The eligibility of each vote in the RfR process is to be addressed carefully and weight will be given to well supported votes that establish solid reasons for their cases.

Vote eligibility

Voter qualification

The voting individual must meet the eligibility requirements to qualify to vote.
The voter may not have been solicited by the nominee, Second or any other person to be considered fairly involved in the election.
The voter must sign their own vote. Any vote left unsigned is to be immediately struck from the record.

Support text

Support text for a vote is encouraged, but not required.

Striking of votes

Votes are struck at the discretion of the Sysops, and are to be stricken only by administrators. If the administrators fail to agree on the actions surrounding an individual vote, it will stand, but NOT be eligible in the case of a win by the number of 'questionable votes'. (IE: 10 votes for, 12 against, but 3 questionable votes against would result in a FOR result.)
Votes may be immediately struck for the following reasons:
  1. Vote was left unsigned by the voter.
  2. Vote text contained a clear personal attack against another user.
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