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Your Strengths:
  • I am a senior warrior of PCA and a chatmod, and I'm fairly active on both
  • I frequent BlogClan and Vicky's Facebook Page, and try to add any new information from Kate and Vicky as soon as I see it
  • I try to undo incorrect edits when I see them
  • I am open and welcoming to all new members on the chat and try to greet any new members to arrive on chat
Your Weaknesses:
  • I don't edit articles as often as I'd like, which I would like to correct soon after I've done a reread of the whole series.
  • I have work and school, depending on what time of year it is, that sometimes requires my time
  • I am only a member of one project. Once I have more time, and have refreshed my knowledge of the books, I'd like to join PC or PB.


I've been a member of the wiki for almost exactly a year now. Since then, I have risen through the ranks of PCA to become a senior warrior, completing 46 original/redone chararts in that time, and completing 15 tweaks. I was also promoted to Chatmod during that time. I have made over a thousand edits, commenting on several chararts and completing many of my own, as well as editing articles and adding new information from BlogClan and from Vicky's Facebook.

I believe if given rollback rights, I will have even more to contribute to this wiki. I would be able to more effectively combat vandalism on articles. I appreciate how much work goes into these articles, and how insanely accurate and detailed all of these articles are, and how warriors wiki members strive to make this an informational and accurate encyclopedia for the series. I would like to aid that in whatever way possible.

My second will be Shinx.


First of all, I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong, and I'm sorry for being late. Now then, let's cut to the point-

Whilst Jayie doesn't edit the mainspace every day, I do believe she would do well with Rollback rights. She undos vandalism wherever she sees it, which would be easier for her with the ability to undo multiple edits at the same time. I feel like that'd do her some good.

Jayie's been very helpful with finding cites for the wiki, which improves articles plenty. Even though she has college, she still puts effort into the wiki. She's very dedicated to both the wiki and the series itself, which I do believe is important.

Many, if not most, of her edits are in PCA, which quite frankly is a bit of a downside, but I do believe her when she says she'd like to edit the articles more as soon as she re-reads the series.

Jayie is very well-mannered, which is also quite important in becoming staff on this wiki, no matter if the position is chatmod, rollbacker, or admin.

I would like to write out a lot more, but I'm extremely busy today and I don't think it'd be fair on Jayie to make her wait much longer when I promised this yesterday. I fully support her for the position of rollback, and wish her luck ^_^ Shinxy used Thunderbolt! 12:03, May 26, 2015 (UTC)

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Vote-yay Absolutely. Jayie is probably one of the most amicable users I've met on the wiki and I've known her to only want the best for the wiki. Atelda insert vague subtext here 22:34, May 31, 2015 (UTC)
Vote-yay She takes interest in the wiki, its goings-on, and the users themselves. I can't think of anyone more suited for this role as of late. Jayie has never not gotten along with other users, and she treats everyone with the utmost respect. We could really use someone with her level of patience, kindness, and generosity as a rollback. =) Jayce  ( 04:46, 6/3/2015 )


With all votes in favor, Jayfrost shall become a rollbacker of Warriors Wiki. Congratulations! Atelda insert vague subtext here 17:16, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

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