Project Charart
14 December 2006

Active Phase
This is a project, a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Warriors Wiki's coverage of a particular topic, or to organizing some internal Warriors Wiki process.
For more information on projects, please see the community portal.
Mission statement
Project Charart is devoted to creating character images for all characters with confirmable descriptions in the Warriors series.
Project Members
Senior warriors:

To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.
Project Tag

One of these should be added in place of the **

- {{Grade0}} - Planned. Marks those articles that are bare-bones stubs.
- {{Grade1}} - Started. An artist has volunteered to undertake this character image.
{{Grade2}} - Bronze. Image is in place but has not been officially accepted by the project
- {{Grade3}} - Silver. The image has officially been accepted by the project.
- {{Grade4}} - Gold. These articles have been voted into silver status, and been a Feature Article for reasons other than content drive.

Grade scale help & Project tag page

Project News

News Archives


Offer Character Art

To offer up character art, simply add a new section to the Approval Page with the image you have made using one of the below pixel blanks (which has been Uploaded to the Wiki). Png file types are preferable, with transparent backgrounds. Please make sure to comply with the Naming Conventions.

Progress & Directions

Apprentice tutorials
General discussion page
Original art approval page
Basic guidelines
Characters needing art
Charart contest
Membership nominations
Tweak nominations
Tweak page
Family tree alternate image nominations
Official art alternate image nominations

Project Userboxes

Code Result Users
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a member}}
Userbox-Charart.png This user is a member of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Kit}}
Userbox-Charart.png This user is a Kit of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|an Apprentice}}
Userbox-Charart.png This user is an Apprentice of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Warrior}}
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Project Character Art.
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Project Character Art.
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Project Character Art.
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Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Mentor}}
Userbox-Charart.png This user is a Mentor of
Project Character Art.

Current Projects

Only WARRIORS AND ABOVE are allowed to tweak or redo images A maximum of one character/rank can be claimed by any one kit or apprentice at any one time, and a maximum of two character/rank can be claimed by any one warrior at any one time; that must include any images up for approval at the time. However, only one of those reservations is permitted to be original art.

Images can only go one week without uploads before getting declined, or be up for approval one month total. No characters are permitted to be claimed for ranks that we do not have blanks for. (These will be removed from the page.) Please use the system of abbreviations listed below when reserving your images. This is to prevent discrepancies with reservations, and to confirm that you are in fact reserving a rank we have a citation for.

The conversions are as follows for reserving images:
Please note that permanent queens have their own blanks, all non-Clan leaders use the leader blanks, and all non-Clan pregnant cats use the queen blanks

Reservation Table

Please use Ctrl + F and type which character you want to do in the search box that appears to make sure no one has already listed the character on this page. Thank you.

Please remember to only add the dates you reserve images for original art, and not those being tweaked and/or redone.

User Name Original Tweak/Redo 1 Tweak/Redo 2 Date Added
Aethalcyon None None None N/A
Bluestar11796 Finleap (Alt. W 2) None None 5/1/21
Brambleshade None None None None
Bramblesnow None None None N/A
Brzoza the drzewokrzew None None None N/A
Coralflame None None None N/A
Cypressdusk None None None N/A
Diablo. Willowshine (DF) Sasha (Ro) None 5-3
Eggheart None None None N/A
Fawn None None None N/A
Fernspring Light colored kit with white belly (Ki) None None 5/1
Furzetuft None None None N/A
Hailsnow None None None N/A
Hopewish None None None N/A
User:Icestripe1 Kit with white belly None None 4/6/21
IiScrapxbabyii White WindClan cat None None N/A
Ivybreeze None None None N/A
Ocean None None None N/A
Glacier None None None N/A
Paper Finches None None None N/A
Patchfeather None SE-11.kittypet-1.png (KP) None N/A
Potato Tabby StarClan she-cat (Star) None None 4/25
Pretty-witty-gay None None None N/A
Ripplewater StarClan black tom (Star) Dark gray tom (W) None 4/29
Rosia4309 Reddish-brown tabby (BC) None None 26/4/2021
Silv None None None N/A
Skye Spiresight (DF) Songbird (Q) Songbird (Star) 16 April
Spooky None None None N/A
Sun Antfur (Ghost) Now None 4-27
Star Willowshine (DF) None None 4-6
Thropp pale brown wc warrior (w) none none 5/2
Thunder None Snow (Sister) (Le) Snow (Sister) (Sister) 5/2
TheQueenOfThisShip None None None N/A
Trollsky None None None N/A
Tybaxel Flywhisker (KP) None None 4/22
Vec Appleshine (W) None None 4/20/21
Wavetail None None None N/A
Wispglow Mid colored kit (K) None None 31/3
Wietrzny Mróz None None None N/A


Contributions licensed as CC-BY-SA. More Info

Pixel Blanks

Make sure to right-click the image thumbnails and select 'Open Link' to get the full-sized versions!
Please do not make pixels if a base is not yet available for that rank.

These blanks and all images made with them are for Warriors Wiki only. Please do not use them on any other site. Thank you.

Approved Files

See the list of approved files.

Vacation List

If you will be away from the project for a period of a week or longer then please place your signature below. Once you return, make sure you cross out your username with <s> </s>.

<s> Going on a hiatus til April cuz some personal stuff is happening but will probably stalk the wiki--

-Glacier (00:37, March 24, 2020 (UTC)) </s>

<s> Im taking a break from technology, but I will be around sometimes.-- Iceclaw <s/>

I need a small break for about a week

-Glacier (18:45, 7/04/2020)

Real life events have occurred. I will be quite inactive starting today to July 25th. --Silverfeather Be Happy! 14:50, July 16, 2020 (UTC)Silverykittencat

I'll be very busy through about August 14, so I'll be pretty inactice- Pretty-Witty-Gay ~ Pretty witty gay every day ~ 21:00, July 19, 2020 (UTC)

I was planning on coming back this week after a camping trip but unfortunately got into an accident and broke my dominate arm, and I am in a cast, which means I will not be able to draw. --- Iceclaw

I'm going to be busy for school is about to open for me I will be gone for a week. ---Leopardpelt

Due to a family emergency I will be taking 2 weeks off to travel, may be aroun still ---Leopardpelt

my activity will be very spotty until mid-november due to gcses, but i'll still be around intermittently autumn xmas bells are ringing! ​ 04:57, September 13, 2020 (UTC)

i dont have an internet connection and my data is really slow (it took several minutes for this page to load) so i wont be around until oct 8. Decline my charart for bugeater too since i cant work on it. Someone else can take it, i dont mind. Cypressdusk Cypressdusk(text) 16:54, September 26, 2020 (UTC)

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