This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
This page was approved via contributor consensus. All edits must be discussed on the talk page prior to a Sysop making changes.
This policy in a Nutshell
This is meant to explain the blocking procedure performed by admins.

Blocking is by the means of which an administrator prevents a user account/IP range from editing Warriors Wiki. Block duration may vary depending on the severity of the rule that was broken.

Grounds for blocking

  1. Vandalism - Vandalism is defined as any bad-faith edit with the intent to disrupt Wiki articles or purposely damage their credibility, or adding fake edits on purpose. Usually, the editor must be warned prior to blocking, but if the editor decides not to comply, this is grounds for a ban.
  2. Spam - Posting irrelevant spam links in articles, making bad faith edits that make no sense whatsoever, or creating useless articles are grounds for either an infinite ban or a long term one, since it is quite clear that the user is not here to make any useful edits.
  3. Inappropriate account names - If there is a slur used in someone's name, or in general an inappropriate username in terms of rudeness / personal attacks, this is grounds for an immediate, no-warning infinite block.
  4. Disruption - Users who purposely join the Wiki just to cause chaos will be blocked permanently, although a warning should be placed on their talk page prior.
  5. Personal attacks - If any user is caught purposely attacking a user, insulting them, or being rude continuously after being asked to stop, they will be warned on their talk page. If they refuse to stop, a ban will be issued to them. It will be up to the admin who is distributing the block to decide the length.
  6. Sock puppetry - If there are any users who make double accounts, whether it be to influence a vote, spam in general, or having two accounts in general, or evade blocks will warrant an entire IP block.
  7. Any rude messages left on talk pages, whether it be about the Wiki, about a certain person, etc.

Asking to be have a ban lifted

If a user has a set time limit for their ban, unfortunately, it will not be evaded. If a user has a permanent block, that also cannot be evaded as well. If a user continues to ask for their ban to be lifted they will not have it unless they can prove their worth. However, if they have committed several grounds for a ban, and have been let off the hook too many times, alongside making plans to evade their ban, they will most definitely not be even considered to be have it be lifted.