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Your Strengths:
  • I have been on this wiki for more than 3 years and I am familiar with the policies and the guidelines.
  • I edit the mainspace.
  • I speak three languages and therefore i will have no trouble in communicating with other users.
  • I am very active here. I contribute nearly every day.
  • I am a senior warrior in PCA and therefore I have experience in leading.
  • I am a warrior in PB, PC and PW. I have made contributions to all projects.
  • I revert vandalism when I see it.
  • I am patient with newer users.
  • I am not afraid to speak out when I see something is wrong.
  • I am generally friendly, but stern at the correct times.
  • I correct my mistakes.
  • I know how this wiki works and I am fully devoted to it.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I am impatient sometimes. My temper can get the best of me.
  • I have more edits in PCA than in the main space, although I wish to improve on that.
  • I am rather stubborn.
  • Sometimes I can have difficulties in communicating with language efficiently with other people, being a selective mute.


I'm Burntclaw. I've been on this wiki for more than 3 years. I am now a senior warrior in PCA, and a warrior in PC and PB. I am a full advocate of this wiki and all the goals it tries to archive, and I am requesting for rollback rights because I believe this position will help me serve this place even more, and even better.
This is me, a user who once joined scratching their head trying to figure out why their edits were reverted.
Over the years on this wiki, I have changed enormously. I have matured and grown to love this wiki and the community that had once welcomed me here back when I first joined the wiki in 2012. I feel like this wiki is a home, and you will definitely not see me go inactive in a long while. I actively contribute everyday, whether it's a discussion going on in a project or a wrong edit in the main space that needs undoing, you'll definitely see me in the activity feed frequently. I edit articles too, although not as actively, which is something I strive to improve on.
I am a bold person. If there is something wrong, I am not the kind who would stop and stare- I would speak up. I am not afraid of being refuted. I am also stubborn, which means that you won't see me switching sides easily but yet I'm not reckless- I consider both sides' arguments, not just adamantly ignoring the other good points made out there by other users.
I am a senior warrior in PCA and have done nothing but to try and make the long-loved project a better place. While some users had doubts about me when I was first nominated, I have not tried to defend myself by snapping at them openly- I defended myself with my action. I have archived things on time, actively participated in discussion, and raised bold issues that have been buried and forgotten for a long time. I have also mentored an apprentice. Both experiences have enormously improved my leadership skills and my responsibility.
I fully understand why some users become frustrated with my stubborn and short-tempered nature. I sometimes take a step forwards earlier than normal, or sometimes I openly snap- I can guarantee you that I will do my best to eradicate these outbursts. Nevertheless, I am generally friendly and cordial. I have a sense of the community around me and I always am happy to help other users out.
In these three years, I have known so much, changed so much and endured so much. I have served this wiki dedicatedly for all these three years and I believe that granting me rollback rights will help me serve the wiki even better and further for the next years to come.

My second will be The Fox Girl.


First of all, I have volunteered to become Burntclaw's second because of my sincere belief that she would thrive with rollback rights.
Her contributions show that she has been active for every single day. Probably other members of Warriors Wiki realize that, too. The fact that she manages to balance her time between Warriors Wiki and school (especially the new one) actually is quite impressing, to be quite honest. It would actually suggest that she gives a lot of time and care towards this wiki, even though her only reward is satisfaction for contributing and watching the wiki thrive.
I've seen her undo vandalism when she sees it. She brazenly expresses her own opinions that actually changed this wiki a lot in a positive way, and is not afraid of being disagreed to. She contributes in discussions, is a lead in PCA and actively contributes in other projects. She has a sense of the community which is one if the most important aspects a staff member of a wiki has to grasp (reference: my own personal experience as an admin on Crossy Road Wiki).
With these rollback rights, I'm sure she would shine brighter and devote herself more into this wiki. - Fox 僕たちはひとつの光 23:13, September 22, 2015 (UTC)

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Vote-yay There isn't any doubt in my mind that Burnt would make an excellent addition to the staff. Why she isn't a rollback already is beyond me. Jayce  ( 14:16, 9/25/2015 )
Vote-yay Yes! I have no reason as to no. Burntclaw is a great contributor and will be a great member of the staff.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 22:13, October 1, 2015 (UTC) Not a sysop.

Vote-yay Burntclaw is an extraordinary member of our community and it would be a pleasure to have her as a rollback. Atelda insert vague subtext here 22:16, October 8, 2015 (UTC)


With all votes in favor, Burntclaw shall become a rollbacker of this wiki! Congratulations! Atelda insert vague subtext here 01:56, October 12, 2015 (UTC)

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