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Your Strengths:
  • I'm online every day, usually all day on weekends.
  • I adore working on this wiki and I edit regularly.
  • I always undo spam from anons and trolls.
  • I'm quite calm in dealing with these issues and approach them with a simple but firm warning.
  • I know the policies of the wiki well and enforce them when required and I participate in wiki operations.
  • I feel I do rather well with coding.
  • Of my edits, 32.64% lie in the (Main) namespace, 22.17% are in the Warriors Wiki talk namespace, and 4.43% in Warriors Wiki, adding up to 59.24% in those contributive namespaces.
  • I have been on this wiki for 14 months as of May 3rd, 2013.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I procrastinate sometimes.
  • I can get a bit snappy about tiny trivial matters.
  • I'm easily offended.
  • I drag things on a lot.
  • I get craploads of homework and this can lead to spans of inactivity.


Hard to believe that n00b all those moons ago who didn't know the difference between the PCA approval page and tweak nominations page is here today, filing a RfR. I never thought I'd get this far, from a timid new user who had no idea what the edit button was to the user I am now, but I think I should mention here that if it weren't for all my friends on this wiki, I wouldn't be here, filing a RfR, on the wiki at all, to be honest. Thank you all guys. I've been here fourteen months since the day of March 4th, 2012 that I finally discovered a proper Warriors fansite, but didn't really edit around until about a month later, gaining my first few hundred edits when we needed to switch around the status template. Since the day I joined I've gained 4000+ edits, become deputy of the Awards project, a PCA senior warrior, and a warrior in PC, PB, PR and PW, as well as a chat moderator. I guess I've done pretty good.
And look, if this doesn't pass, I'm honestly not bothered. It's not like this is a pass-or-leave situation, I'll still be able to edit around, and anyway, I'm not looking for personal triumph, and if this doesn't pass, I'm not gonna be shamed for life. I'm filing this RfR so I can help the wiki even further. I love editing here, I love being here, editing a tiny thing adding into a bigger whole, it's truly wonderful. I feel that with rollback rights, I will be able to help this wiki even more. These rights are a huge responsibility, but I will use them well in service of the wiki.
There's every chance that I'm not ready for the amount of responsibility that comes with rollback rights, but I assure you, I will try my best to use them fair and right. But, if it's not the time for me, of course, that's that. This is a job that requires the best. Thank you for your time and consideration, Berry Midnight Monster's Parade! 09:47 Sat May 4

My second will be .Trollsky.


Berry would make a wonderful rollback. She's an active SW in PCA, as well as a warrior in PC, PW, PB, and even deputy of PA, and so has knowledge of the wiki and the way everything is run and handled. She gives 110% in everything, and she's incredibly friendly and dedicated to the betterment of this wiki. As she is also a chat mod, I believe she could easily handle the responsibilities of being a rollback.

I see Berry contributing wherever she can, helping to keep the wiki a better place, making herself noticed in the time she's been here, and this position would serve to help her help the wiki even more.

Berry would be an excellent rollback. She loves Warriors Wiki, and I can see her being here for a long time. I'm amazed she even asked me to be her second, and I am honoured to be so, for her and the wiki. david 🌈 07:47, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

Sysop Vote

Vote-nay After careful deliberation, I cannot see Berry as a rollbacker at this time. While Berry is capable of great feats, the majority of her contributions are to PCA, which is a great demonstration of dedication but rollback tools have little, if any, use in projects. I know we all have our silly moments, I've had my fair share of them, but the demonstration of maturity and seriousness in an everyday situation is lacking. It's great to be amiable, exuberant, excited, or the complete opposite, but there are times and places for it that aren't as frequent as Berry seems to make it. I'm fully aware we all have lives and we all have those sparse moments do to more important commitments. That being said, the success in PA is near null, and I don't foresee Berry using her rollback tools. Berry is a great editor, and I do hope, in the future, to see Berry successful as a rollback, but that's for another day. Keep working at it, and I'm sure Berry will achieve greatness as a rollback later. Atelda insert vague subtext here

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Vote-nay I agree with 'teldy here, besides the points that 'teldy pointed out, Berry hasn't been the most active lately and even before that. I think this might be in store for you some day, but I don't think that day's today. Sorry Berry. -Ducksauce 20:40, September 11, 2013 (UTC)
Dont-vote As their are multiple circumstances with Berry's inactivity, I've chosen to not vote. I know what it's like to go through what Berry's going through, and I think she should concentrate on her health and well-being first, then if there's time left, perhaps she could get these rights. While I do think she deserves the rights, there are other things that also take priority in her life. Good luck, m'dear<3 Jayce redemption ( 20:56, 9/11/2013 )
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