This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
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This policy in a Nutshell
  • Establish conduct expected in the chat
  • Establish crimes and associated punishments

Warriors Wiki is an online encyclopedia for the Warriors Fandom and, as a means to that end, an online community of people interested in building a high-quality encyclopedia about the Warriors Universe, Books and Characters in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, the chat Wikia has built into the software is a useful tool for forwarding that aim. However, certain ground rules have been established to ensure that everyone has a positive chat experience.

Chat rules

Due to the fact that the chat is not an official part of Warriors Wiki, rules have been laid back a bit. However, this does not mean you have the right to be rude, personally attack others, or do other things that would be frowned upon on the Wiki.

  1. Behave yourself. Do not personally attack others.
  2. Do not ask for rights. Unless you are a staff member, you will not be given them.
  3. Do not ask for access to any of the staff channels.
  4. Real world politics or other controversial issues can be directed to the current-events channel, but not the general channel.
  5. No role-playing. The chat is not meant for role-playing.
  6. Do not ask for personal information. Personal information includes age, location, birthday, etc. Anything that may seem out of the ordinary should be reported to a staff member.
  7. No NSFW content. This is defined as content that is explicit (sexually or otherwise) that would not be suitable in a working environment.
  8. Leaders, Stonetellers, and Lords are admins. They have the ability to kick and ban other users, and are allowed to enforce policies or enforce rules.


If any of these rules are broken, you may be subjected to two warnings, then a kick, then a ban. If there are any other things a staff member asks you to stop doing, yet you repeat doing it, it will start with a kick, then a ban. The staff member will decide how long it will be.

Channel operators

Currently, the leaders on the chat are Appledash, SnowedLightning, and Spookycat27.


Subchannels that exist are:

  1. welcome (where new users will be welcomed)
  2. rules (rules will be linked and listed)
  3. roles (to request a role)
  4. announcements (where announcements will be made)
  5. general (this would be the main channel where you can discuss what you want)
  6. general-spoilers (this would be to discuss anything that would be considered a spoiler in general, such as a new movie)
  7. me-irl (post any memes you want, reply with me irl)
  8. pets (post pictures of your pets)
  9. warriors-discussion (to discuss whatever you want about warriors)
  10. warriors-spoilers (to discuss the new books, keep any spoilers out of the -discussion channel)
  11. fanart-discussion (to discuss any fanart)
  12. faq (assortment of frequently asked topics about the wiki)
  13. editing-help (to answer any questions about editing)
  14. editor-chat (for editors to chat)
  15. staff-contact (to contact the staff)
  16. wiki-staff (a locked channel just for the staff to communicate with one another)
  17. project-discussion (to discuss projects)
  18. current-events (a locked channel due to controversial topics, ask any admin if you want to be included)
  19. admins (a locked channel where the admins can communicate)

Voice sub channels

  1. General - (general voice chat)
  2. Editors-chat (voice chat for editors)
  3. Leaders-den (voice chat where admins communicate)


  • Leader, Stoneteller, Lord = all are admins and operators, variants for personal preference
  • Deputy = Rollbacks and chatmods
  • Senior warriors, Guardian cats = non staff members, but still have tools to help out the chat
  • Warrior, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, kit, apprentice, kittypet, rogue, loner = Regular users, all are variants


You can ask to have a certain Clan or group added to your handle.



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