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8 June 2008

Inactive Phase
This is a project, a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Warriors Wiki's coverage of a particular topic, or to organizing some internal Warriors Wiki process.
For more information on projects, please see the community portal.
Mission statement
To aid new members in settling into the wiki and growing in their skills and abilities by providing mentoring from a more experienced member of the wiki.
Project Members

How it works

Mentorship applications

Mentors must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been a member of the wiki for 6 months.
  • Have at least 1,000 contributive edits.
  • Must know how the wiki functions in general (enough to answer any questions an apprentice would have) and be able to use basic wiki-code.
  • Must be mature, possess common sense, and be patient enough to handle an apprentice.
  • Must be active enough to be a suitable mentor, and be readily contactable.

If you fufill these requirements and would like to become a mentor, make a new post on the talk page in the Mentor Requests section, following the instructions there. Be sure to sign the post with ~~~~. An administrator will approve the requests that meet these requirements and add them to the main project page.

While not required, you can note what specialties you have if any. Examples would include saying what projects you participate in most, what types of pages you frequently edit, or what special skills you could pass on to a potential apprentice (such as advanced coding).

PCA has it's own mentorship program, while this is for the wiki overall. If you want a mentor to instruct you in that, this isn't the place.

Apprenticeship applications

If you would like to acquire a mentor, make a new post on the talk page in the Apprentice Requests section. Be sure to sign the post with ~~~~.

You may request a specific mentor, but they're not required to accept. In that case, other mentors may offer in their place. From there, you can accept or decline these offers.

Creating pairs

Mentors can reply to posts on the talk page 'claiming' responsibility for apprentices who need mentors. Once the apprentice accepts the offer of training, the pair will be added to the main page.

Whenever the mentor and apprentice both feel that the apprentice has learned about the site is no longer in need of mentoring, they can make a post on the talk page announcing this. An administrator will update the listing.

Current pairings



Code Result Users
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Adopt}}
Userbox-AdoptM This user is a Mentor.
If you need help or wish to be
adopted, feel free to ask this user.
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Adopted|Eulalia459678}}
Userbox-AdoptA This user is an Apprentice,
being trained in the WWiki Ways
by Eulalia459678.
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Mentored|Eulalia459678}}
Userbox-AdoptA This user was trained in the WWiki Ways
by Eulalia459678.



  • If an apprentice request is accepted, but the mentor hears no word from their respective apprentice for a week, said apprentice will be removed.
  • If during an apprenticeship the apprentice disappears for a period of more than two weeks with no notification, said apprentice will be removed.
  • If a mentor is not fulfilling their duties or has vanished for a period of more than a month with no notification, said mentor will be removed.

Listing changes

Requests for changes to the mentors and apprentices listings can be made on the talk page.

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