warriors series on the Warriors Wiki up to full completion and accuracy.
  • Project:Operations will strengthen the policies on the Warriors Wiki and the way things work.

There are a few non-content related projects that aid the Wiki in its goal to provide a safe and friendly environment:

  • The Userbox Project will create userboxes for use on personal pages. (Note: This project has obtained its goal and is in maintenance mode.)
  • The Awards Project will create awards for users that exemplify themselves according to certain standards. (Note: This project is currently in maintenance mode.)

Staff Mission

Staff members are appointed by community consensus to the positions of bureaucrat, administrator, content moderator, rollback, and discord moderator to aid the Warriors Wiki through the use of exclusive tools. Their goals are to:

  • Foster a welcoming environments for all editors and visitors on the wiki and address problems throughout the wiki whenever they appear.
  • Combat vandalism and griefing wherever it occurs.
  • Serve as a role model of the wiki for other editors and visitors.
  • Interpret and improve policies as needed in a fair and unbiased manner.