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Your Strengths:
  • I have actively participated in almost every project, and am the deputy of Project: World. I have made many nominations and have experience with leadership.
  • 48% of my 2,926 edits are in the Mainspace, and 20% are in project talk pages.
  • I add to the wiki from other sources and check the foreign language Warriors catalogs and Vicky's Facebook page every day for new posts/books.
  • I try to act fair and respectfully towards all users.
  • I've been on the wiki for 8 months and understand the policies.
  • I have been a rollback on another wiki, and I understand its responsibilities and tasks.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I have a tendency to be impatient.
  • My editing times are very limited, and I am only on for a few hours a day during weekdays. However, I still always make sure to check the wiki every day, and I am available for most of the day on weekends.
  • I can sometimes be hesitant in reverting edits, as I worry that my edit might be reverted back.
  • I can sometimes be stubborn in my opinions.


Hi, I'm Mapleclaw. I've been on the wiki for 8 months now, and I think that in that somewhat short time, I have positively contributed to the community. I am an active member of PC, PB, and PW, and I frequently make nominations in Project Characters and Project Books. I am also a new member of PCA and only have one approved charart so far, but I plan on making more. Additionally, I am the deputy of Project World and I think I have done a satisfactory job with being a lead, and playing a part in making a once-dormant project become active again. Other than Project talk pages, the majority of my edits are on the mainspace, and I believe that I have helped the wiki in filling in many 'history' sections for characters and books. I currently have 20 PC nominations, 50 PB nominations, and 4 PW nominations and I plan on only increasing those numbers. However, I don't edit for credit: I have filled in histories for Dawn of the Clans characters that have missing appearances from books that have came out several years ago, and I have also written many of the longer character appearances for The Apprentice's Quest characters. My edits don't entirely revolve around just writing articles either; I strive to bring in information from different sources too. I regularly check the Warriors catalogs for 11 other languages, and look at Vicky's Facebook page, and I always make sure to add the new cited information if there is any.

I have been passionate about the Warriors series for many years, and have been using this wiki as a resource for over half a decade. I love helping out with an online encyclopedia that has so much useful information about one of my favorite book series, and I hope to make this wiki as useful to others as it was for me. I do not recall a day since I joined the wiki that I regretted becoming an editor, and love helping out with a resource that I used so frequently many years ago. One of the reasons why I think I should be a rollback is because I really do care about the wiki, and I think that I will be able to be more beneficial to it if I am given rollback rights. As I have said earlier I have already had experience with being a lead of a project, and I have also been a rollback on another wiki before, and I understand how the right works. I hope you consider my request.

My second will be Spookycat27.


Mapleclaw is an extraordinary user, and I always see her editing everywhere, everyday. She has put so much time into the wiki, and I know she loves this place very much. Maple is active in all the Projects, and is doing a wonderful job as the deputy of PW. She has also been here for a decent amount of time, and she knows the rules of the wiki well. Every edit that she makes shows her dedication here and I always know her edits are of high quality.
I know that Maple is one of the most active editors, and I rarely see a day when she isn't editing. She participates in every Project discussion, but is respectful to other's opinions and considers every possibility. Maple has many nominations in PW, PC, and PB, but her edits aren't only for the credit. She has filled in a ton of history sections for characters that have had blank sections for months. Maple also brings us a lot of information from other sources, and has added many covers and publication histories.
I think Maple would make a superb rollback, and I know she would use the tools given to her fairly and wisely. Good luck Maple! spooky is that... a furry cat?!? 23:53, 5/07/2016

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Vote-yay Considering I've been nudging Maple to apply for rollback for ages now, I'd be a fool not to vote yes. I literally do not see any reason as to why they shouldn't have rollback rights; they are a constant and very active force to be reckoned with on this wiki, and I am very impressed with their edits. I can see nothing but good coming from granting Maple these rights; they are long overdue. Jayce  ( 15:38, 5/08/2016 )
Vote-yay Yep, she's a great editor and a great user. She's very kind and knows the rules and focuses most of her time to the mainspace, which is something not everyone does and it's great. Appledash the light of honor 17:20, May 15, 2016 (UTC)


With all votes in favor, Maple shall be granted rollbacker status. Congratulations! Atelda insert vague subtext here 05:56, June 6, 2016 (UTC)

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