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This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
This page was approved via contributor consensus. All edits must be discussed on the talk page prior to a Sysop making changes.
This policy in a Nutshell
  • Establish conduct expected in the Discord server
  • Establish crimes and associated punishments

Warriors Wiki is an online encyclopedia for the Warriors Fandom and, as a means to that end, an online community of people interested in building a high-quality encyclopedia about the Warriors universe, books and characters in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, chatrooms are a useful tool for forwarding that aim. Warriors Wiki's Discord server is the Wiki's official chatroom. In addition to being a moderator, questions about the Wiki are often asked and answered, and both editors and members can collaborate on various projects, on-wiki and off. The server is also a quick place to report vandalism or issues with the Wiki and easily contact Warrior Wiki. However, certain ground rules have been established to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

If you wish to apply to become a Discord moderator, click here.


There is no set topic for the server. While mainly meant for Warriors discussion, wide range of topics can be discussed, but are to be kept in the appropriate channels. However, there are some rules that should be followed at all times.

  1. Behave yourself. Do not personally attack others or the authors of the Warriors series. Personal attacks and general rudeness are not allowed in this server. Be considerate to those around you and who you are talking with. Blind character hate is considered rude; criticism of a character is fine, but be considerate to other users when it comes to blanket statements like "this character sucks."
  2. No NSFW or otherwise explicit content. Inappropriate content also applies to your Discord username. You will be asked to change it if your username is deemed NSFW.
  3. Slurs and offensive humor are not tolerated. Any slurs whether in server or in your Discord nickname or username will not be tolerated. Using words like “cancer,” or “autism” as an adjective is also not permitted.
  4. No advertising. Absolutely no advertising in this server or DMing people to advertise. It is disruptive to other users here to get DMs advertising other wikis/servers.
  5. Do not ask for personal information. Personal information includes age, location, birthday. Anything that may seem out of the ordinary should be reported to a staff member, but do not pry information out of others.
  6. Users in violation of COPPA will be kicked from the server. This Discord (and Discord as a whole) follows the COPPA act, which prohibits users below the age of 13 from having accounts online for safety reasons. If you reveal your age and refuse to leave, you will be kicked from the server.
  7. Do not engage in drama, or instigate drama. Joining this server just to start fights will not be tolerated; if you have a genuine concern you can ask #editing-help or #staff-contact, but blindly starting arguments will not be tolerated.
  8. This is not a roleplay server. The Clan and rank roles are just for fun and aesthetic purposes.
  9. Do not spam. Do not say the same thing several times because no one is responding to you.


  1. Be patient when asking for roles. Do not @ staff for roles.
  2. You can request any role in #roles except Stoneteller, Liege Lord, Leader, Prime, Team Lostris, Deputy, Senior Warrior, Mediator and Guardian Cats. Please be patient when asking for a role; a staff member will come by and grant you one when they have the time.
  3. You are only allowed three aesthetic roles. The Clan and rank roles are for aesthetic purposes. To avoid hoarding roles, you may only have a limit of three. Politics, SupportClan and staff roles are excluded from this limit.
  4. Do not ask for access to any of the staff channels. Staff channels are kept for those listed in the roles above.
  5. Real world politics or other controversial issues can be directed to the #current-events channel, but not the general channel. Our politics channel, #current-events is a locked channel that you can gain access to through the Politics role. You must have been active in the server for one week in order to gain this role, and you must be aware that the channel does not exist to start arguments, it is for civil political discussion.
  6. Venting is to be kept in SupportClan.
  7. SupportClan is a locked channel for venting. Please be sure to watch your triggers and tag them accordingly, as SupportClan is supposed to be a safe place to talk and vent. If you abuse your right to SupportClan, your role will be revoked.
  8. Please limit asking for one aesthetic role a week to minimize switching.

Other information

  • Leader, Primarch, Prime = all are admins and operators, variants for personal preference
  • Team Lostris = Wiki representative
  • Deputy = Rollbacks / Content moderators
  • Senior warriors - Discord moderators
  • Guardian cats and mediators = non and former staff members, but still have tools to help out the server
  • Any other role such as warrior, medicine cat is a regular user
  • Politics = grants access to the current-events channel
  • SupportClan = grants access to SupportClan
  • PCA = aesthetic role for PCA members and grants access to #project-discussion
  • Editor = grants access to #editor-chat and #project-discussion
  • Merger = grants access to #merging-wikis
  • Logs = grants access to recent activity #logs
  • If you need to contact staff, you can do so by asking in #staff-contact


Subchannels that exist are:

  1. #welcome - New users will be welcomed here.
  2. #rules - Rules will be explained here.
  3. #roles - To request a role. Once you request a role you will be able to access the server.
  4. #announcements - This is where announcements will be made.
  5. #general - The general channel, to discuss whatever you want.
  6. #general-spoilers - Discuss anything that would be considered a spoiler in general, such as a new movie, a new book, a new video game, etc.
  7. #current-events - A locked channel that can be gained using the Politics role. You can ask for the politics role in #roles. This is for civil discussion about real world issues.
  8. #supportclan - This is a locked channel where people can vent, you must be in the server for 2 months to access it. However, be sure to state any triggers when you talk, and do not abuse this channel.
  9. #memes-and-shitposting - Post anything you find funny, just make sure it is not offensive.
  10. #pets - Post pictures of your pets.
  11. #gathering - text channel for anyone involved in a voice call.
  12. #music - Discussion of music/sharing tunes.
  13. #sportsball - Discussion of any and all sports.
  14. #warriors-discussion - Discuss whatever you want about warriors.
  15. #warriors-spoilers - Discuss the new books. Keep any spoilers out of the other channels. Books that are considered spoilers will be in the topic.
  16. #warriors-unreleased - Discuss unreleased books.
  17. #fanart-discussion - Post fanart, if it is not yours, make sure to credit whoever did it.
  18. #fanfiction-discussion - To discuss fanfiction.
  19. #charart-help - To discuss PCA related questions.
  20. #editor-chat - A chat for editors.
  21. #editing-help - To answer any questions about editing.
  22. #project-discussion - A place for editors to discuss about project content.
  23. #merging-wikis - To discuss merging wiki initiatives.
  24. #staff-contact - Contact staff.
  25. #wiki-staff - A locked channel just for the staff to communicate with one another.
  26. #admins - A locked channel for private admin discussions.
  27. #logs - To view recent wiki activity straight on the Discord server.
  28. #gathering-chat - A chat for the Gathering voice channel.
  29. Gathering VC - A voice channel for Gatherings, meetings on the Discord server. Can be formal or informal.

Breaking the rules

Access to the Discord server is not a right, it's a privilege. Although people are expected to read the rules before chatting, sometimes rules are broken.

  1. Depending on the severity of the broken rule, you will be subjected to two warnings.
  2. If the warnings are ignored, and a rule is broken another time, the user will be kicked.
  3. After returning, and continuing to break the rules, the user will be banned. The duration can be discussed among staff members.
  4. If someone comes in and spams the server with the intent of breaking the rules and vandalizing, they will be banned indefinitely and subject to no warnings.
  5. If someone is revealed to have been violating COPPA, they will be banned immediately.
  6. Punishments can also extend to private discussions with members within the server.
  7. Harassing the wiki staff via Fandom or social media in an attempt to be unblocked will result in your ban being lengthened. Appeals are permitted, but they must be discussed calmly and with respect.

Current Staff

Vector Sigma
Content Moderators
Discord Moderators
Halomasterchief42069Jayfrost (BC)Neon SkyliteThroppWhorlpelt♫~Berry~♫

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