Chat moderators enforce the chatroom policy and ensure that the chat runs as it was intended. These people are carefully selected for their posts.

Requests for Chatmod

RfCM Status

Warriors Wiki is currently accepting Chatmod Applications for three (3) openings.

Eligibility Requirements

To request Chat Moderatorship please check that you meet the requirements.

  • Membership of the Wiki for at least 6 months.
  • No warnings for chatroom policy violations in the previous three months.

Process to File a Nomination

If you meet the above requirements and desire chatmod status you may post the following forum on the talk page of this policy:

=== Nomination for [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] ===
:'''Date''': DD MONTH YEAR
  • Replace USERNAME with your Username.
  • Enter the day as requested.
  • In place of TEXT, prove a short essay explaining why you feel you should be granted moderator status.

Following the posting of the original nomination, the following will happen:

  1. An existing Admin/Sysop endorses the user with a statement as to why they felt they should do so. They also ask for votes from existing staff to be filed using {{voteyay}} and {{votenay}}. (Votes without comments will be struck, Votes from accounts not active on the wiki within the last month will be struck.)
    • A nomination that goes for 10 days without an endorsement is automatically closed and considered unsuccessful. The applicant may re-apply once a month or more has passed.
  2. After a week the votes from staff are tallied. Results are declared using a simple majority.
    • A nomination that receives no votes during that week is automatically considered unsuccessful.
Please note that any violations to chatroom policy resulting in a written warning during a nomination will void that nomination immediately.
Existing policy involved Sysops and Chatmods may close nominations when chats are currently being properly moderated with existing staff. They may also opt to limit the number of Chatmods promoted from voted in applications. This may result in individuals who pass the vote but are not made chatmods due to limited numbers of positions. These passed applications mean, should that user choose to reapply at a later date and they have received no written warnings in the interim period, that they may skip the public blog-vote and go strait to in-policy voting.

Chatmod Vote of No Confidence

Any user may, at any time, post on the talk page of this policy titled "Inquiry of Chatmod NAME" and in that post explain why they feel that a chatmod should lose said status. If the forum posts yields a non-unanimous discussion and once it seems that discussion has ended with no comments within ten days, it rolls over to a vote and there must be ten votes for a decision to be made. Let there be a unanimous discussion, the amount of votes needed to dictate a decision would be dropped to five votes. The results of the vote will be put into action by an administrator immediately. Votes in a vote of no confidence will be struck under the same criteria as those in a vote to elect a new Chatmod.

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