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Charart contest
The charart contests are monthly contests hosted by Vec and Winter for fun community engagement!
Past contests
2018: JulySeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember

2019: JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember

Current Contest

Our current contest has the theme of the ghost cat! Entries are now open until October 20th.


• Any member of the wiki is free to join the contest. Membership within PCA is not required.
• Please upload the image to your personal file [[File:VectorSigma101.personal.png]].
• A user may only have one entry. It is all right to change your image prior to the voting date.
• When voting comes, users may only have one vote unless otherwise stated.
• Please refrain from any comments that may be perceived as rude.
• This is not the approval page, so you do not need to comment on anything to suggest improvements.
• To nominate yourself, just put up a heading, ==Your Username==, on the monthly contest subpage and add your file image underneath it, alongside your signature.
• Any entries or comments that display prejudice towards or attack a real person's rights or well-being will be disqualified. Basically, don't be mean. Harmless jokes are fine, but don't take it too far is all we're asking. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact one of us on our talk pages or on discord. =)

Past Winners

Check out our past winners!

Trollsky.personal.png Favorite media character ~ Trollsky

RiinRin.personal.png Characters with unknown descriptions ~ RiinRin

Trollsky.personal.png Halloween ~ Trollsky

Sunjaw.personal.png Retcon a canon character ~ Sunjaw

RiinRin.personal.png Christmas ~ RiinRin

VectorSigma101.personal.png New Year's Party ~ VectorSigma101

RiinRin.personal.png Valentine's Day ~ RiinRin

Diablo_personal.png St. Patrick's Day ~ Diablo.

Diablo_personal.png Warriors Wiki Twitter Icon ~ Diablo. Video games - Scarletwind

Splook.personal.png Pastels - Splook

StarlightGirlHSS.personal.png Pride - .iNebula Jose1106.personal.png Pride - Jose1106

VectorSigma101.personal2.png Memes - VectorSigma101

Patchfeather14.personal.png Who should be leader? - Patchfeather14

Diablo_personal.png Firestar - Diablo.

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