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Your Strengths: I have read the Warriors series over and over again and have familiarized myself with the books. I would be able to determine whether some information that is edited is correct, or false.
Your Weaknesses: I feel that one of my greatest weaknesses might be

that I don't like to be proved wrong. But I believe that some of my friends I talk to on the chat can help me understand that sometimes your wrong, and sometimes your right.


I feel I should be a rollback because I'm very dedicated to this Wikia. I spend every spare moment I have throughout my busy day to be on here making edits, figuring out tricky questions about the cats that have not been solved, and helping other members of this wiki by correcting their facts of a warrior cat that is wrong. I would not abuse my position, I would use it for the good of the community. Keeping incorrect information out, and bringing positive information in. I would respect my equals, and not argue. If we were to come to a quarrel, I swear we would debate what is right and what is wrong, solving the problem without creating an unnecessary war.

My second will be .Fox.

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